Thursday, January 23, 2014

Forest Essentials Honey & Vanilla: I "Stole" Them and Now I Love Them!


Forest Essentials Honey & Vanilla Shampoo and Conditioner

What do you do when you check into a 5 star hotel room and find that the bathroom has been stocked up with some luxurious hair and skincare products? What do you do when you check into a 5 star hotel room and find the bed to be just so plush and soft and pristine white? What do you do when you check into a 5 star hotel room and find soft, white bathrobes tucked away discreetly in a corner cupboard?

Well what I do is, I first jump onto the bed and keep rolling over till I have lost a substantial amount of calories just rolling over. Then I dive into the bathtub and let the warm water caress me and lose myself in an aromatic bliss of the wonderfully luxurious skincare and haircare products that have been provided. Once my fingers ad toes have shriveled due to the water I get out, don the soft bathrobe and again get under the covers of the plush bed. All this when I have just checked into a hotel room...

Now what do you when you are checking out? Nothing... I feel all sorry about leaving all the luxury behind, pack up my stuff and just leave. But then this while I was checking out of the Grand Hyatt in Bombay during the BeBeautiful VLOGON session, I came back from the door of my room, left my luggage at the foot of my bed and re-entered the bathroom. I looked at the travel size Forest Essentials Honey and Vanilla Shampoo & Conditioner bottles and a debate raged inside my head. The childhood Moral Science classes and my etiquette told me to turn away and leave the toiletries alone but my common sense said its a 5 star hotel and they would throw away the used toiletries the moment they would get the room ready for the next guest. At last temptation won and I surreptitiously picked up the two innocent looking bottles and "hid" them deep inside my travel bag.

Oh God! I stole it! I was shit scared of the hotel security. The moment I was outside Bombay, I started breathing evenly and I relaxed...

And then my love story with the wonderful products started. I am officially in love with the fragrance of the products and I am bowled over by how soft it makes my hair... I love the products and well I am glad I flicked them!

A full fledged review when I buy the full size bottles next week :)

So have you ever flicked toiletries from hotel bathrooms? Or am I the only shameless one?


  1. heheh no worries dear .... everyone does that ! I remember when I was in Florida the hotel had awesome bath and body works toiletries... :D and I really don't know how they went inside my bag.

  2. My husband says that it's not stealing, you've paid for it as part of room tariff. So don't beat yourself up about it. I've not seen this FE variant, DH normally gets the aloe Vera and neem ones used at Taj(which also smells divine btw). These must be exclusive for the Hyatt chain, fingers crossed I get to try this soon. And normally from my experience, the products used in hotels are not sold at their stores. (Just my 2 bits).

  3. lol.. you knowww why! haha

    gotta start using them too :P

  4. hehe.. you didn't steal them .. they are meant to be used and you did that.. you wouldn't have felt the same if you would've finished them up there itself.. so its all relative you kno ;)


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