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Colorbar Contest To Celebrate Their Newly Launched Fragrances


Colorbar Giveaway!

You all of course know by now that Colorbar has ventured into the fragrance industry and has now two fragrances under its wing... Well in order to celebrate their launch and to share their success with us, they are sponsoring a giveaway for all you Colorbar fans and I promise the products are just fabulous!

But before I give you details about the giveaway, here's a little about the fragrances...

Glamour goes ethereal at Colorbar, with the launch of fragrances which are a woman’s favourite accessory. Created in the heart of Le Paris – Colorbar’s latest launch indulges your senses and celebrates womanhood, with its brand new range of Eau De Parfum. Created to excite your imagination and fire up your senses, these exotic perfumes have been developed at the home for all the fragrances of the world - France. The pleasing scent of the fragrance reflects the individuality of the Colorbar Woman, who is independent, fearless and fun loving, while having a hint of mystery as well. The exquisite new launches of perfumes at Colorbar introduce L’amour and Reveur, two exotic fragrances signifying a state of mind, and a way of looking at life.

L'amour is a French word meaning ‘love’. The fruity and floral fragrance of L’amour is dedicated to a vibrant and sophisticated woman with a great sense of style and impeccable manners. It is a citrusy blend of gleaming and spicy -Grapefruit, Tangerine and Blackcurrant, it turns on the enthusiastic and engaging woman in you.  It brings together the floral notes of Peony, Rose, Peach, Pear and Lychee. A refreshing, oriental, woody long lasting fragrance of Ambar, Musk and Vanilla uplifts and refreshes the mood for the day. L’amour captivates the appealing and elegant aura of you.

Reveur in French means ‘dreamer’ that reflects a more vibrant state of mind. It is a combination of luscious and sweet - Pear, Violet, Champaca and several different Exotic Fruits that moves the stable, self- confident woman who lives with great balance and dignity. The enriching and pleasant floral fragrances of Orchid, Jasmine, Rose and Plum enthrall. The sensual and long lasting woody notes of Musk, Sandalwood, and Amarante wood entices’ the soft woman in you.

The mesmerizing pink & soothing white packaging and the floral fruity green musky fragrance of Reveur will definitely compliment your personality. L’amour has an affectionate coral & adorable white packaging and has a delicious fragrance of honey suckle.

Colorbar fragrances are available for INR 2000 at Exclusive Colorbar outlets.

Now The Giveaway

1. There are going to be 2 winners, chosen through
2. Each winner gets the same prize (no discrimination there).

The Prizes
1. Colorbar Nail Lacquer in Peach Rose
2. Colorbar True Shine Lip Gloss in Fab
3. Colorbar SParkling Dust Eye Pigment in Star Dust
4. Colorbar Matte Touch Lipstick in Fairy Tale

Mandatory Rules
1. You will need to LIKE my Facebook page:
2. You will need to follow ISLM on Twitter:
3. You will need to subscribe to my YouTube channel:
4. Leave a comment in the comments section below :) 

The giveaway closes on 30th November and I shall be announcing the winners on 2nd December!


  1. Already like ur fb page,as well as follow u thru twitter ,nd subscribed on youtube :)
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  2. Thnx for the info...Will surely try out Reveur as i love fruity scents...... :D
    Really nyc giveaway....have taken part.... :)

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  3. Done...
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  5. Ooh nice... is this open to writers? :p

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  7. FB: Poorna Banerjee
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    Absolutely love this giveaway and would like to win it too! Hope my prayers are answered!! The matte touch lipstick looks great.

  8. Nice giveaway dear.. already following you on all the channels
    Fb:Poonam Jain
    Youtube: Poo Jain

  9. lovely giveaway! :) hope to win this time!
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  10. Nice giveaway !.
    followed all rules ! am already your follower :)
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  11. Done all. :)
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  14. Completed all the requirements-
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    Done all!!!

  15. wow!!! eager to try their fragrances. Already following you on FB, Twitter & the channel :)

  16. Awesome giveaway.. done :)

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  17. Colorbar is one of my favvvvvvvveeeeee brands...

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  19. hello....Following you everywhere... ;)

  20. thanks for the giveaway...

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  21. Love this giveaway! Thanks for this love :)

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  22. Lovely giveaway! Done all!
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  23. Wow really a cool give away
    wanna win
    already following u on FB , Twitter & Subscrited in Youtube Too !:)
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    invited all my lovely friends to this give away
    fingers crossed for my first win with u :)

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    Fingers crossed :D

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  27. Thanks for the giveaway!!
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  28. Lovely Giveaway dear....done all the things...

    i loved the lipstick shade...

    thank u so much for giving us a chanve to win such beautiful goodies :)

  29. Thanks for this awesome giveaway!
    Followed all steps and hope to win:)
    FB Name: Kimberley Castellino
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  30. I'm so pleased that Colorbar exists. :)

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  31. Hi Samyukta,

    Following all the 3 connections from quite sometime :)

    Amazingggg colorbar stuff in the giveaway!

    Fingers crossed!

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  32. Done all :)
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  33. Nice giveaway. Really like your make up reviews and tutorials. Following you already :)
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  34. Lovely giveaway...I love makeup and ColorBar products :)

    Here's my details:

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    Sharing it with friends on Twitter

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  38. nice giveaway.. keeping my fingers crossed

  39. done all the steps :)
    Its really a wonderful giveaway <3
    really wanna win some awesome Colorbar products ...

    Shilpa Bindlish

  40. followed on all 3 channels.. hope to win this giveaway.. fingers crossed :)

  41. This comment has been removed by the author.

  42. I have no idea how that got deleted, but here again all done :)
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    Lots of adoration, keep up the good work, hoping to win, and cheers :D

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  44. its done
    fb : nance virdi
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  45. All done..Reveur seems to be a great fragrance..Fingers Crossed xx..yay !!

  46. That really good bestest give. I seen in the all blogger list.
    love to see ur reviews.
    and like fb pge name shilpa sahgal
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  47. wow mac goodies !! dusnt fit in budget of college student :( dnt own any :( hoping to win something ! would be best christmas gift
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  49. Thats really a mind blowing give away !!

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    I am really liking your you tube r such a cutie pie..keep doing more videos !!

  50. Enter me !! following all the rules !!

  51. Hey Suma, I am already following you on twitter,youtube and fb. And please do more of them!!!

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  54. loved ur youtube videos....n thnx for this wonderful giveaway!!! wud love to win these colorbar goodies...

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  55. Entered :)

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  57. I luv colobar products very much.....they r just awsome.....and thanks to u for a wonderful giveaway....I have entered :).....

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  58. I love colobar products very much..... they r just awsone......and thanks for a beautiful giveaway.....

    done everything :)

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  59. Done..
    Hope to be lucky..
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  60. Done..
    Hope to be lucky..
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  61. waiting for the announcement :) fingers crossed


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