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Coffee Breaks With ISLM: Miss Moving On!



Call Me... Miss Moving On!

Guest Post By: Sabista

There are times when being ruined can leave you devastated and miserable. When all you want to do in life is crawl into your bed and let darkness take over.  You spend your days walking aimlessly around the streets with lifeless eyes and a fake smile, which will later haunt you when you stare blankly into the mirror, trying to practice fake social acknowledgements so that the world and society still consider you sane enough to not be sent away. What we fail to recognise is that sometimes being ruined can give way to build something beautiful in place of the rubble and debris left behind. We forget that until and unless an old building isn’t demolished and torn down to pieces; a stronger foundation cannot replace the outdated architecture that stood there before. 

Humans are very much like infrastructure. We can be strong like buildings and give residence and shelter to emotions and relationships within us. We can be connective like bridges and join two things to create a path leading to convenience. We can be bumpy like roads and cause confusing and rowdy accidents. We can be smooth like highways and reach out to greater things in life. We are just like the infrastructure surrounding us but the only thing that separates us from being as cold and hard as the concrete used to create this infrastructure is that, we are alive. We have emotions inside of us that make us different from all the other things that reside on this planet, both breathing and still. Not all of these emotions may be those of love and kindness, because every human comes with their own share of good and evil. Nobody is a Mother Teresa or Adolf Hitler at birth because we have a little part of both in us. The only thing that makes us all individuals, and different from each other, is what we choose.

Everyone makes mistakes and suffers in life, so did I. Everyone breaks at one point in their life and it is hard for them to fix that crack. When a person breaks, little pieces of that person’s soul are shattered all around. Some pieces are big enough to find immediately and fix into the soul that has turned into a jigsaw puzzle; while the tiny part’s, which have suffered from deeper and darker torture, nestle somewhere far into the folds of life and wait for the right time to be found. That is, if you are brave enough to find them.  Anything and everything you do in life is pointless, if done with a broken or incomplete soul.

It’s funny how we humans always forget about sharing being the best stress buster in life.  It’s like every one of us is carrying a back pack on our shoulders which we keep filling up with emotions and unwanted tears on every turn of life. With every block that we cross, the back pack gets a kilo heavier. Why don’t we just form a circle or semi-circle (whatever floats your boat, mate!), sit down and relax, zip open our back packs and share what we have in those wretched heavy things with each other? Why can’t we just take a kilo of the crap out, send out around the group and then collectively put it out in the universe, just like setting free a pigeon from its cage!

It is very important for us to move on from things that take us to dark places and prevent us from being whole. Whether it be moving on from an ex-boyfriend or a friend who did you wrong, we need to remember that mistakes are made by humans. Forgive, try to forget, and let go; because only once you have let go of your past, you will be able to make space in your already cluttered life for the present and future to be let in.

Girls, it is very easy for us to hold a grudge and vow never to forgive an ex, a friend, a family member etc. for a dreadful mistake that they must have made, but let’s not forget, even God is kind enough to forgive mistakes of humans then why can’t we? So, today I decided to take a break from makeup and write out a post that addresses one of the most important feelings, that all of us have felt at least once in our life time, the inability to move on. Let’s all try to make sense of what life has put us through and decide to embark on that treasure hunt to find the smaller pieces of our souls and be whole once again.


  1. Sabista, Dearie. You touched my soul, when you compared human mind with concrete. Exactly, what I always thought.
    Also, If I add, it all lies in the vision. You can always look at your heavy backpack as self earned wisdom?
    Just a thought though but it had entrenched my mind while reading this. :)

    1. I most definitely agree with your point. And I am glad someone thinks the same way as I do :D

  2. Very nicely written.. You are a very good writer Sabista.. It's soo hard to forget the past and move on.. Regrets are extremely painful. And even though we know that we can't go back and change things, the heart still asks for a chance to make things better..

    1. Thank you so much! It feels great to know that people like my style of writing. And yes, moving on is difficult but it brings you so much happiness once you learn to let go.


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