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What's In My Makeup Bag #1


What's In My Makeup Bag... Episode 1

Every time I meet someone who is well turned out and I can see has taken some effort to look pretty I cannot help but wonder about the products she has used or likes to use... Either it's because I am a beauty blogger and subconsciously keep evaluating different products or maybe because I am woman and I always want to know what another woman uses to prettify herself... Whatever the reason I am always curious and hence thought of doing a "Whats In My Makeup Bag" post myself...

So here goes...

I generally carry this mesh bag from Colorbar to keep all my cosmetics and makeup related stuff in one place inside my bag. I do not really remember how I got hold of this bag but most probably I got it free with a purchase of Colorbar products worth a certain amount...

The Products Inside My Beauty Bag

1. Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Cream+Serum Duo (Review HERE)

I started using this particular product when I was sent a PR sample. However, I loved it so much that today I am on ly 4th bottle. I have also rendered it a cult status on ISLM and you can read all about it HERE.

2. L'Occitane EDP Roll-On in Fleur Cherie

A girl needs to always smell well girly and nothing shouts feminine like a faint, lingering smell of some gorgeously surreal flowers. Even though I am not a fan of floral scents, this particular fragrance keeps me captivated and lasts a whole day on me. It comes in a cute glass vial with a roll on thing and is the most convenient thing to carry in your purse!

3. Kara Facial Wipes

Duh! Facial wipes and wet tissues are a girl's best friend and she must never travel anywhere without them! Enough said!

4. Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat (Review HERE)

Now this isn't really a must-have for me. But it totally brightens up my face and hence perks me up when I have to meet my girlfriends for either lunch in the middle of a work day or gossip over coffee after a long day at work. Its perfect for the under eye area and for the bridge of your nose!

5. Lakme Eyeconic Kajal (Review HERE)

A kajal is something that I always like to keep handy and the brand keeps on changing for me. My current favorite is thsi Eyeconic kajal from Lakme!

6. Maybelline Hi Shiney Lip Gloss in Raspberry Reflections (Review HERE)

I am a worshiper of nude and clear glosses. However, I always say that a pink gloss can never fail a girl and if its super shiny like this Hi Shine one from Maybelline, then do keep a tube in your bag for emergencies and touch-ups!

7. Ellis Faas Mascara in E401 (Review HERE)

Last but not the least my most cherished and a favorite product, the Ellis Faas mascara... It curls, volumizes, lengthens and never clumps... It truly is a girl's best friend. No doubt it has found a permanent place in my makeup bag.

What's inside your makeup bag? Is it as sparse as mine or overflowing with some wonderful products? Do share... :)


  1. I so want to try that ysl highlighter! nice stuff!

  2. I love this variant of kara wipes. Yet to use the olay product. Have heard a lot about it. I Love to see what's in my bag post. Enjoyed this post :D

  3. Loved the post dear :) in my case its I really carry a lot of stuffs out of confusion..."ye rakh leti hun, ye bhi rakh leti hun " :/

  4. Excellent picks ! I enjoy reading such posts :)

  5. I too think about what a girl might have used when her face looks glowing and fresh :P I guess all of us do that..
    I usually carry perfume, tissues, a lipstick, compact powder, a lip balm, and a lot of other junk. I can go without anything, but not without a lip balm and some tissues.

  6. I liked how wisely you have chosen things for your makeup bag :)

  7. loved the way you have opted for right amount of makeup products!
    These things will help you out like a Professional makeup artist

  8. have kept minimal essential stuff and its not overcrowded with stuff..

  9. i Loved the YSL Touche Eclat and Ellis Faas mascara...thats quite a lovely add on. u r so right about Touche Eclat. It highlights without looking overtly bright...


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