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Collaboration Post: College Ready Makeup Within A Pocket Money Budget

College Ready Makeup & Fashion In Collaboration With LookingGoodFeelingFab

Everyone including my parents, my sister, my friends and even the pati look back at college life with fondness and longing. I on the other hand feel extremely relieved that those days are behind me. I hated studying especially subjects like DSP (Digital Signal Processing), EEE and anything Electronics related. But it wasn't only the studying part that makes me not want to go back a decade ago. It has got a lot to do with my makeup as well...

While I was in college, my basic and everyday makeup consisted of a kohl (Lakme/Revlon) and a liquid liner (Lakme). That's it. It's hard to believe today but yeah that was about it. No mascara, no gloss or a lippy, no base, not even a colored liner. Of course at that time the beauty market in India wasn't really very evolved plus I myself had no idea about what was college appropriate makeup. I would think that whatever makeup I did would catch my professors' attentions and I would be labelled as a student who wasn't interested in studies.

I swear that's what I thought...

But today I realise that there was a lot that I could have done during my college days wrt makeup and my this post is dedicated to all the ladies out there who have just crossed the threshold towards college life and are as confused as I was then about makeup.

Girls today are lucky that a plethora of BB Creams and Tinted Moisturisers have hit the market and now they needn't worry about the kind of base makeup they want to do :)

I have done two looks here, which are pretty similar actually but would serve different purposes. Also, the products that I have used for this look are well within a budget that is essentially dictated by pocket money that used to be a huge issue during at least my college days ;)

Look 1: Pink Lipstick to Brighten Your Look


Look 2: Nude gloss to Look Natural and yet Put Together


The Eyes

Products Used

1. Maybelline BB Stick (Review Here)
2. Faces Long Wear Pencil in Turquoise Blue (Review Here)
3. Maybelline Gel Liner (Review Here)
4. L'Oreal Super Liner in Carbon Black
5. Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Mascara
6. Maybelline Colorsensational Lipstick in Hooked On Pink (Review Here)
7. The Body Shop Lip Treatment Gloss in Beige Sparkle (Review Here)
8. Colorbar Powder Blush in Plum Brown
9. Konad Eyebrow Pencil in Black

Basic Stuff & Tutorial
1. Use the Maybelline BB Stick or any other BB cream that suits you as your base after you have moisturised.
2. You may want to fill in your brows next but this is optional :)
3. Next line your upper lashline with a colored liner in jewel tones like a rich blue, emerald green or a dark purple. Top it off with a thin line of a liquid liner on your upper lashline.
4. Then apply kohl on your waterline.
5. Apply mascara.
6. You could apply a natural blush but it's optional.
7. Finally apply your fav gloss and you are ready to go :)

But just the makeup doesn't get you ready for college alone now, does it? In order to help you dress prettier and to help you with some fun and quirky wearable college wear, I have collaborated with the super fabulous Abhilasha of LookingGoodFeelingFab. She has a superb sense where fashion is concerned and she has that magical ability to work around an outfit that makes any runway trend wearable in everyday life...

So go! Head over to her blog and check out what she recommends for everyday college wear that is both on trend and fun! :) Here's a little sneak-peek... Click Here For The Post.

Looking Good Feeling Fab!

 P.S. The post is in collaboration with Abhilasha ( who I met during the shoot for the MAX advertorial for Cosmopolitan and we hit it off immediately. She is from Pune as well and has this amazing sense of fashion. She can make every outfit work for her and has this inherent style that shines through.
Stay tuned for a number of such collaborative posts :)


  1. today I am so glad I went to mumbai the second time :) else this would not have happened :) Thanks sweety looking forward to more :)

    1. mmmuuuuaaaahhhh ABhilashaaaaaaaaa :* And I am sooo glad we met and hit it off at the first go! :D :D :D

  2. That's wow and great looks, i like the nude gloss pics a lot :)

    1. thanks Gowthami :) I just couldn't decide which looked better so I decided to post both ;) he he...

  3. I sooo long to go back to my school and college days.. I tell my mom this time I'd study better :p
    During my college days my vaseline lip balm was my only companion.. I wouldn't even wear kajal...
    I really envy the college girls of today. They have so much to experiment with.. You have created very pretty and cute looks..

    1. i know right!!! Girls nowadays have so much choice! We just didn't! siiiiggghhhhh... ha ha ha and thanks for liking the looks doll :*

  4. WOW!

    that's a fab post.... i was a complete geek till the time i entered college... Was a boy in the all boys gang na...

    But in college, it was a girls college and i was finally groomed... However, in my univ days, our staple used to be the lakme kajal and the personi matte lipsticks (don't know whether we get them anymore or not)...

    However, u have created simply fab look Suma... will copy these for daytime office wear though...

    1. a BEeeeeeeeeggggg mmmuuuuuuuaaaaaahhhhhhhhh to you sweetheart :))) he he he... i just love your comments... they seem soo honest, so sincere and soooo as if you are sitting next to me and talking :) ♥♥♥

  5. I <2 the pink lip version more!

    1. ha ha haina? Abhilasha loved the pink one better too ;)

  6. Love it ! This is somewhat similar to what I used to wear for college ! Except a little less elaborate as I used to really rushhhhh in the mornings to get ready... :)

    1. oooohhh you were a diva in college weren't you ;)

  7. Great tips.. this will help me BIG TIME!! :) :) :)


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