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GIVEAWAY: NIVEA Whitening Sensitive Deodorant Contest


Giveaway Sponsored By NIVEA Whitening Sensitive Deodorant Contest

Hello my lovelies :)
Its Summer in full swing right now and it is the season of Mojitos, uber cool shades, pink manicures and the freedom to go sleeveless! Isn't it?
And so ISLM is bringing to you in collaboration with NIVEA this fabulous giveaway that will make you happy and give you another reason to flaunt those cute and pretty sleeveless outfits that you've been saving for this sunny weather...

And the best part of it all? There is not 1 winner, not 2 winners but a grand total of 4 lucky winners who will win some fabulous gift vouchers for an online shopping site :) So read ahead...

  1. Follow ISLM on Twitter (@ismplylvemakeup) - 10 points
  2. Answer a simple question (mentioned at the end of the post) through the comments section of this post and also mention your twitter handle and email ID - Mandatory
  3. Tweet the following - "Another reason to flaunt sleeveless this Summer is the #NIVEA giveaway at". Tag ISLM and use the hashtag #gosleeveless - 10 points for every tweet

The winners get a a gift voucher worth INR 1000/- from Myntra :)

The contest will run for 4 weeks starting today and I shall be picking 4 winners at the end of each week... The winner will be picked on the basis of the one having accumulated the maximum number of points...

P.S. I'll have a different question for you all to answer each week...

Question of the Week (Week1)
What stops you from going sleeveless in the Summers?

Last Date for receiving this week's entries (Week1)
18th May 2014



  1. To be honest, there's nothing that is stopping me from going sleeveless! I have 3 Variants of Nivea Whitening Deodorants that are my biggest support and saves me from embarrassment of dark underarms.

    Twitter handle - @cupcake_priya
    Email Id -

  2. The Dark Underarms really stops me to go sleevless this summer! It kinda shows uneven skin tone & that makes me super concious & restricts my summer sleevless outfits.

  3. My Twitter handle @Bollywoodarian
    Email id:

  4. My dark underarms really stop me to go sleevless this summer.But I really love sleevless outfit which I cannot wear this season....I want this deodrants very much.

    Email id

  5. My flabby arms stop me from going sleeveless this summer! Am working out to tone them. I have had good experience with using nivea deodreants which keep them flawless!!!

    Twitter: DivyaSawant11

  6. When summer comes, there’s nothing quite as comfortable as a sleeveless...Going sleeveless is a great way to keep cool during the hot spring and summer months..but honestly i never go sleeveless before i started to use Nivea Whitening Deodorant but now i have the power of Nivea Whitening Sensitive Deodorant which gives me white underarms :) sooo BByeee Sleeves bcz i love to feel free with Sleeveless n no one stops me go sleeveless in the Summers ^_^

    Twitter Handle - @Kirtibasal
    Email Id -

  7. Since I have to travel daily by mumbai local trains, my commute in these crowded trains compells me to raise my hands inorder to hold the handles above to maintain balance for the complete one hour journey.Thus I an hesitant to go sleeveless in summers, because I'm embarrased to flaunt my dark underarms especially in a jam-packed train where I am forced to raise my hands with people surrounded on all sides and also myself, being self-conscious about what my underarms might smell like :P I know this sounds prettty silly but it's true :P

    Twitter handle- @sharonmonis

  8. I am using Nivea Whitening Deodorants and that keep me my under arms smooth and of normal skin tone and give me confidence of wearing sleeveless dresses...thanks Nivea
    twitter handel - @babitayc

  9. Nivea Whitening deodorant has been a perfect partner for the summer, It gives the confidence to go sleeveless and keeps your skin tone even so no tension of dark underarms and keeps you sweat free up to 10 hours with a perfect mesmerizing aroma which just only feels you mind but your heart too.
    twitter - @preranaranjan

  10. My flabby arms prevents me from going sleeveless. But once they are toned all my sleeveless tops will come out of hiding. I use the Nivea whitening deodorant so dark underarms isn't a problem for me.
    Twitter handle- @IshtyleAwhile

  11. i wear sleevless most of the times but my underarms are little dark which decreases my confidence and stop me to go sleevless this summer.
    twitter handle: @201Poonam
    mail id:

  12. i want to wear sleevless blouse and tops but dark underarms that look so horrible, make me feel uncomfortable to wear all these clothes and stop me to go sleevless this summer.
    twitter handle: @gurjeet_chhabra
    mail id:

  13. Hey Samyukta !!!

    I love Summers cause its the Season of Mangoes, Beaches, Shorts, Tank Tops, Ganjis, Floral Dresses & so on. Earlier I used to freak out to go "Sleeveless" cause of uneven color of under arms and some times due to bad odour or smell, but not any more and seriously thanks to Nivea Deodorants. Ah they are like Genie in a Bottle. It keeps me refreshing all day long and no more uneven patches. Unbelievable but so true! The Nivea Deodorant Spray lingers on and on and protects me against sweat and body odour. <3 Love it !!!

    Now Welcome Sleeveless, Tank Tops , Ganjis and Floral Dresses. I can go "Sleeveless and flaunt my body" :D

    Thank you for the #Giveaway ! and I love you reviews. Ah they help me so much in deciding which makeup products to buy or not. I always look forward to them. Kudos

    Twitter Handle : @divyaszaika
    Email Id :

  14. Sleeveless? It is the word which puts many into anticipation including me too now..courtesy my recent delivery to a baby..oh! I had pigmentation in underarms, n they were flabby too,flab went away fast n pigmentation went away even faster with nivea deos..never thot it to be so easy!
    Handling a kid,I never have any issues raising up my arms now..n refreshment it gives is a bonus..a super one!
    I am done for the day once I use it in.the morning. Good on pocket..healthy on skin! A must have product-Nivea deodorants

    Twitter handle- @shilpakawatra
    Email ID-

  15. Because summer is the time for shorts, sleeveless and bulky clothes and Another reason to flaunt sleeveless this Summer is the #NIVEA giveaway at" because that gives me the confidence to #gosleeveless on him and flaunt myself. With NIvea i have the confidence to wear the dress i love. Its alcohol free, smoothen touch, gives no irritation whatsoever and makes me feel all refresh and blossom

    Twitter handle: @a2afreen
    Email id:

  16. Another reason to flaunt sleeveless this Summer is the #NIVEA giveaway at" because that gives me the confidence to #gosleeveless on him and flaunt myself. It gives you the much needed confidence to be yourself and wear all summery sleeveless short dresses. I personally love and use #NiveaWhiteningSmooth because its alcohol free, being a muslim that matters to me. Its make my underarms fairer without any side-effect or irritation

    Handle: Afreen Ansari
    Email id:

  17. In this summer scorching heat,everyone loves to go sleeveless and so am i...I also have some things stops me from doing it and those r
    1-Dark Patches on underarms
    2-Sweat and Odour
    3-Eneven toned underarms...
    But to the get the confidence to #gosleeveless and remove all of it ,i do the following steps which are as follows....
    1-I always make sure that my underarms are waxed and not shaved on a regular basis..
    2-I always scrub them and exfoliate them on a fortnightly basis so that they does not remain uneven toned..
    3-I use NIVEA WHITENING SENSITIVE DEODRANT to take care of my underarms which also boosts my confidence to flaunt my underarms...


  18. The reason for getting tanned stops me from going sleeveless in Summers!
    TWIITTER: @TazyeenKhan


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