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REVIEW: Maybelline Lip Polish in Glam 9

Review of Maybelline Lip Polish in Glam 9
My weekend's consisted of CSI: NY and "The Killing" marathons... I mean literally... The kind of crime fiction fan that I am, I must say that the weekend was well spent since I got a chance to catch up on all my fav crime serials that I missed out during the week...But then I have also been a good blogger and I managed to fit in clicking product pictures and even doing a couple of LOTDs... Ooooh yes! So brace yourselves my darlings for a barrage of product reviews and makeup posts...

LOTD: Why I Love MAC Patina Eye Shadow and Maybelline Lip Polish

LOTD: Soft Smokey Eyes and Summery Pink Lips
You know Summers are here when you automatically reach out for that powder pink lipstick or that pale nude lip pencil... You know Summers are here when you set out to do a bold smokey eye but end up "softening" it with some neutrals and browns... You know Summers are here when you naturally tend to put your hair up rather than have it down...

One Liner Review: Vaseline Lip Therapy Lip Balm With SPF 15

Do I Recommend the Vaseline Lip Therapy with SPF 15?
One of the best lip balms for the Summer season...
Not too heavy, not waxy, a fruity watermelon flavour and easy to carry with its twist up packaging, makes this little delight one of my favorites...
And then it comes with SPF 15, which gives it just that added little edge that it needed :)

LOTD: Is it appropriate for work?

Makeup For Office: Glossy Lips and Soft Smokey Eyes
Even after 7 years of being in this industry, I stand in front of the mirror each morning debating whether to either get that smokey eye in place, or wear that gorgeous Red lipstick or go a little overboard with contouring. Nothing seems to say it clearly, if something is appropriate for work or not... On some days I feel that MAC Ruby Woo is just perfect for that power meeting and yet on days I feel like MAC Taupe is the way to go...

REVIEW: The Body Shop Ginger Sparkle Lip Balm

Review of The Body Shop Ginger Sparkle Lip Balm
It had been a while I had taken a good look at myself in the mirror... And when I say a good look, I mean not only at my face but other parts as well... Its hard to imagine but I had been keeping so busy at work that I wasn't even obsessing over my looks any more and that people is a HUGE deal for me cause I do have a teeny little bit of narcissism in me... So today when I looked at myself properly (in the buff) in the shower, I realized that I did look like I had gained some weight...

LOTD: Work, Life and My New Found Love for Brown

LOTD for Work: Brown Smokey Eyes
Things change as you grow through the years... Your emotions change, your interests change and your outlook towards life change... Priorities sort themselves out and certain relationships  start taking precedence over others... But what really stands out is the things that remain constant even after all these changes and ladies the things that change through all these years is something that you've truly loved... Seems like a "obvious" sort of a statement but with my life going through some major changes, I realize the significance behind it all...

Essential Makeup Brushes and Their Uses

Makeup Brushes 101 - Part 2 Choosing the right make up brushes and using them properly can make all the difference to the overall effect of your make-up, but with so many make-up brushes to choose from it can get pretty confusing, even intimidating to the real beginner when they are faced with so many choices. Of course one great idea is to buy a complete make up brush set from somewhere like The Salon Outlet – but then you’ve still got to know what to do with them.

The Body Shop Haul!

Yet Another Haul from The Body Shop
There are times when I am quite fed up with being married. Don't get me wrong but there come days when I miss my days of single-dom... I miss not having to be responsible, to not worry about getting dinner ready at home when having to work late at office or even being a good girl and striking a balance between calling up both sets of parents... Gosh! Those were the times, when I could possibly do anything under the sky and not worry about consequences... And yes I do miss guilt-free ogling at cute guys as well ;)

REVIEW: Sunsilk Natural Recharge Strong & Abundant Shampoo & Conditioner With Ginseng Root & Oil

Review of Sunsilk Natural Recharge Strong & Abundant Shampoo & Conditioner
My this year's secret quest (not a secret anymore) is to find some fabulous drugstore products that can give premium/hi-street brands a run for their money. A long shot you say? I say it'll be difficult but not impossible :) Of course I am really curious to find out if I can get myself a drugstore foundation that will make me give up my MAC Face & Body Foundation. But then I'll need to go through 2014 to actually find that out... 

#BornToBeHappy Women's Day Special Twitter Giveaway

It had been a while I did a giveaway on ISLM and when the amazing people at Maybelline offered to sponsor a giveaway for all my beautiful followers I couldn't help but jump at the opportunity! So ladies, here I am in collaboration with Maybelline bringing to you all a SURPRISE giveaway.

All you need to do is tweet and let me know what is that one thing in life that never fails to make you happy and 1 lucky winner with 5 most unique answers can win a FABULOUS surprise from Maybelline!

Do not forget to tag me (@ismplylvemakeup) in your tweet and use the hashtag #BornToBeHappy...
So tweet away... :)

LOTD: When In Doubt Wear Black... On The Eyes As Well!

LOTD: Simple Black Smokey Eye Look
Everyone has that black dress or top that they reach out to when they can't decide what to wear. I do too... In the same way, I have this basic black smokey eye look that I invariably end up doing when I am not being able to come up with a makeup look... So the other day when I had my creative juices dry up yet again, I decided to do a post about it... After all that is what being a beauty blogger is all about, making the best out of every situation, isn't it ;)

Coming Out Of Hibernation!

Busy Since The Start of 2014!
The Winters are almost over and doing a post after so long feels like I am finally coming out hibernation. The past three weeks of almost zero blogging and limited Facebooking certainly took a toll on me and made me realize what an important part, blogging plays in my life. If that wasn't enough, I realized I ended up pissing off numerous PRs and lost contact with so many friends especially one of my dearest blogger friends, Abhilasha of Looking Good Feeling Fab. I have been making and breaking dates with her and now I think she has just given up on me :/