1. wow. that;s intense.. But I agree.. I have had tons of people tell me, " you are so thin, why are you complaining about weight gain?" Hello! I am a dancer and I need my stamina and flexibility and if I lose weight trying to gain that, then so be it.. Same thing with makeup. it took a long time for my parents to come to terms that I love makeup so much that I write about it.. But they are actually pretty ok with it now and tease me about it.. What I want to be, is my dream to achieve, not society's to ruin.

    1. Oh my! I am overwhelmed with you comment darling... I expected people to be bashing me right left and center but I am pleasantly surprised that you side with me here :)
      WHat really bugs me is you know how people want us to accept what we have/are and just be content with it... Its just so regressive!

    2. ironically that's how it is believed we can grow as a person, by accepting what is given to us. That's not what I want. i want more.

  2. Suma this post touched a chord- just because we love makeup and write about it doesn't make us desperate brain-dead bimbos. But that is how most of the world seems to think. I mean we have the full right to be happy the way we want to, even if it means trying to be better versions of ourselves as long as it doesn't pose any physical, financial or emotional risk to us and our near and dear ones. Why should we settle for something less than what we deserve and can easily be? I think people should just learn to live and let live without being preachy and judgmental.

  3. Hi Suma ,

    I agree 'accept yourself' does sound harsh .. in the sense its as if we(or our life) is lacking something and we need to adjust/accept to it anyhow/somehow . I feel 'accept yourself' has negative connotation attached to it in some way . Its like we are forcing ourselves to accept/embrace something in us , or in our life we actually don't approve of ! Right ? I feel we should do things we can justify to ourselves , that is sufficient . And yes , if we want some change in ourselves/our life then we should show courage to bring it .
    I am writing on your blog after long long time. Hope you didn't forget me :)


  4. Hi, On your blog after so long.. It is all about being who you are and doing what you..Never be afraid to express your individuality..


  5. I agree with parts of what you say. But the term ''Accepting Yourself'' means part of us which we are okay with or cannot change like our ethnicity, body shape etc. Am all for growing each day as a person. You want to be skinny, there is nothing wrong with that. Go ahead and achieve it. Its all about accepting each aspect of ourselves and changing and growing each day! I hope I didn't say too much. Just wanted to express this :)


  6. I Agree with you , I am really skinny, like a size 0/ XXS and I have seriously lost count at how many times I have been told this ''meat on bones'' thing, What's wrong with people? They want people to accept themselves but then they hate on skinny/thin girls and attack them , hey, skinny,fat or curvy, everyone should be respected the same and it is none of their buisness to judge somebody because of what makeup they wear.

    all this things you wrote about are so true,. Even if I wear a lil bit of eyeliner to work , there are this certain people objecting to it ,I Mean who are they to judge my life, my decisions, I will go bald and wear huge earrings, it is none of your buisness.

    And really bad at how they can call you something so derogatory, they are the ones who are cheap.


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