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Makeup Then... Makeup Now...

Guest Post By: Sabista

The first twenty years of my life I was a stranger to make up. My initial days, I spent as the fat girl at school and the rest I spent as the awkward and tall girl who shared a wardrobe with hippies. Even though I was teased and bullied in life about my weight issues, one thing that was always constant throughout the years was flawless skin! Unfortunate enough for me, I started working late nights; and don’t let your imagination run wild! By late nights, I mean I started working the BPO circuit. The shifts and dietary switches took some major adaptation but amongst all this chaos, my skin took quite a beating. I developed dark circles under my eyes, and sudden break outs on the face weren’t so sudden anymore. In short, my face turned from a majestic plum to a malnutritioned prune within a year of starting work. I used to think that I had no way out, because I used to hate make up!

Now! Now! Don’t gang up on me already! In my defense, I had some pretty pathetic make-up artists in the past. During important corporate events, where make-up was crucial to look presentable and professional (ahem, where I couldn’t just wear extra shine strawberry lip gloss and strut around in all my glory!), my so called make-up artists turned my face into a canvas and painted on it like they had never heard of a rule called staying within the lines.

So, after the first twenty years of struggling with the no make-up phenomenon, I finally gave in one fine day when I was close to entering the twenty first year of my life. What made me give in? A kohl stick! To quote a male friend of mine (straight male and unfortunately ‘just friends’), ‘a kohl stick is like a piece of magic which suddenly transforms a woman into a Goddess.” This guy is a genius because the moment I applied kohl for the first time, I felt bloody accomplished! Mind you, this may not be a big deal to you; but to a girl, whose eyes fluttered like a flock of hen being chased by a human, every time someone tried to touch her water line with a kohl stick, it was an achievement to be able to apply my perfect stroke of black elegance without any adult supervision.

The kohl stick was like my first bottle of beer which once consumed, led to a chain of addiction and I eventually promoted myself from beer to vodka. I moved on to different products but I never let go of my magic stick! Learning how to use make-up was like discovering my very own Shangri-La! I could hide away all the flaws that nature so cruelly inflicted upon me and enhance my appearance according to my will.

So, I finally learned how to use a few make-up products and create illusions on my face that captivate onlookers, but there are days when I just want to kick back and relax, tie my hair up in a messy bun and skip the glamour. Now this used to be my dilemma, the going au naturel after I have been seen with make-up on, because initially people had an issue with me using too much make up and now that they were finally used to seeing me with regular make-up, I thought they would have an issue with me looking too plain.

Now I am quite sure this isn’t just me, that there are plenty of women out there who are afraid of stepping out of the house without considerable amount of make up on their face because people might not like what they see. I understand that make-up hides our flaws to a massive extent and makes us really confident about ourselves, but let’s not forget that underneath all that powder and cream, it’s you who resides. It’s your lips that makes that shade of lip stick look great, it’s your skin that makes the foundation look so flawless. Women need to understand that they need to be as confident without make-up as they are with it on because after all make-up is not plastic surgery, it is only highlighting parts of your face, the rest of the beauty is all you! I used to be so afraid of not having make-up on my face that I used to run to the Little Girl’s Room every hour to make sure my face had all the necessary touch ups. It is good to want to look good, but making an obsession out of it is pretty damn dangerous.

One fine day, while taking all the product off my face, I just stared in the mirror and bang! It hit me like an arrow. I am beautiful, with or without make-up. Somehow, I realized that the key to looking good is not JUST make-up, it is also a dose of confidence and self-assurance. You need to be comfortable in your own skin before you paint a layer of additional skin.
So Ladies, as magical and mesmerizing as make-up is, don’t hide behind it. Use it as a platform and not a curtain. Stand before the mirror, look at yourself, tell yourself you are beautiful and then apply your make-up. This tiny little ritual will somehow make you beautiful not only on the outside, but also on the inside.

Ladies, be confident on the inside and you will see how beautifully it reflects on the outside. I have done it and the results are magnificent. Drop me comments with your confidence stories or dilemmas. Let’s inspire each other to be the strong women we were always meant to be...


  1. That's a well-written post. :) I think most of us go through this dilemma...torn between wanting to look perfect and wanting to be 'natural' as well. That one line just sums it up..."use it as a platform and not a curtain". :)

    1. Thank you :)
      I honestly believe that women shouldn't hide behind makeup, they should be empowered by it.

  2. Hello Sabista!

    To sum up it is a wonderful post, with a tinge of humor you've pinned down the point.
    And yes, most of all I could relate to the part where I cast aside my makeup for college but I am totally a brand new person with makeup on.
    Being confident is as good as being sexy ;)

    1. Thank you :D
      I agree! Confidence is the crucial ingredient to flawless beauty!

  3. Well written !
    in short, with or without makeup accept, love and embrace the way you are :)

    1. Thank you :)
      Agreed. Being comfortable with yourself is the key to happiness.

  4. Loved reading your post. confidence is the key .

  5. amazing post!!! loved it n i feel every word of wht uve written!!

    1. Thank You :)
      I am glad you could relate to it!


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