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Basics of Eye Makeup: Winged Eye Liner, Types And Tutorial


How To Master The Winged Liner Look

Winged liners have got to be one of the most successful resurgent trends in makeup history and not without merit. It has the ability to glam up your look like nobody's business... Hence, ladies if you haven't yet joined the "revolution", leave everything you are doing right now and jump onto the bandwagon...
I hope this Winged Liner Tutorial comes to aid :)

The Basic & Jaded Winged Liner Tutorial

If you want me to be honest, then let me tell you all that for a very long time I just did not have the courage to wing out my liner. I felt it would not suit me... You know how women have reservations about Red Lipsticks well I had the same prejudice for winged liners ;)

But if you have gone through the post of mine that says Red Lipsticks Are For Everyone, then in the same vain, I would like to enunciate on the fact that winged liners are for everyone too. You just need to find the right angle...


In elucidation, the whole technique of mastering the winged liner is the way you flick it out and how you connect the tip of the flick to the main line... The flick not only determines the angle of your wing but also how "bold" would it look...

A Shallow Angled Winged Liner Look

In this look the angle of the flick is less than 45 degrees. This kind of a wing makes your eyes look rounder and hence larger.


A Deep Angled Winged Liner Look

In this look, the flick is at an angle of 45 degrees. This kind of a wing makes your eyes look longer and even "Asian" to some extent. Needless to say this is my most preferred wing style...

A look that I have done with this type is HERE

A Curved Winged Liner Look

This look consists of the line that joins the tip of the wing to the main body of the liner to be a little curved. This kind of wing looks best with Indian wear... It somehow spells grace, elegance and femininity...

A look that I have done with this type is HERE

A Straight Winged Liner Look

This is another favorite of mine and here the line that joins to the tip of the flick to the main body of the liner is straight. This gives the wing a more modern and a futuristic look.

A look that I have done with this type is HERE

Double Winged Liner Look

If a single wing doesn't spell enough drama for you then you have got to try this... This amps up your entire look and gives you an aura of glamor and glitz...

A look that I have done with this type is HERE

One of the above looks is bound to suit you... So take leave from work or college and spend the whole day trying out the various looks and determining which one suits you ;)

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  1. I love double winged.. :) Lovely done:)

    1. thank you ^_^ and yeah there is something so fabulous about Double WInged liners na :)

  2. I love the straight winged liner look, love the eyeshadow btw

  3. Wow... So detailed.
    How is ur health now

  4. Ok .. this is going to be a biiiiiiig post . I am too much in mood of rattling rambling my thoughts ova here .
    First of i am bit upset because you didnt reply to my last post where I ahve asked you about my cosmetic queries :( sob sob
    Next , hows your health ? At home on chutti ?
    And now , finally about this post . This is one of the best posts I read here . Love your way of writing ( I dont know how many times I have said this ) .
    You have covered the eye liner topic like no one else did , seriosuly !
    Here are some thoughts from my side ....You know samyukta , the way indian society is , hypocrisy is in everyhwere . Like you said , you were scared of using a lippy while in college because you felt that teachers/friends would misunderstand you as someone being insincere etc etc . I go a level up , I have seen teachers who think that smartly dressed gals or modernly dressed gals are flirty types . Same goes for wearing a red lipstick or wearing an eyeliner . Our society always thinks that the one who looks simple is good , you know oil on head , plait , salwar kameez , stupid look on face , that kind of girls are good and the ones who are trendy , use lipstick , paint their nails etc are all bad . Not only teachers(forget them they are uncle-aunties dont even belong to our generation) I have seen even girls of our age think the same ! Its like using lipstick or eyeliner is tooooo much , just because they 'look'(yes they only look simple , they are not ) simple and they dont do make up (may be they come from lower middle class backgrounds or whatever ) and just because they are simple they think rest gals are spoilt ! Our society has skewed mentality (even women / girls ) ! ' Good girl doesnt wear lipstick(make up)' or 'she wears make up because she has a bad face and in order to look good she does make up ' hehe that kind of attitude or even worse ' she is wearing make up to hide her age' this is the attitude people(both men and women ) have . So with blogs like this , atleast like-minded people can interact , share respectfully .

  5. Excellent post :)
    never tried any of these styles, being not much of an eyeliner /kajal person, still I gotta try all of these !!

  6. Hi Samyukta,
    you really have good make up skills.........I would really want some help from you with regards to what lipstick and earrings would go best with Cotton Red Anarkali Kurti, Would be eagerly waiting for your response.


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