Monday, April 07, 2014

LOTD: Using MAC Humid, Contrast & GoldMine


MAC LOTD: Wish I Had Better Pictures Kinda Post 

Life's tough! And it gets tougher when you are a beauty blogger! I mean of course there are perks of being one especially with the awesome samples that you receive and the love you get from your followers and subscribers... But then we've always got to be on our toes, not only with the latest launches, amazing new products and belting out Earth shatteringly beautiful LOTDs but also with good pictures.

Pictures of your LOTD can easily make or break a look. There could be a look that in person looks stunning but if you haven't been able to capture it properly, then the makeup look never sees the light of day... And something like this happened to me last to last weekend... I ended up doing a look that I felt to be extraordinary but unfortunately it did not picture well and hence I shelved posting it...

But today I just summed up some courage and decided to still share it with you all...
So do tell me what you think of the look and if it was better off being not posted at all...

Eyeshadows used:
1. MAC Humid (Green)
2. MAC Contrast (Blue)
3. MAC Goldmine (Golden)


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