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REVIEW: ZA True White Night Cream from The House of Shiseido


Review of ZA (From the house of Shiseido) True White Night Cream

Guest Post By: Priyanka

This is my first blog post for ISLM and I sure hope that I am associated with this wonderfully vibrant blog for a very long time! The brand Za is the latest offering from The House of Shisedo in the Indian market. Shisedo is known for its high end skin care solutions while Za is its popular Asian subsidiary.
While its launch in the Indian market hasn’t exactly made a huge splash, it is being eyed carefully by its drugstore counterparts.

On my recent visit to NewU I saw a counter by this brand and decided to take a gander to look for a suitable night cream as my present one is too emollient and is leading to frequent minor breakouts. I have been using this Za product for a while now, read on to see how it fared.

Price of Za (Shiseido) True White Night Cream

It costs INR 999/-

Claims (as on Za website)
A whitening night cream for moisturized translucent skin.

How to
Smooth an appropriate amount over face with hand after toner.

My take on the product
I love this product! There are no two ways about it! I have seen my face visibly even out in just a short span of time. The dark spots and acne scars (although I don’t have more than a few) have started fading making my visage look brighter and more even.

The product has a very light and whipped texture that suits those with oily skin very well. My mom has oily skin and uses this product every other day (she uses Olay anti-aging products in between). She finds this product suitably hydrating but I have a very weird skin type that is oily in the T-Zone and eyelids while completely dry everywhere else. So I sometimes wake up at night feeling that my skin is a little too dry and end up applying my Lakme Peach Milk moisturizer after which, I go back to sleep.
Thanks to its light whipped texture, I have had to battle with a sum total of zero breakouts! A humungous relief after the failure of my previous night cream.
The product claims to have SPF ingredients, a claim I don’t quite understand. If any ISLM reader can enlighten me regarding the need for SPF in a night cream,  I would appreciate it immensely.
Another minor problem with this product is it’s tub type packaging that I feel is unhygienic because of the chances of double dipping and product contamination. But this can be remedied by using a spatula to scoop out the product and disinfecting the spatula before every use.

1. Not tested on animals
2. A little product goes a long way
3. Screw lid packaging makes it easy to see how much product is left
4. Travel safe packaging
5. Visibly lightens dark spots
6. Evens skin tone
7. Very light whipped texture makes the product very lightweight on the skin
8. Product will easily last for 2-3 months

1. Not hydrating enough for those with dry skin
2. Tub type packaging may lead to product contamination by double dipping
3. Expensive
4. I don’t understand the need for SPF in a night cream
5. I can’t quite see the skin whitening claim happening

Will I repurchase?
Certainly! This is my favourite night cream at the moment and I have ordered the Za toner too!



  1. Nice post. We have Za here in Singapore also. But its latest launch in india is instigating me try my hands on Za products :)
    Check out Sonam Kapoor to launch loreal Lumiere on my website

  2. Nice review dear.. lighten the dark spots wow

  3. Never heard of this product seems a good one

  4. I too have been using this and quite like it!


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