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Bombay Shopping...


My Tiny Shopping From Bombay

My trips to Bombay have always been special... There is something about the city... But last Saturday when I was on my way to the Metropolis, I couldn't help but feel a little shudder... The city that I once knew to be safe for it's women was now somewhere lost in the gruesome crime that was committed on Thursday... I wasn't really sure if I would feel the same for the city anymore and I knew for sure that I would be on high alert every time I crossed Parel/Mahalaxmi...

It wasn't just me, my parents too were worried... Being in the other end of the country, they would constantly keep tabs on where I was, if I was noting down the registration numbers of the taxis I was availing and if I wasn't alone in the local train compartment... I wouldn't blame them! I myself was bordering on paranoia...
But seriously a commendable job done by the Mumbai police and the crime branch to be able to nab the culprits within 48 hours. Kudos to them and I hope they can prevent Bombay from becoming yet another city known for being unsafe for its women.

On a lighter note, life still seemed to go on in the city and it was successful in lightening up my mood as well :) Bombay no doubt is special... If you haven't visited the city, then you've only heard of Marine Drive, Bandstand, Juhu Beach, Dharavi and Chawls... But when you live in Bombay, you realise that there is so much more to the city... The spirit of the city, the playful arguments between the suburb-ians and town-ies, the fabulous eating joints, the glimpses of the sea, the air of wanting to have fun and the super chilled out attitudes of its citizens (strictly over the weekends).  Even the local train rides on Saturdays and Sundays is something of an experience in itself :)

But for me another reason why Bombay is special is because of Kryolan. I am slowly but surely getting addicted to Kryolan... No trip of mine to Bombay is complete without a visit to Kryolan in Bandra and of course Colaba Causeway...

So here's what I got myself from my trip to Bombay...
1. A Braided necklace made of golden beads. I bought it on Anks' insistence and I so don't regret it! I wore it to the Lakme Makeup Masterclass as well :)
2. A colorful (tribal?) statement necklace with spikes!
3. Kryolan brushes (lip filler/liner, tapered blending brush, smudger/crease brush). I shall be reviewing them soon.
4. Kryolan Faceliner in Shade 36. It is basically a nude liner that can be used on the waterline as well as on the lip.
5. Kryolan Glamour Sparks in the shade Noble Sparks. These are little glitter particles that can be used to amp up your eye makeup.

So what would you like me to review first?


  1. Oh these brushes....! Next time we are not discussing venue. We will meet at Kryolan!!

  2. Ooo Lovely haul :)Waiting to see you in that colorful statement necklace...I want/need Kryolan stuff :(

  3. loved the neckpieces.. wish we could get these here in delhi.. :P
    Krylong brushes are so affordable.. let me locate one nearby.. :D :D

    1. Oooh then you must plan a trip to Bombay Poonam :)
      Btw I know the main Kryolan store of India is in Lajpat Nagar in Delhi :)

  4. I have been wanting to visit their Andheri store since I time will pakka go..want to check out some false eye lashes :)

    1. ooohhh yeahhhh falsies!!! totally forgot about them! Next time :)
      and do share your haul too Pari :)

  5. Loved the necklaces! I have to now plan a trip to Mumbai ASAP.

    1. ha ha ha... yes staying in Pune, Bombay jaana shopping ke liye banta hi hai :P

  6. The Faceliner thing please! It sounds so perfect...wanna know if it actually is!

    1. yes ma'am :D It really does sound so perfect right! Am curious to know if it delivers too ;)

  7. Would love to visit Mumbai/Bombay someday! I'm from London and have always been interested in visiting India. Hopefully my time will come soon :0)

  8. this is aamchi mumbai.. its magic never fails... u got gr8 stuff... esp the spiked necklace.. do review the brushes soon Samyukta :)


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