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Tips & Tricks: Skincare Mistakes to Avoid

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Avoid these Skincare Mistakes for Healthy, Beautiful Skin

I am not sure if this happens to you too but very often I have wondered about why my skin would breakout or sometimes look dehydrated and patchy when I was using the best of the products and taking care to go through the whole CTM routine every night without fail... I introspected... I retrospected... And then it struck me...

It struck me how little things here and tiny habits there were working against all the hard work I was putting into my skincare regimen and I decided to document them here for my future references and for you all who have also been making these same mistakes...
So here goes...

1. The Sequence is Important

The sequence I am talking about is the sequence you apply your skincare products. The right sequence is eye cream, then serum and finally moisturiser/face cream/sunscreen.
For a whole week I did the mistake of applying my night cream and then my eye cream. I could not only see my eye cream make no difference to my fine lines, at the end of a week I saw pimples on my eye lids! I was horrified!

Now that I have been using my eye cream under my night cream, my fine lines have truly reduced and the pimples are gone :)

2. Say No to Makeup Wipes

Before you look at me in horror, I don't mean that you should stop using makeup wipes altogether, they are great for those lazy nights. What I mean is don't make it a habit to wipe your face with makeup wipes and apply your night cream on it. Makeup wipes do not cleanse your face thoroughly.

They are great at removing makeup but your face needs to be washed with water every night and thoroughly cleansed before you lay down to get your beauty sleep. 

3. Bed Linen is Important

Now this is a no-brainer! Of course you need to change your bed linen frequently to prevent germs from harboring in your dear dear bed but did you realize that an unfresh bed meant your face getting directly exposed to dirt and grime for at least 8 hours straight every night!

4. Exfoliation is Important

Whoever says what, exfoliating once a week is important! I once read an article about how French women look perennially beautiful because they don't exfoliate and don't make their skin go through such abrasions. Well that might work in France, but in India we need to mildly scrub our faces to do away with dead skin and all that dirt and grime else imagine all those clogged pores and pimples waiting to just rear their ugly heads!

5. Juice is Not Water

Now this is one crap that I had been guilty of. I hated drinking water and whenever my parents would point it out I would say I am drinking juice instead, or Iced Tea or Tang and other such nonsense... And then I realised nothing and absolutely nothing can replace water. We really do need to drink lots and lots of water during the day and no it should not be replaced with any other water based substitute!

6. Don't Use Powder Everyday

Face powders, loose powders, compacts, powder foundations all clog pores eventually. Enough said... Using them everyday, day-in and day-out is BAD for your skin and your skin would surely retaliate by breaking out really bad. Of course other liquid substitutes are as bad however, we do have a tendency to wash of liquid/gel based foundations of our faces but we don't give as much thought to powder in its various forms. Hence the title!

7. Clean Makeup Brushes After *Every* Use

Oh yes missy! Dirty makeup brushes are a hotbed for germs (yes we all know that!) but we don't wash our brushes after every use now do we? I mean do you really wash your blush brush every time you apply blush? Really? You do? Well I don't! And yes that's where I was making a mistake...

But it is impossible to wash every brush everytime you use it, isn't it... I mean yes time wise and then would washing my brushes with regular shampoo everyday destroy them?
There's a solution... Use a brush cleaner to "clean" your brushes after every use and perhaps leave "washing" your brushes to once a week...
I personally use the MAC Brush Cleaner (Video Review) but I think there many other brands available in the market as well like Sephora, ELF, Sonia Kashuk etc.

I hope these pointers help you and at least a couple of them actually make sense to you :)
Let me know if you'd like me to do more such posts where I talk to you about stuff out of my experience...

I'll see you guys soon...


  1. Great tips dear :) about the water tip, its so true!

    1. Thank you Gowthami :) About water, I sadly understood its significance so late... Hoping to make up for lost time or rather water :P

  2. hi...nice post :) I do follow all of these. I was taking my skin for granted until I had a worst breakout end of last year. I tried to change my products, used what was supposed to be used for acne & breakouts. But nothing happened. Then I gave up & went back to the my previous products I was using & my acne started clearing!!! Now I have only few faint marks that I am hoping will fade soon. Something aggravated my skin & over-exaggerated it more! I learnt to have faith in my products & be patient!

    1. Thats very true Reshma... One very big mistake that we make is try a product for not more than a week and then thinking that its not working for us switch to others... I think products need at least month to actually show results on your skin...

  3. 1 = cannot agree more
    2 = I use makeup wipes only to clean hands. LOL
    3 = I change my pillow cover and bed sheet once every week. Should I change more often?
    4 = I cannot understand how someone can survive in India without mild-exfoliation - unless u live in some pollution free town
    5 = Water is imp. I don't take tea or coffee and so, I automatically drink more water *wink*
    6 = too lazy to wear makeup everyday
    7 = Oooopss! I clean them once every week.
    So, to get skin like yours, I just need to clean my brushes more.

    OMG, I am really happy now as I adore your skin. *doing happy dance*

    1. ROFL Shayoni you are a sweetheart and you are hilarious :D And I think you yourself have very beautiful skin... SO you as it don't need to try very hard... ♥

  4. Nice article..we all make such small mistakes but never really think so much about it. Need to make few changes now.

    1. Completely agree with you Sugandha! small mistakes and they affect us so harshly!

  5. I so love your compilation! :D You've put so much of thought into this!

    1. Thank you Manpreet :) Am glad you appreciate the effort behind the post ♥

  6. This was so genuine and so true. :)

  7. nice post...agree with all the points

  8. Fellow army girl here too :) Nice to stumble upon your blog! Great reviews :) Drop by and say hi

  9. Wow! This is of so much help! Great post. Thank you so much :) I make lots of such mistakes, I'll make sure not to do them.

    1. I know right! You know when I realised that I was making these tiny mistakes I was amazed at how such small things can affect our skin so adversely!

  10. Thanks for pointing out all the stupidity or let's call them lack of knowledge. Honestly, I wasn't aware of some of the facts like #2 and #5, but, because of you, I am going to keep all the tips in my head lifelong. Thank you for the awesome post!

    1. I am most guilty of #5 and oh God 29 years of my life I have wasted on water substitutes :/ Really need to mend my ways!

  11. I second you on everything you have mentioned above..I have realized the powder thing recently when after continuous use of pressed powder my skin started looking dull and lifeless.. Now I have stopped using it and my skin is recuperating !

    1. I know what you mean Shailaja! I have recently started using MAC Studio Fic powder and within a week my skin's started breaking out if I am not careful :/

  12. wow... guilty of so many of these!!

  13. Hello!

    Those tips are amazing. Thank you :)

  14. Great tips! I should probably get a brush cleanser too.. I am quite lazy when it comes to brush cleaning

  15. I was wondering, you've talked about applying the products in a particular order. Can you do a post/ video on the order for skin care products? I know you've already talked about what you use, so maybe just a small post on the sequence. I never knew that eye cream had to go on first.


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