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Basics of Eye Makeup: Must Have Eye Makeup Brushes


Must Have Eye Makeup Brushes

The other day while shopping for groceries and other household essentials, I popped a bottle of baby shampoo into the grocery cart... The pati looked at me incredulously and winked... Ummm... No I wasn't giving him hints I assured him and told him that the baby shampoo was for me... He looked doubly stunned and asked me as to what made me deviate from my trusted banana shake shampoo (He meant the Body Shop Banana Shampoo, ahem!)... I had to clarify that the baby shampoo wasn't for me per say but for my makeup brushes... He just looked on at me, then shook his head, muttered under his breath "What's next? Toothpaste for your lipsticks?" and then walked towards the adjoining aisle...

Ha ha ha... I would have felt pity for me if I hadn't gotten this uncontrollable urge to laugh at his lost and almost defeated expression :P

So I guess what I am trying to say here is that if something warrants a trip to the supermarket, then that something is darn important and ladies in the same vein let me announce that makeup brushes are an extremely important part of your whole makeup experience. But then you already knew that, didn't you ;)

So in my today's post, which is a part of the ongoing Basics of Eye Makeup series, I shall be talking about the type of eye makeup brushes that you should have in your stash... So lets get started...

1. Flat Eyeshadow Brush

Now this one is a no-brainer... The flat eye shadow brush is the most basic type of brush we know and 9 out of 10 times, this must have been the first brush you must have ever purchased with the blush brush as a close second :)
The flat eyeshadow brush can be of two types... one that is really flat and thin and the other that is a little fluffy yet flat. I personally prefer the flat but fluffy type as it helps in packing in more color and hence helps build up the pigmentation more easily. It also prevents harsh edges from appearing.

I Currently Use: Faces Flat Eyeshadow Brush

2. Fluffy Blending Brush

This is the second most important eye makeup brush that you can have in your kitty and not eye shadow application is complete without this brush. It is characterized by a collection of fluffy, dome shaped bristles that help blend away harsh edges of your eyeshadow.
This type of brush also comes in handy when you are trying to mix two or more eyeshadow shades to create a gorgeous mish-mash of colors that results into something totally new and unique...

I Currently Use: Faces Blending Brush #106, Oriflame Blending Brush

3. Tapered Blending Brush

A lot of people skip this brush but I feel it is one brush that can set an amateur apart from a pro! This is the younger sister of the fluffy blending brush that I mentioned in the previous point, but a much much more important sister! This brush is characterized by a set of fluffy and dome shaped brushes but much more closely and densely packed. Because of it being more tapered and densely packed these brushes help you with more accurate and precise application and blending.
This type of brush is a must-have if you like doing cut-crease looks and precise smokey eye looks.

Beauties with hooded lids or with very less lid space must skip the fluffy blending brush and embrace the tapered blending blush.

I Currently Use: MAC 226

4. Crease/Contour Brush

This brush does exactly what its name suggests. It helps pack in color into your crease, It helps deepen or enhance your crease and it even creates a crease if you don't have one! The brush hair in this brush is usually longer than your average blending brush and way lesser in density.

It's really a boon for girls with no crease, Asian eyes and hooded eyes.

I Currently Use: Kryolan Contour Brush

5. Smudger Brush

The smudger brush lately has been my favorite brush after the tapered blending brush, cause it helps you create a seamlessly flawless smudged out smokey look. This sort of brush isn't really a must-have but it does come in handy once in a while.

The smudger could be of two types - The flat smudger brush and the round smudger brush.
The flat version is especially helpful when smudging liner/shadow on your lower lids.
The round version comes in handy while applying a highlighter shade in the inner corner of your eyes!


I Currently Use: Colorbar Flat Smudger Brush #22 and Vega Professional Round Smudger Brush

6. Angled Brush

The main usage of an angled brush is to apply gel liner with the precision of a rocket scientist. However, I find it to be most tiresome of all brushes cause it just seems to useless! But, a lot of YouTube gurus and BIG beauty bloggers swear by the angles brush!

I Currently Use: The Body Shop's Flat Angled Brush

7. Liner Brush

Now this is one brush that I just cannot do without because this is one brush that actually helps me deliver a straight, non-shaky, confident and a flawless gel liner application! It is even great for creating winged liners both single as well as dramatic doubles!

This is a must have eye makeup brush for everyone!

I Currently Use: Vega Eye Liner Brush

8. Spoolie

Last but definitely not the least is the underdog! The Spoolie. From salvaging clumped lashes due to overusage of mascara to grooming your brows and setting them with gel, the spoolie is a brush that must find a place in your vanity.

I Currently Use: Some local brand!

Finally, let me finish off by adding, that the brand of brush doesn't really matter. What matters is the quality of the bristles and the way you leverage them to enhance your makeup experience. What works for me might not really work for you and hence like I always say, EXPERIMENT with your brushes and use them however you deem fit :)

Hope this post was informative and helpful! Feedback is welcome as always :)


  1. LOL LOL the husband reactions...that is so typical "man-ning"... amaazing post though..good job..

  2. Now this post of urs reminds me I need to to buy some brushes...
    helpful and well written post :)

  3. Oh many!! my daughters scribbling and my eye makeup are pretty close and then u add so many brushes to the mix...hmm..a masterpiece or a disaster in the making :)


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