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REVIEW & SWATCHES: L'Oreal Paris Rouge Caresse Lipsticks

Review of L'Oreal Paris Rouge Caresse Lipsticks in Rock N Mauve and Dating Coral
Today has been a good day! I reached a logical conclusion to the tasks I have been assigned at work, I sweated like a pig in the gym, I got some much delayed Spring cleaning of the house done and finally I did NOT reach out to a pack of Cornitos. So all in all it was a good day :) But what is making it still better is that you guys have been really sweet in supporting my new accessories blog by liking my Facebook page :) Thank you so much people! ♥

REVIEW: Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream

Review of Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream

Guest Post By Pranali
Back in February I was eyeing this CC cream on Asos, but something stopped me from ordering it. And it was launched in India already. I was still unsure with 3-4 bottles of Base makeup lying around. I gave in. Temptation!
I tried no 33 Beige Rose on one cheek and 34 Bronze on the other. It was totally dark for me. But no 33 disappeared on application. Using religiously for 7 days in sun and indoors, I’m ready with my deep thoughts on it.

REVIEW & SWATCHES: L'Oreal Paris Shine Caresse Lip Colors

Review of L'Oreal Paris Shine Caresse Lip Colors in Eve and Pretty Woman I am a sucker for glass products, pretty things and dabbas and dibbis of all sizes. But what I really am a sucker for is beautiful packaging. So imagine my glee when I receive these beauties from L'Oreal Paris in my mail. Their classy, shiny casing and more than gorgeous shades were enough to sweep me off my feet... But when I started using them I couldn't help but fall for this amazing product hook, line and sinker... Read on to know more :)

REVIEW: FabIndia Charcoal Face Pack

Review of FabIndia Charcoal Face Pack
I love visiting FabIndia... It is one store in the world that I never ever get tired of visiting. Really! I find it even more attractive than the MAC store :) The jewellery at FabIndia, the candles, the home decor stuff, the sarees, everything is just so beautiful. So on my last visit to the store I got these earrings and a jar of Charcoal Face Pack!

Review & Swatches: Lakme Absolute Gloss Stylist Lip Color

Lakme Absolute Gloss Stylist Lip Colors in Coral Sunset, Pink Pout and Burgandy Burn
Its always a pleasure for a Beauty Blogger to receive PR samples and if the samples in question are as colorful as these are then its a matter of sheer joy for the blogger to try them and eventually review them... The shades as you can see are simply gorgeous and such fun that one would be crazy to not fall in love with these beauties... I for one sure did! :)

Review: MAC Speak Louder Lipstick

Review of MAC Speak Louder Lipstick
Guest Post By: Marianne
Every once in a while, I have to remind myself to switch it up where my makeup is concerned – both my look and the products I use. Inevitably, I keep coming back to my comfort zone of defined eyes and nude-pink lips. When I consciously want to try something different, I dig deep into my stash and bring out the bright and colourful stuff. Presenting today - my only out and out bright lipstick, MAC Speak Louder!

LOTD: Summer Happy Makeup with a Dash of Plum!

Plum Lips In Summers
We generally associate pastels and powder pinks and fuschias and minty greens and all those flirty and fun nuances of bright colours with Summers. In the same vein, we think of plums and berries and purples and rich browns with the Winter season. We are conditioned to do so... But the other day I felt like going with Plum... Yes! Even in this heat, this unbearably bright sunny afternoon I chose plum and surprisingly enough it came out to be quite cheery and summery! :)

Introducing Something Organic This Summer: EcoMartIndia

As much as I love the Summer sun as compared to the harsh winters, I am not blind towards the fact that Summers do wreak havoc with my body. With India’s extreme temperatures and harsh weather conditions, our skin, our hair, our bodies take a beating. Keeping healthy, hydrated and toxin free becomes a chore and I am forever looking for clean, healthy and organic stuff to put in and on my body…

And then, I found EcoMartIndia :)

LOTD: A Perfect Look For Saturday Night Clubbing

Featuring: Lakme Absolute Colour Illusion Eyeshadow "Smokey Pearl"
I did this look with a blank mind, I had nothing going on and by the time I finished photographing, I was wondering what I should name it... So I did not do a post on it and just randomly posted it on Instagram and hence Facebook and Twitter... You guys loved it (thank you so much :D) and Bidisha labelled the look as Perfect for a Saturday Night Party Look and thus I got my title for the post :) Thanks sweetheart :) ♥

Coffee Breaks With ISLM: Accept Yourself, Love The Way You Are

Don't Try To Be Someone You Are Not!
Every time I hear statements like these, read them on book covers and come across people preaching these sentiments, I want to puke. I find them to be utter nonsense and do not support these notions... Of course I know this could whip up a storm and a HUGE controversy, but then just hear me out before you decide to write something scathing in the comments section below...

Lakme Absolute Colour Illusion Range By Rajesh Pratap Singh - A Sneak Peek

New Launch: Illusion by Lakme Absolute

I just made plans with an old colleague and a very dear friend for dinner on Friday. Its exciting and I can't wait for it to be Friday evening already :) Doesn't it feel amazing to meet with old friends and take a walk down memory lane? And that is the exact feeling I get when I use Lakme products... I know that Lakme has revamped itself, gotten an image makeover and glammed up to quite a few notches higher, but I still feel like a little girl rummaging through my mum's dresser, everytime Lakme products come up...

LOTD: Using MAC Humid, Contrast & GoldMine

MAC LOTD: Wish I Had Better Pictures Kinda Post 
Life's tough! And it gets tougher when you are a beauty blogger! I mean of course there are perks of being one especially with the awesome samples that you receive and the love you get from your followers and subscribers... But then we've always got to be on our toes, not only with the latest launches, amazing new products and belting out Earth shatteringly beautiful LOTDs but also with good pictures.

Affordable yet Must Have Eye Makeup Brushes

Kryolan Eye Makeup Brushes - Affordable and a Must Have!
I had a weird dream last night... I dreamt that I was sipping a steaming cup of cappuccino, was debating with myself about what was the best way to achieve Continuous Delivery in a release cycle and just kept crying at the same time... Weird? Right! Creepy? Damned right! Disturbing? Hell yeah!
No the dream didn't have a dramatic ending, like me waking up with a scream or me starting to blabber in my sleep and the pati having to shake me up... The dream died its natural death and I continued to sleep... Only in the morning when I remembered the dream did I feel that something was amiss with me. 

One Liner Review: Maybelline Colossal Volume Express Mascara

Quick Review of Maybelline Colossal Volume Express Mascara
I must be the last person the planet Earth to review this mascara...
It is a great daily wear mascara, gives decent volume, curls, holds the curl and is super easy to apply. It is not waterproof and I like it that way as it really easy to remove at night.
It doesn't do much to the length of your lashes though.