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REVIEW: The Body Shop Ginger Sparkle Lip Balm

The Body Shop Ginger Sparkle Lip Balm
The Body Shop Ginger Sparkle Lip Balm

Review of The Body Shop Ginger Sparkle Lip Balm

It had been a while I had taken a good look at myself in the mirror... And when I say a good look, I mean not only at my face but other parts as well... Its hard to imagine but I had been keeping so busy at work that I wasn't even obsessing over my looks any more and that people is a HUGE deal for me cause I do have a teeny little bit of narcissism in me... So today when I looked at myself properly (in the buff) in the shower, I realized that I did look like I had gained some weight...

So I hurried out of the shower and even I reached out to my favorite Body Shop Body Butter, I hopped onto the weighing scale and lo and behold! What do I see? I see that I have gained 4 kilos!!! 4 freaking kilos!!! Gah! It all came down to one thing... Work is not good for me! Work equals weight gain and I just cannot risk it anymore! How do I make my manager understand it, is well another story...

So with the evident weight gain and my sulking over it the whole day, I decided to finally decided to cheer myself up with some beauty product review that I had been shelving since a while now... And that ladies and gentlemen brings us to today's post, which is about this gorgeous looking lip balm which reminds me of the yummy ginger ale that my mom brews... It is this sweet gingery goodness that is both warm and cooling at the same time...

And that is exactly how I feel about The Body Shop Ginger Sparkle Lip Balm... Agreed that it was a special Christmas launch by TBS but it somehow is just so yummy that I plan to make it work for me even during the summers ;)

The Body Shop Ginger Sparkle Lip Balm

Price of The Body Shop Ginger Sparkle Lip Balm

It costs INR 495/-

It comes in this unique golden colored plastic tub of sorts with a clear dome like screw on lid. The packaging is cute and innovative. Its easy to carry around, the plastic is pretty sturdy and its uniqueness is something that makes me love to whip it out of my bag in a crowd and well show off ;)

The Body Shop Ginger Sparkle Lip Balm

The product as such is simply brilliant, has a yummy flavour, has very tiny and sparse golden particles that makes your lips glisten in the sun and demands some serious attention from the onlookers. Flavour wise its simply to die for. It is a sweet, candy-ish gingery smell and subconsciously I always find myself licking my lips expecting to get a sweet taste. However, it is completely tasteless.

As a lip balm it is pretty good, is very moisturising and is a boon for lips especially in Pune's dry weather... You might want to get your hands on them if they are still available at your neighborhood TBS store :)

If you have dry lips, love the flavour of candies ginger and a TBS buff then you have GOT TO try out this little wonder!


  1. This is such a cute one :) Nice review :D

  2. looks cute! will have a look definitely :)

  3. The shape reminds me of eos lip balms..

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  5. Aww..the dome shape of the lip balm is so cute.... Similar to Kim Kardashian's lip balms.....Yummm..... CHeck out my latest post on Bio Oil Review

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