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Coffee Breaks With ISLM: I Knew You Were Trouble



Coffee Breaks With ISLM: I Knew You Were Trouble

Guest Post By: Sabista

So, shame on us! Let’s take a break from makeup, clothes, shoes, bags etc. and let’s talk about the fifth most important thing in a girl’s life; boys! So yeah, boys are important, but they don’t really top our list of must haves (sorry to disappoint you darlings, but we girls have more important things like the perfect pair of boots or the sexiest looking LBD to think of!). This is going to get all gritty and nasty therefore, I suggest you keep your self-esteem aside while reading this because I will be ripping every girl’s self-esteem to shreds (including mine) with this blog.

Every woman needs a man in her life at some point in time and we have the tendency to always go for the wrong ones. We’ve got that one male best friend who always stands by our side and makes sure they are around every time we fall into a pit of bullshit and then we have the bad ones; the man who will make you feel alive, who will make you feel as if you were dead all along and suddenly, after you acknowledged his presence in life, you’ve rose from the dead. The bad ones will kiss you like a man and yet will talk to you like a boy. They make you feel young and mature at the same time. They make your heart beat faster and slower at the same time and when he smiles, you can feel your heart melt like soft butter on a warm piece of toast.

He will enter your life like a soft and gentle breeze, but don’t be fooled; he is a hurricane in disguise! He will ripple through your very soul and cause a crippling effect on your poor little heart. Men like these always know the right things to say, only to get in to your pants! He will text you romantic messages and call you his honey bunny, and once he is done playing with the doll he so lovingly calls his doll, he will disappear faster than the kohl from your waterline!

Now, how exactly do we identify these horrific players? They are sinfully tall and strikingly handsome. Their eyes pierce through your soul and make your heart beat like a humming bird’s. They wear a lot of black and blue, preferably leather or denim with a hint of musk and let’s not forget their vehicles. A bad boy always has an exotic ride; either a flamboyant car or an obnoxiously rowdy yet saucy bike.

I know you’re thinking, this is such bullshit, not every guy who matches that description is bad. I used to think the same, but trust me ladies; if I were to get a rupee for every ex-boyfriend I have had, who fits the above mentioned description and so cruelly stomped on my heart, I would be a millionaire by now!

And why in the world am I writing this article? To make you aware, of the evil shenanigans these men are up to. We live in a twisted generation of sadistic lovers, where we girls need to stick together and share our experiences to avoid bruised and broken hearts, instead of indulging in cat fights over a scumbag who enjoys the importance of being drooled over by multiple women. Let’s not forget that, every bad boy is not going to be a Damon Salvatore, who will oh so kindly change for his love into a fluffy little loyal pup!

So girlies, the next time you glam up and hit the club with your group of friends and you spot a bad one eyeing your group like a chocolate bouquet; transform yourself into a tough cookie and make him work hard for your loving, if you’re willing to put it on the market! Let him know that he might be the high scorer of the game he is playing but you’re the developer; you snap your finger and his high score crumbles!


  1. :P That's such a cute post.
    Sadly, I've never had attractive men around me. I've not met a man yet who'd make me go wow :( It's always the crazy ones :P
    Where are all the intellectual sane men :P

    1. Thank You!
      Amen! All the intelligent men are either gay or busy waltzing around in Hollywood...
      There was a time in my life where I was always surrounded by attractive men and I thanked God every day for ending that time in my life. It was very hard to concentrate on work when you had an Adonis look alike sitting opposite from you! Now all I get to witness every day are either crazy or desperate men, which is worse to be honest...


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