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Grocery Shopping Is My New Favorite Hobby!

Finding Beauty Products & Other Jewels Amongst Aata, Maida And Toor Ki Daal
I have been married for a little over 2 and a half years and I have been grocery shopping almost since then but never until today have I realised the hidden merits of shopping for mundane, day to day items like pulses, flour and rice. What I am talking about is the little kiosk or in some cases aisles after aisles of beauty and makeup products that women inadvertently get drawn towards. How have I missed them for all these years, is a mystery in itself but now that I am enlightened I plan to exploit my weekly trips to the grocers to my most of my ability :)

REVIEW: L'Oreal Paris Magique Kajal in Supreme Black

Review of L'Oreal Magique Kajal in Supreme BlackFollow Me On Twitter

I as a rule do not retrospect. And neither do I introspect. I am just not a retro/introspective person. I prefer to live in the present and take life as it comes. However, like my mom says a little retrospection and a little introspection is what one needs in order to strike a balance in life and make it harmonious. So whenever the pati and I have a fight or an argument, I make it a point to force myself to cud chew about the past and look at my inner self and see what improvements I can bring about in me.

REVIEW: Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Lipstick in Red Carpet

Review of Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Lipstick in Red Carpet
For the past couple of weeks, the pati and I have been alternating between coding, attending weddings and co-ordinating with weavers. We even ended up making a trip each to Bombay for a friend's wedding and to Kolhapur to give our weavers a clear idea about what we exactly want. So when yesterday after we finished shooting for our first lot of sarees (there are 2 more in the pipeline), the pati and I decided to catch the last show of "Wolf of the Wallstreet"... So the Saturday ended on a happy note and Sunday promises to be better still :)

Forest Essentials Honey & Vanilla: I "Stole" Them and Now I Love Them!

Forest Essentials Honey & Vanilla Shampoo and Conditioner
What do you do when you check into a 5 star hotel room and find that the bathroom has been stocked up with some luxurious hair and skincare products? What do you do when you check into a 5 star hotel room and find the bed to be just so plush and soft and pristine white? What do you do when you check into a 5 star hotel room and find soft, white bathrobes tucked away discreetly in a corner cupboard?

Sponsored: Every wedding is one of a kind

Florida Beach Weddings Are Different!
The great thing about all the weddings is that all of them are magic just because of their essence, which consists in the love, as the primary reason for organizing such an event. The celebration of the marvelous feeling that two people share is always unique because there are no two identical couples in this world so there are no two identical weddings. Even if the location, the resort and the cake are the same at two weddings, anyway there is no way these two celebrations are going to be the same. 

ISLM Poll: Which Drugstore Kajal Do You Absolutely Adore?

Poll: The Drugstore Kajal Wars!
Is it just me or have you also noticed that every drugstore brand in India is coming out with these kajals/kohls that are uncannily similar to each other... Each of them come in a twist-up sort of packaging and more or less give similar performance and results. They are even priced similarly! Still everyone of us has a favorite and prefer one over the other...

Makeup For Office: Statement Eyes & Glossy Lips

Makeup For Office That's All About Statement Eyes and Glossy Lips!
Continuing with my previous week's trend of going with statement eyes and glossy lips, my last week too saw me doing similar makeup... However a little change that I did last week was mix it up with colored eye liners as well. One thing that I realised while sticking to my New Year Resolution of doing amekup everyday to work is that initially it does feel like a bother but once you've survived a week it starts to get really easy and sometimes even a lot of fun :)

REVIEW: Vaseline Total Moisture Cocoa Radiant Vitalizing Body Gel Oil

Review of Vaseline Total Moisture Cocoa Radiant Vitalizing Body Gel Oil
Weekends are special, aren't they? For some its a time to catch up on their sleep, for some its a time to finish their chores while for some its a time for them to completely relax and forget about their responsibilities and duties... For me weekends are synonymous with taking long and relaxing baths... Its a sacred ritual, its something that I completely indulge myself with and it is something that I religiously follow...

ISLM Rants: Keeping Busy, HOI and Loads of Pending Reviews

Things That Keep Me Busy and The Stuff I Feel Guilty About!
There is so much going on in my life right now that I am getting no time to even breathe! Honestly! I have keeping so busy at work (major developments), 3 weddings to prepare for, my mom visiting us and of course Handlooms Of India wanting to grow up so damn fast... Its like everything is happening all at once and well I think its ISLM that is taking the brunt of it all. But not for long I promise :) So if you have been missing regular posts on ISLM let me begin by first apologizing and then assuring you all that its just a temporary phase. I promise :)

LOTD: Indian Wedding/Festive Makeup Look Featuring Lakme 9to5 Eye Color Quartet in Tanjore Rush

Indian Wedding/Festive Makeup Look Using Lakme Tanjore Rush
Just the fact that I have 3 weddings to attend in the first quarter of 2014 is enough to put me in a tizzy and start hyperventilating about my outfits and makeup. And the fact that all three weddings are not in Pune and are rather in different parts of the country doesn't help either! Managing leaves, getting outfits ready and deciding on my makeup are just a few things that are topping my mental lists right now and hence don't be surprised about the slew of wedding party and festive makeup that I shall come up with in the next few weeks ;)

Makeup For Office LOTD: Quick, Easy and So Glam!

Makeup For Office That Is Quick, Easy and So Very Glam!
Its been a week since we stepped into the New Year and I am religiously committed to my New Year Resolutions for a change! In case you missed the post, and to know what I plan to resolutely follow in 2014, do check this post of mine...
The promise that tops my New Year Resolution list is that I will put on makeup for Office everyday replete with eyeshadows, blushes and all the jazz that comes with it! :)

If New Year Resolutions Are Fun Then You Wouldn't Break Them!

New Year Resolutions Are Not Always Meant To Be Broken!
I have finally zero-ed onto a new year resolution that I want to finally follow... I have promised to try my best and get some decent makeup done for office everyday... Yes everyday, replete with eye makeup, contouring and the works! Of course my new year resolution sounds a little vain and veers away from the belief that a New Year Resolution is something that should take you towards self improvement.

But come on! Who am I kidding? If I really wanted to imbibe some self improvements and introduce discipline in my life, I would not need a New Year for it. I should be driven enough to start it any time of the year. Even tomorrow...

REVIEW: New Maybelline 36H Lasting Drama Gel Liner in Black

Review of Maybelline New 36H Lasting Drama Gel Liner

Are your New Year Resolutions in place as yet? If you ask me then let me say I am toying with the idea of resolutely following "No Cooking in 2014". But that wouldn't really be politically correct now would it? I don't enjoy cooking is putting mildly and hence instead of torturing myself with cooking dinner every other night, I might as well promise myself to get a cook (finally!) and free my precious time for other important things in life like blogging :P

2013 Flashback: Top 11 Beauty Products

Top 11 Products of 2013
With 2013 just wrapped up, I guessed it to be the perfect time to retrospect and thank the past year for making me come across some fabulously awesome beauty products. But instead of listing out a plethora of products and confusing everyone with a jumble, I decided to match all the drama that 2013 brought us and make the whole thing a little melodramatic by having a little ISLM countdown for the top 11 products of 2013 :)