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REVIEW: Bourjois Rose Exclusif Lip Gloss

Review of Bourjois Rose Exclusif Lip gloss

Guest Post By: Pranali

Some six months back, I was loitering around Bourjois Counter taking a deep look at the newly launched lipsticks. My eyes fell upon the Rose Exclusif, though I always wanted one. I was not wearing any makeup at all, I tried and Voila! It just bought out the rosiness of my lips.
Maybe that is the reason it’s Rose Exclusif. I had hard time breaking the codes, believe me. You’ll learn why.

I always knew that I would end up wearing this on a date. I think It brings out the exclusive rosiness of one’s lips making it look stained, bitten and seductive :P. But I did not bought this baby home, It was something around 610 INR. One day I just woke up and I knew I wanted it bad, So I got one without wasting time. I shelled out 795 INR, with the hike in the prices.

The Gloss is clear and light, not at all sticky. Yes! No hair-lip gripping moments with this. The brush is easy to use, better because the bristles hold much needed product on it sans the mess. The Exclusivity code breaking time: It works different for different people and different for same people at different times. I hope I did not bemused you.

The first time I applied this, it turned out a wonderful Cool-Toned Rose Pink that stayed for 6 hours.
The Next time, I applied this I was away, in Chennai and It turned out Deepest pink. (read horrifying Pink) And the stain would not budge off my lips.

And it was because, I had layered it up twice without my chapstick.

Finally I broke the code, I knew exactly how to use it. I dab the gloss on my prepped lips with chapstick. It stains and gleams, even to an Exclusive Rosiness that matches the pinkishness of my lips. Applying directly with the brush landed me being Dark lipped girl.

Price of Bourjois Rose Exclusif Lipgloss 

INR 795

The Goods of Bourjois Rose Exclusif Lip gloss:

1) Non-Sticky and Light
2) Exclusive Rosiness, And will suit Pigmented lips well.
3) Staying power is amazing.
4) It can be used as Lipstain.
5) Packaging is travel friendly plus the mouth of the tube is non messy too.

The Bad

1) The only thing I dislike about it is, It looks violet/purple indoors.
2) Not moisturizing, needs chapstick or moisturizing underneath.

You’ve to try it to know it. It is that tricky Lip Gloss, And You may either Love or Detest it. But never in between. I am loving it.
Do try for that Rosy Pink lips.



  1. looks very sheer...but looks good on u!

  2. Pranali sweetheart your lip swatches are to die for!!! This gloss is soo sheer that it would never look good on my pigmented lips... But I might just buy just cause of your drool worthy swatch ;) ♥

    1. Samyukta!
      *Blushing* Thank you.
      My lips are pigmented too -_-

  3. I should say it's super pretty on you <3 :)

  4. the lip swatch and how beautiful lips are those

  5. Nice post! I love Bourjois, it's ones of my favourites.


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