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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

ISLM Poll: Which Drugstore Kajal Do You Absolutely Adore?


Poll: The Drugstore Kajal Wars!

Is it just me or have you also noticed that every drugstore brand in India is coming out with these kajals/kohls that are uncannily similar to each other... Each of them come in a twist-up sort of packaging and more or less give similar performance and results. They are even priced similarly! Still everyone of us has a favorite and prefer one over the other...

The reasons vary of course, I may like xyz cause of its jet blackness, while you may prefer abc because it doesn't smudge for you and Kate (I couldn't think of any other name!) might just like pqrs better than the rest cause the colors used on the packaging are just beautiful... Whatever the reasons are we makeupistas have one kajal in mind that we always stock up on as a backup :)

So ladies and gentlemen, today we are having a poll where you will tell me which drugstore kajal/kohl is your favorite out of the lot!

So... Vote away...


  1. I love Lakme Eyeconice Kajal. Its simply awesome

  2. eyeconic is a small fav over colossal :)

  3. has quite a fan following I guess, going by the above comments

  4. I have sensitive eyes and the only kajal that works for me is Lakme Eyeconic ... Simply <3 it :)


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