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REVIEW: The Body Shop Body Butter In Brazil Nut

The Body Shop Brazil Nut Body Butter Review

Review of The Body Shop Body Butter In Brazil Nut

I have this huge tendency to put on weight, which is why it is extremely important for me to be very careful of what I eat... Those who know me well would know that I gym 4 times a week and go through the whole rigmarole of having at least 2 cups of green tea  in a day, carry a fruit or a green veggie salad for lunch and all that jazz... But if you know me really well, you'll know that I love to gorge on anything sweet, be it cakes, motichoor laddus, doughnuts or even sugar boiled toffees...

Hence, when I enter any TBS store, my first reflex is to get drawn towards the section where they keep those yummy vanilla or cocoa scented products... This time as well I had my attention riveted towards the aforementioned flavored products when the SA suggested me to try out the body butter in Brazil Nut. She nonchalantly informs me that it is very good for very dry skin and that it does not smell too sweet... My thoughts immediately go to the pati who had just the night before been cribbing about how I smell like a chocolate bar (and not in a good/edible way :P)... I had my TBS Chocomania Body Lotion on.
So the moment I realized that the Brazil Nut Body Butter wasn't supposed to be sweet, I brought it home with me.

True to its word, TBS Body Butter in Brazil Nut is perfect for people with dry skin and keeps your skin well hydrated and moisturised. I apply it once a day just after my bath and my skin is happy for the rest of the day. Remember I spend 8 continuous hours in the AC! And still my skin is happy and hydrated! That's HUGE!

The Body Shop Brazil Nut Body Butter Review

Flavour wise, it has a subtle bitter, nutty smell that is extremely yummy and reminds me of this Nutrine Coconut toffee that we used to get when I was a kid. The body butter smells exactly like it without the overt smell of coconuts... The smell is hard to explain but the best that I can do is tell you all that it smell like a caramel flavored hard boiled confectionery that has been rolled in grated almonds and chocolate powder... I hope I am making sense here :P

Apart from telling you all that I generally love all TBS products (with the exception of the Chocomania range) and telling you all about how perfect the body butter is for dry skin and how unsweetly yummy it smells, there isn't much that I can talk about wrt to this Body Butter...

Oh and lot of people complain about the tub like container that TBS has for its body butters and how unhygienic it is and all that, but I love these tub-by containers and love to collect them :)

The Body Shop Brazil Nut Body Butter Review

Price of The Body Shop Body Butter in Brazil Nut

It costs INR 995/-

Oooohhhss And Aaahhhhsss!!!
1. Extremely hydrating and moisturising. Perfect for dry skin.
2. Does not have an overtly sweet smell.
3. Does not cause any reactions.
4. You can get shpwer gels and body lotions in the same flavour if you are keen of layering fragrances.
5. Easily available at all TBS stores.

1. The price may be a little steep.

If you have dry skin, are looking for a creamy body butter for the upcoming winters and like warm, nutty fragrances then you must give this a shot!


  1. i recently got the blueberry n honey body butters from TBS loving them :) tbs butters r a class apart :D

    1. TBS has body butters in Blueberry & Honey? Really? OMG! *starts to get ready for a trip to TBS*

  2. I love body buttterr.. this one sounds so tempttingg.. will try after finishing my existing ones.. :)

  3. None of TBS Body Butters work my hubby and his insanely dry skin! have they increased the prices? 1K for 200ml? wow thats insane....its great that these work for your dry skin

    1. yup you told me the other day :( And Yes! they have increased their prices :( Its atrocious!

  4. I lovee body butterss..but tbs ones are damn expensive !!

  5. it seems really nice for my overtly dry and itchy skin...:( but the price is too much so am guessing i'll have to pass this one...:|

  6. I love TBS body butters. But I hate that they've increased their prices so much. Nowadays I pick them up mostly during sales / discounts.


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