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Haul: The Body Shop & Maybelline


My TBS & Maybelline Haul and some rants!

So while my skincare routine video is getting uploaded to YouTube (it takes ages for some reason!) I am sitting here staring at my laptop screen 3 am in the morning and wondering how to start this post... So I guess I'll just get right down to the core of the subject... And that is skincare... Skincare for the 30s skin...

Off late I have been noticing a lot many fine lines around my eyes and even though I know I can still get away with it, I in my mind know that I am approaching 30... So of course however much I try my best, age will one day surely catch up with me and my skin...

So this particular trip of mine to The Body Shop was more focused towards anti-aging products and products that would nourish my skin and delay the signs of aging... And I did get my hands on some precious gems...

The Body Shop Vitamin E Serum-In-Oil... This is an overnight treatment product that you either mix with your night cream and apply or even apply it directly to your face and neck... It promises you radiant skin after 8 hours of sleep... I have been using it for a week now and I am already seeing results... Will review it in a couple of weeks for sure...

The next wonder product that I got for myself is this smoothing eye cream from The Body Shop's Nutriganics range... I had been looking for a good night cream since a while and this is what I brought home with me that day :)

The other products from TBS are just regulars like my Vitamin E cream and my Olive Shower Gel... However, this time I also got myself this matte, nude eye shadow called Sand By Me. It is this perfect nude eye shadow that matches my skin color to the Tee... Why did I need it is something that I'll cover in my review post for this eyeshadow :)

I also got myself this gorgeous jewel toned blue nail polish from Maybelline and the Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting concealer...

If there is any particular product that you'd like me to review first, do let me know...

Till then, I love you guys! ♥


  1. I am always interested in eye creams. Please let me know some more info about it, it would be appreciated ; )
    good luck

  2. The overnight serum.. I have skin tending towards 30 as well and I'm always looking for what would help for it age gracefully..

  3. TBS vitamin e serum impressing and Can you review the maybelline concealer dear :)

  4. The eye cream. I want to get one for me too

  5. Please review the eye cream and serum in oil first

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    Excellent post on eye cream.

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