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REVIEW: MAkeup Academy (MUA) Matte Eyeshadow in Shade 20

Review of MUA Single Matte Eyeshadow in Shade 20

Guest Post By: Rmyah

Its been so long of me fighting lethargy that I’m now sitting down and finally penning down a review. I just need some incentive to  write and what better way than getting a new camera that delivers fabulous pictures….
Oh yayyy did I tell you I got a new camera… :) the pictures are inspiration enough to start writing again. Clicking them and then posting them on a review is what I live for.
I’m starting to ramble so let me get back to the task at hand. Review. Yes.

So its been a while since I was looking for a matte black eye shadow and I never seem to end up getting one that’s pigmented enough for my liking. Maybe one day I just have to get up and get to MAC Carbon. But somehow I keep blowing my budget before ending up at MAC.  The story of my life.

On one such endeavor to find the perfect matte black I ended up ordering shade 20 of the matte eye shadow range from Makeup Academy aka MUA.
Now don’t tell me you don’t know MUA. How can you not with all the hullaballoo going on about it for the past six months.

Price of MUA Single Eyeshadows

MUA is a UK based cosmetic company that offers a multitude of affordable cosmetics….and by affordable I mean way less than Lakme affordable.  I mean who would charge just one pound for a  2 gram eye shadow. Oh yeshhhh you got that right. 1 GBP that is. Roughly 85 rupees for a single eye shadow. Talk about being affordable…hee hee.

So I splurged so much in the past few months that I have almost the entire MUA range with me now.
Okay coming back to shade 20, the cons of online shopping come back to haunt me every time I use this shade. I assumed it was black looking at the online pictures, but it turned out to be more of a slate color.
Have you ever shaded using a pencil and then rubbed your finger on it?? That’s the shade it turned out to be. A graphite Black would be its name.

Well I’m not completely disappointed by the color because it actually ended up being fabulous. ;)
I now use it in so many different ways that I’m beginning to forgive MUA for misleading me.
Shade 20 can be used as a soft black liner for your eyes, as a smokey black for your makeup looks, for even filling your brows. I have crazy jet black brow hair which looks silly when filled with black. But this soft black is like perfect for it.

I now have only one word for MUA, respect. They do know their shades ;)
The MUA eye shadows come in a cute container with a convex transparent lid. Which makes it easier for me to locate the shade ( since I have so many ). The flip cap is pretty sturdy and closes with a satisfying click. Definitely travel friendly.
The pan contains 2 gram of shadow which will last me forever… Well almost forever.
Well the ingredient list says it does contain parabens. Which I’m not really paranoid about. So that’s that.
The Ooohs
Love the multipurpose shade
Highly pigmented ( wait did I forget to mention that )
Lot of product in the pan
Sturdy Packaging
Amazing amazing price ( I think MUA deserves an applause here )

The Ouches!
Availablility. Indian stores sell it for ridiculously high prices. And shipping from abroad is exorbitant.

I adore the shade 20 which is now part of my staple makeup. And in case you are too looking at getting a soft black shade. Go for it.


  1. Ohhh post is up.... :) :D

  2. Cheer glitter is also very popular in cosmetics. So if you are a makeup lover you can use this at least once.


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