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TUTORIAL: Easy Purple Eye Makeup

Tutorial For A Simple Purple Eye Makeup 

I am in this super excited mode right now. I am going on a vacation in two weeks time and might get to meet many of my Kolkata based blog readers and blogger friends. Plus I am going to Bombay tomorrow and will be meeting up with many of the Bombay beauties. And of course it has now stopped raining here in Pune and the sun keeps playing peek-a-boo with the clouds the whole day... This is indeed my favorite kind of weather :) Yet I know the monsoons have actually just begun and so I still carry an umbrella with me (you know just in case) and I still keep all my hair tied up (I just cannot risk a fit of frizzy hair!). Ha!

So anyways... My today's post is actually a simple makeup tutorial especially for those who love Purple eye makeup :) I had a few days earlier done a post on Purple LOTD (link here). This a tutorial for that look with a few modifications though :)

Hope you like it!

Tutorial for Simple Purple Eye Makeup

1. Prime your lids and fill in your brows.
2. Take a natural/taupe eye shadow cream eyeshadow and apply it all over your lids. I have used Maybelline Color Eye Tattoo in Tough As Taupe.
3. Next. taking your favorite highlighter apply it over your brow bone area. I have used MAC Ricepaper.
4. Next taking a pencil brush apply a bright purple eyeshadow in your outer V and the crease. I have used a purple shade from Sleek Bad Girl Palette.
5. Taking a stiff blending brush and some more purple eye shadow pack it in the crease area and blend slightly. I have used MAC 226
6. Next, taking a clean eye shadow blending brush, blend the shadow in the crease and eliminate all harsh edges. I have used Faces 106.
7. Next line your waterline with a gel liner. I have used Maybelline Gel Liner.
8. Then, taking the same purple eye shadow with an angled brush smudge the gel liner on the lower lashline. I have used TBS Angled Brush.
9. Line your upper lashline with a liquid liner and wing it out if you wish. I have used L'Oreal SUper Liner in Carbon Black.
10. Finally wear some false lashes and apply mascara on your lower lashes.
11. Finish your look with highlighting the inner corner/tear duct area and you are ready to go!

Hope you liked the tutorial and find it useful :)

And if you were at all wondering, this is how tied up my hair is during the monsoons :/

Feedback is always welcome!


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