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ISLM Rants: Keeping Busy, HOI and Loads of Pending Reviews


Things That Keep Me Busy and The Stuff I Feel Guilty About!

There is so much going on in my life right now that I am getting no time to even breathe! Honestly! I have keeping so busy at work (major developments), 3 weddings to prepare for, my mom visiting us and of course Handlooms Of India wanting to grow up so damn fast... Its like everything is happening all at once and well I think its ISLM that is taking the brunt of it all. But not for long I promise :) So if you have been missing regular posts on ISLM let me begin by first apologizing and then assuring you all that its just a temporary phase. I promise :)

Where Handlooms Of India is concerned, if you all follow its Facebook page then you'll know that HOI now accepts all major credit and debit cards and you can also pay through Net Banking in addition to the current Bank Transfer method :)
Also, HOI announced its first ever SALE this week and we have been working towards getting more and more products on Sale. Its a huge deal for us because it means that our little baby is finally growing up and growing up real fast :) Amazing isn't it? And we have all of you to thank for it... You guys have been simply amazing! Thank you :)
Additionally, we are preparing an itinerary for HOI related travel that we plan to do this year. I am keeping the list a secret that I plan to unravel gradually as the year proceeds... Its much more fun that way and I can promise you some amazing stuff from a slew of exotic locations...  

Like I mentioned in my earlier post, I have 3 outstation weddings to attend and hence preparing my outfits for all the functions is taking a toll on me especially since my tailor is based out of Bombay and you know I live in Pune! Ha! Talk about complicating matters... I am getting a couple of salwar suits stitched and plan on using the sarees that I have as a part of my trousseau... However I think I need to get some new footwear especially the golden and silver sandal kinds, you know that go with every Indian outfit under the sky... Plus I have earmarked a number of juttis from HOI and a couple of Kolhapuri Chappals too for functions like sangeet and mehendi :) Gosh ghoom phir ke  I come back to talk about HOI only na! I need to stop doing that! It must get onto everyone's nerves really!

With all of this going on in my head and in my life, PR samples that I have been receiving is just piling up like nobody's business. I need to start reviewing them, making videos with them and well actually just start using them! I am currently using this fabulous lipgloss from Lakme, the new Magique kajal from L'Oreal, the 12H Colossal kajal from Maybelline and some hair products from Tresseme and Livon... Just a week more and I promise to have all reviews ready by then :) Amazing stuff I promise...

How have you all been doing? Tell me whats keeping you guys busy and whats new with you all. I do love to hear from everyone, makes me feel happy, blessed and all mushy-mushy :)
I really love you guys! ♥♥♥


  1. Oh man... busy girl... but I have been busy too and we have not caught up... tell me when you travel for your next darzi visit?

  2. Oh wow!! You are super duper busy. My life is also pretty similar these days.. There's so much going on at the same time.
    But I am totally enjoying it :)
    Keep it going :D

  3. wish you more success on HOI !! come back soon on ISLM.. readers like me miss you :)

  4. 3 weddings is crazy! but then again it means more clothes! Good luck on handling it all :D
    Do enter my Maybelline Giveaway Here



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