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Bridal Beauty: Tutorial For A Bridal Eye Makeup That Goes With Everything

LOTD & Tutorial: Indian Bridal Eye Makeup

Marriages they say are made in heaven. Weddings on the other hand are a result of conspiratorial planning, procrastination, deep analysis and a balancing act of keeping all parties concerned placated. Trust me when I say that I speak out of experience! My wedding had three communities involved and myriads of people directly or indirectly being affected. As a result for me my wedding was somewhat like an Annual Day function in school wherein I was rushing off to my dressing room every hour to change. I changed 3 outfits during my wedding ceremony in 4 hours flat! 

So while going through my wedding pictures I realised that there may be many out there like me who need to keep changing outfits and may need help with eye makeup that would go with any color and any type of outfit irrespective of a lehenga, a kanjeevaram, a benarasi, a paithani, a panetar and even a potloi.

Hence ladies, my this post is dedicated to creating a look that would be neutral enough to be paired with any outfit but will still enhance your bridal look. When I say neutral, I do not mean using neutral colors like browns, beiges and the like but something that wouldn't look out of place with an outfit of a particular color.

So here's the look I created and if you notice the two looks, the only difference lies in shade of the lipstick, rest everything including the eye makeup and the blush is the same.

Maharashtrian Bridal Makeup

Maharashtrian Bridal Makeup

Products Used
1. MAC Paint Pot in Indianwood
2. MAC Ricepaper Eyeshadow
3. MAC Goldmine Eyeshadow
4. MAC Folie Eyeshadow
5. MAC Antiqued Eyeshadow
6. Maybelline Colossal Kajal
7. Maybelline Hyperglossy Liquid Liner in Black
8. Ellis Faas Mascara in E401
9. Konad Eyebrow Pencil in Black

Brushes Used
1. Faces Flat Eyeshadow Brush
2. Oriflame Blending Brush
3. MAC Tapered Blending Brush 226
4. Kryolan Tapered Blending Brush 3507

Tutorial For Indian Bridal Eye Makeup

1. Prime your lids with either a prime or a concealer and set it with powder. This step is necessary in order to make your eye makeup last longer and also to make the colors pop.
Also do not forget to groom your eyebrows as this would highlight your eyes and frame your face in a flattering way.

I have used Colorbar Stick Concealer followed with Kryolan Translucent Powder. For my eyebrows I have used Konad Eyebrow Pencil in Black.

2. Next, apply a highlighter shade on your browbone in order to give an illusion of arched eyebrows and to give a professional touch to your whole look. I have used MAC Ricepaper Eyeshadow (review HERE) for this.
Also, apply a golden cream eyeshadow all over your lid. This too will make your powder shadows stick better. I have used MAC Paint Pot in Indianwood and applied it with my fingers.

3. Next taking a pale golden eye shadow on a flat eyeshadow brush, apply it on your lid in a pat-pat motion instead of a sweeping motion. I have used MAC Goldmine eyeshadow with Faces Flat Eyeshadow brush.

4. Taking the same eyeshadow, apply it on the inner corners of your eye and on the inner 1/3 of your lower lashline. This step can be done at the end as well, however doing it before applying kohl and liner ensures that it gives a more subtle and natural look as opposed to a more made up one.

5. Next, apply a matte brown eyeshadow on your crease area with a thin blending brush in order to blend out the harsh edges left by the lid color and the highlighter shade.
I have used MAC Folie with Kryolan Thin Blending Brush 3507.

 6. In order to add a little duo-chrome effect and give your eyes a little festivity, apply a shimmery brown shade on the outer 2/3 of your lid and crease.

I have used MAC Antiqued Eyeshadow with MAC Tapered Blending Brush 226.

7. Next define your eyes by applying kohl on your waterline. Take care of not extending it to your lashline or smudging it. I have used Maybelline Colossal Kajal.

8. Line your upper lashline with a liquid liner and wing it out to add a little drama. I have used Maybelline Hyperglossy Liquid Liner in Black.

