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Look What I Got: Urban Decay, NARS & Maybelline


Mini Haul consisting of Urban Decay, NARS & Maybelline

I am very stingy about shopping for makeup. I was not like this. In my initial days of blogging, I would go all out and get myself whatever I fancied... I blew half my salary on makeup, on products I didn't need and on products that I knew I would not use more than once...
But today I am more organized, have better control over temptations and well in short have become pretty frugal. So when my manager had a business trip planned to the US and he asked the team if anyone wanted anything, I didn't jump at it like how I would have earlier...
However, I did order some stuff after I gave stuff some thought and deliberation and here is what my mini haul consisted of :)

So here's what I ordered for...

1. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles

I have had my eye on this since a while now. I have seen many bloggers and youtubers abroad use and rave about this product and I just had to have it in my kitty... I wish  Maybelline and other drugstore brands launch products in India like they launch abroad...
I have been using this product for over 5 days now and I think it is working for me... Of course more details in a separate review post...

2. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Treatment Makeup

Now this is something that I ended up buying as a misunderstanding :)
My manager was going to Target and he pinged me asking me if I needed something, so I told him to get the Eraser Dark Circles variant but well he mistook the concealer for the foundation since they both came in a similar looking tube and well I ended up with this...
I haven't yet tried this and so I have nothing to say about it... But yes I plan on testing it over the weekend...

3. Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette

This was a no-brainer. I mean with the world oohing and aahing about all the Naked palettes that Urban Decay has come up with (I don't even know how many!), I knew I had to try out eye shadows from the brand... I was in no mood to shell out $54 for a palette of nude colors and even if I did I would be stuck at choosing which palette... So I took the easy and well cheaper route and opted for the $28 Naked Basics Palette... It consists of 6 shades, 5 matte and 1 lightly shimmered.
I will do a whole review post for the palette but till now I am pretty impressed with it and I totally understand the hype around it...

4. NARS Blush (Can you guess the shade?)

Well... This was a splurge of sorts but I just had to give in to temptation of owning something practically the whole world raves about... I mean come on! I needed at least one of those much talked about NARS blushes and well I got one :)
What was difficult was making a decision of selecting just one... I mean NARS totally spoils you for choice and each shade is different from the other but I wanted to get a shade that I knew I wouldn't get easily from other brands...

Any guesses on which shade I bought? :)


  1. hey from where did u get the concealer?? me too want one badly.. and love the ud palette. :)

    1. I got the Maybelline stuff from Target, Sheetal..

    2. Am I living under the rocks?? I donno what target is :P

    3. ha ha no no Sheetal you are not living under a rock.. Target is a store (super market types) in the US... One of the very famous and well common ones :) Like Walgreen or Walmart or CVS :)

  2. hi can you please tell me from where you ordered the Urban decay naked palettes..?

    1. I ordered the Urban Decay palette and the NARS blush from Sephora's US site...

  3. Haha I don't think anyone read that your manager went to US lol :)
    I am also frugal,...well I have no other choice lol

    1. ha ha looks like it Nia :) *giggles*
      and we all have a choice but only some choose to be frugal ;) PROUD TO BE FRUGAL with makeup :D Repeat after me! ♥

  4. your boss bought you makeup!!! whoa... :) mine would say you have too much already lol

    you bought deep throat or Taj?

  5. I hope my future boss is as cool as yours :P
    I wanted to try the Naked basics but I think maybe most shades will be light for me, when you review it will you please mention upto what skintones each shade will be suitable? Thanks in advance

  6. even i live in US..i dont have all these..u r tempting me now.;)

  7. Nice stuff! Did you buy Orgasm?


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