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LOTD: A No Fuss New Years Eve Makeup Look

My New Years Eve Makeup Look
So what am I doing this New Year's Eve? Well I dunno really! I mean we did plan to go out and party, and then we planned to get together with friends at a house party and we also gave some thought to spending a quiet and a romantic New Years Eve, just the two of us... But nothing seemed t pan out and well we are as of now right where we started... Nowhere ;)

REVIEW: Benefit Cosmetics They're Real Mascara

Review of Benefit Cosmetics They're Real Mascara
During my trip to Delhi this Diwali, I created a pretty decent dent in my bank  balance when I decided to get a taste of Sephora and Bobbi Brown. And even though I have been using the products day-in and day-out, it wouldn't be fair if I didn't say that I haven't been doing justice to them in terms of belting out reviews on the blog...
Of course I did do a HAUL post of sorts but I think the real fun and the juicy part are the reviews :)

ISLM Rants: A Little Vacation On The Sunny Beaches of Goa!

Go Goa Gone!

One thing that my parents can never fathom is how the pati and I go away on vacations and little trips without doing any bookings beforehand... It's always been a tradition with us that we never get our hotel bookings done in advance and always invariably book ourselves something after we reach our vacation destination... I mean really, if a couple goes for a honeymoon without booking a hotel in a foreign land and hunts for a place to stay only on landing at the airport, you really cannot expect much now can you...
I swear! While on our honeymoon, the pati and I very confidently took a flight out of Bombay, flew into Male (the capital of Maldives?) without a hotel booking and then finally at the Male airport called The Taj and got a booking done through a pay phone! Oh yes! It was an adventure on its own!

REVIEW: Maybelline Colorsensational Lip Polish in Glam 2

Review of Maybelline Colorsensational Lip Polish in Glam 2
There are two kinds of products that we receive from the PR. One that warrants pages after pages of words either glorifying the product or criticizing it and the second that you cant help but go on posting pictures of... Maybelline Colorsensational Lip Polish falls into the latter category... The packaging and the yummy looking shades are something that you just cannot stop looking at... Honestly!

Video: Get Ready With Me For A Quick Winter Makeup Look

A Quick Winter Makeup Video Tutorial
The weather in Pune is getting awesome by the minute... With a slight nip in the air and yet abundant sunshine, it is really hard not to want to laze on your sunny terrace with a mug of Green Tea, some PikWik (strictly chocolate) and an Agatha Christie... Well at least that's how I envisioned spending my Winter vacations... However, closer to reality, I spent the whole sunny afternoon clicking pictures of products one after another till I was so exhausted that I brewed myself a cup of sweet but kadak Indian Chai and watched reruns of CSI Miami...

A Very Merry Christmas With Maybelline Instaglam Box - Christmas Edition

Maybelline Instaglam Box - Christmas Edition

You Better Watch Out You Better Not Cry Better Not Pout Am Telling You Why Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
With the advent of the festive season, I cannot stop humming Christmas Carols under my breath... For someone who loathes the cold Winters, I am showing a lot of enthusiasm and excitement for the upcoming festivities... And adding to it all is Maybelline with it's Christmas Edition Instaglam Box...

Whats Been Keping Me Busy?

HOI, Work and Family :)
If you have been following ISLM regularly, you would know that I haven't been updating it regularly :P Of course I have been wanting to but my life's been so insanely busy and my schedule's been so crazy off late that I have had no choice but to be on a self imposed exile from my blog...
But not anymore... Come Friday and my vacation starts... I so love working for an American organization just for the Winter vacations that we get to enjoy till the New Year ;)

Mini Review & Lip Swatches: Maybelline Colorsensational Vivids Lipstick in Vivid Rose

Maybelline Colorsesnational Vivids Lipstick in Vivid Rose
Lipsticks are something that I currently cannot have enough of... Red lipsticks in particular and pink lippies come a close second. So when my bestie let me know that she was going to the US for official work, yet again (some women are just born lucky!), I jumped at the opportunity and gave her my extensive list of products that I wanted! One of them was this gorgeous beauty from Maybelline's Colorsensational Vivids range...

Can You Guess The Lipstick? And Rants!

Can You Guess The Lipstick?

The last few days have been full of ups and downs for me... So much has been happening, some good, some bad and some fantastic that I cannot think of a single word that can be used to describe these past days... Or maybe I can... Let me say that I have had a mixed-bag of days...

PR: Rich Chocolate Collection by Bobbi Brown

“This Fall, Chocolate is the new Brown” ~ Bobbi Brown

Imagine bittersweet chocolate and ripe raspberries—that’s the inspiration behind Rich Chocolate. Super-saturated shades of black-infused brown give eyes an unexpected alluring softness. The perfect complement to this standout eye is a touch of rosy, just-pinched color on cheeks and lips. Rich, deep and dense, chocolate is your new go-to hue this fall.

Skin Care: My Favorite Moisturisers, Creams, Lotions and Other Potions This Winter!

My Top Creams & Moisturizers This Winter
My dresser is a mess... My cupboard is a mess... My bed is not made... My kitchen feels cold and sterile... My laundry basket is full... All this because of no sun... Come winters and the winter sun just doesn't do it for me any more... Without the Sun I am irritable, lethargic to the point of being a sloth, my house becomes a mess and my skin and hair just go for a toss! I feel lifeless without the sun and so the pati calls me "jadoo", you know of the Koi Mil Gaya Fame... Ummm yeah... No surprise there!

And The Winners Are...

Lucky Winners of the Colorbar Fragrance Giveaway...
I have never won a giveaway... Nada... Never and hence whenever I announce giveaway winners, I always feel for the ones who couldn't get lucky this time... But fret not ladies, cause I am having two more giveaways lined up for you guys...

ISLM Rants: Does Your Office Makeup Choices Depend On The Environment At Work?

What Is Office Appropriate Makeup?

Quite often than not, I read about how women limit their makeup choices because of the industry they work in... Limiting lipstick shades to basic neutrals and at the most toned down pinks, a strict no no to eye shadows and in many cases even skipping foundations in order to avoid that "made up" face... Of course, to counter these observations, there are a group of women who take pride in going "against" the norms and sport Red lipsticks every now and then or go through with a gorgeous smokey eye, subtle enough to not look OTT and yet making sure that it is noticed...