9. Finally apply multiple coats of mascara and avoid using false eye lashes. The glue on the false lashes could melt away during the havan and might create havoc with your makeup during the vidaai :)

So that's it... This is the finished look that is versatile enough to be used with any shade of lipstick and match any bridal outfit.

Feedback is welcome!

P.S. I have tried my hand at doing a Maharashtrian wedding look. I am hoping that I have been at least 80% successful in looking the part :)


  1. Its so beautiful and perfect looking Samkukta!

    1. Sugandhaaaaaaa thank you sweetheart :) Am glad you liked it :D ♥

  2. OMG excellent Job :) I loved the eye makeup and accessories :) *hugs*

    1. yayyeeee thank you thank you thank you :D he he *giggles*

  3. tnak you for not using maroon. hehehe
    but you did it beautifully!!!

    1. LOL but I did use a maroon lippy :P and thank you ^_^

  4. really loved the eye makeup n u look pretty darlin <3

  5. This was awesome Suma... I loved it. <3

    1. *giggles* wow a marathi mulgi liked it! Thats huge re :) Thanks Dips :*

    2. Hehehehe..... tu ekdam jhakkass marathi mulgi disate ga. :* Looking at your pics I feel like wearing navvari now.. :P :P Btw would love to see you adorn navvari saari someday with the whole "peshwai" attire.. think about it.. :D :D

  6. tu tari maharashtrian mulgi saarkhi diste!

  7. Superb Suma.. not only ur eye makeup is easy and flawless but is so versatile to pair with any saree.. BTW out of these I am liking the pink one more.. the bluee saree is so beautifull.. !!!
    Loved itt!! <3 <3

    1. he he that was the idea Poonam.. to make it as versatile as possible :) Glad it is coming through and thatnk you so much for liking it :) ♥
      Yup the sea-green/blue with pink saree is pretty na :D Its a Paithani (in case you didn't know)... Typical Maharashtrian saree :)

  8. very pretty look Suma..i think MAC Indianwood and Ricepaper are like must have's!

    1. Oooh i totally agree Pari... Indianwood and ricepaper are like total must haves!

  9. Very Pretty look .. i love all the shades u have used :)

  10. absolutely beautiful Suma :) now i will not try my hands on marathi here ... its very tooti phooti :)
    loved the outcome and you are looking soooooooo cute :)
    OMG ! I love you for this yaaaa
    saachhhhiiii wala love you

    1. OMG thank you so much babes... I am speechless! And yup I loooooooovvvvveeeee you too :D ♥♥♥ honest waala ekdum :)

  11. ohhh and i read the post again and again and dont sound to like DUMB ..
    but did you mentioned the lip products ...
    sorryyyy i again read the post yaaa
    but pls share na

    1. ha ha i am so sorry, I didn't really mention the lip product only the eye products...
      SO here goes...
      The pink lipstick is MAC Lickable
      and the maroon one is Ellis Faas Milky Lips L201 :)

    2. hahahah then am not mistaken :D
      i do hate when somebody asks silly questions which writer had already mentioned in post :D :D
      so i was feeling sorry .. but couldn't control
      loved the lip color choice sweetie

      you look beautiful suma :)

  12. You have totally nailed it! Looking so pretty in Maharashtrian style...wish you were the MUA for all of my wedding ceremonies...

    1. eeeeeee PT I really wish you'd get married again (to D only) but again and I get to do your mundavlya waala makeup :P

  13. This post is such a needed one... My cousin's wedding is coming up next week and the functions are so packed up.. I was wondering how i'll manage to change my look.. U have done it so well, and it looks easy too.. The eye makeup looks sooo fresh.. I love it..
    Now I'm ready for the wedding :D

    1. Oh my! Am so glad I could be of help sweets! :D And good luck for the wedding! :)

  14. Samyukta! Love this post! So helpful and omg the pictures are out of the world! I am going crazy lookin at the eye shadow pictures! Totally love! bookmarking it!

  15. You look so pretty!! This post will be of so much help to the bride-to-be's..

  16. You look so pretty!! This post will be so helpful for the bride-to-be's!!


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