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REVIEW: Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Show Off Mascara

Review of Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Mascara - Show Off
When I was in college, kohl and liquid liner used to be my constant companions. I would never leave the house without applying them. I kinda felt "naked" without them. Now, a decade later the kohl and liquid liners have taken a backseat and the one product that I deem truly necessary for days when you are rushing out is the mascara. So when I realised that we had Parcos stocking up on Rimmel London products in Pune as well, I just had to go and check out the brand and I picked up the Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Show Off Mascara.

App Alert: I Simply Love Makeup Is Now On Android!

Android App Now Available For I Simply Love Makeup
The whole evening today, I was mulling over in my mind the way I would start this post. Of course the most ideal and I guess the most predictable way would be to start talking about how I started the blog and what a great journey it has been and how I had never dreamed of having a mobile app for the blog and blah blah... But  now that I finally get down to type out this post, all I wanna say is...

Hell Yeah! I Simply Love Makeup is Now on Android ;)

Product Releases: Lakme Clear Pores Clean Up

This monsoon, enjoy a hot cuppa without having to worry about your skin. No matter how much we love the monsoons, the humidity in the air often creates havoc for our skin. The moisture laden air makes our skin prone to breakouts, blemishes, clogged pores and a constant oiliness that refuses to go. Enriched with green tea extracts, the newLakmé Clear Pores CLEAN UP range is a salon-like cleanup giving you clear, matte skin.

REVIEW: Clinique 3 Step - Step 3 - Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion

Review of Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion
Guest Post By: Mrittika

I’ve been using the 3 step for almost one and a half months now and apart from the Clarifying Lotion, the Facial cleanser and the Moisturizer will last me for another 1 month for sure, although the SA told me that the Introductory Pack will last me 1 month. I have been religiously using the 3 step twice a day, regularly.

My New Look... With Chopped Hair & Fuschia Lips!

So I cut my hair last night...
             Yes on my own...
                          With a pair of household scissors...
                                         Just like that...

HAUL: Kryolan & Beauty Center

Haul From Kryolan & Beauty Centre, Bombay
I have these phases... I think everyone does... Where one gets fixated with a particular product or a habit or a technique or even a person. I am having a beautify your vanity fixation right now and I want my vanity to be all Glass and Silver. Why? I have no idea! So I planned my weekend haul accordingly, however it went all haywire the moment I stepped into Beauty Centre and then well Kryolan.

Colours Of India: Bengal Inspired Makeup Look & Tutorial

LOTD: Bengali Makeup
Ohe Shundoro Mori Mori Tomaye Ki Diye Borno Kori?
If you ask me what I love about India, I will always say "It's cultural diversity"... I am in awe of the fact that so many different cultures co-exist in harmony (almost always) and when it comes to representing our country, we shed our cultural differences and walk forward as one. We have the power to be ONE and yet have the ability to spice things up with our different cultural backgrounds...

Collaboration Post: College Ready Makeup Within A Pocket Money Budget

College Ready Makeup & Fashion In Collaboration With LookingGoodFeelingFab
Everyone including my parents, my sister, my friends and even the pati look back at college life with fondness and longing. I on the other hand feel extremely relieved that those days are behind me. I hated studying especially subjects like DSP (Digital Signal Processing), EEE and anything Electronics related. But it wasn't only the studying part that makes me not want to go back a decade ago. It has got a lot to do with my makeup as well...

TUTORIAL: Easy Purple Eye Makeup

Tutorial For A Simple Purple Eye Makeup 
I am in this super excited mode right now. I am going on a vacation in two weeks time and might get to meet many of my Kolkata based blog readers and blogger friends. Plus I am going to Bombay tomorrow and will be meeting up with many of the Bombay beauties. And of course it has now stopped raining here in Pune and the sun keeps playing peek-a-boo with the clouds the whole day... This is indeed my favorite kind of weather :) Yet I know the monsoons have actually just begun and so I still carry an umbrella with me (you know just in case) and I still keep all my hair tied up (I just cannot risk a fit of frizzy hair!). Ha!

LOTD: Asian Eyes And Blood Red Lips

Asian Eyes And Blood Red Lips Courtesy of MAC Eyeshadows and Ellis Faas Milky Lips
It is no secret that I am no fan of the monsoons... Ok that's putting it lightly... I extremely abhor the rains and cannot wait for the season to pass over. Imagine, if this is my plight when staying in a city that is to the leeward side of the monsoons, what would I be doing if I was living on the windward side... I even shudder to think of it...

REVIEW & NOTD: Lotus Herbals Colour Dew Nail Enamel in Pink Lustre

Review of Lotus Herbals Colour Dew Nail Enamel In Pink Lustre
Guest Post By: Nandini
What do you all do when you're sad,depressed or disturbed? I paint my nails! :P
Some bright & funky shade of either red or pink. I just CANNOT put other colors like yellow and green. NO!
So, the other day I realized I had given my nails a long enough break from nail paints and it's time to get back to them. The colour I've picked is from Lotus Herbals. Yes,Lotus has nail paints too. And pretty affordable in comparison to my beloved Colorbar.

The Basics of Eye Makeup - Techniques to Master

Basics of Eye Makeup - Part 1
Makeup is fun. If you find it daunting, then you are not looking at it correctly. Maybe if you tilt your head by say 27 degrees and then look at makeup, you'll see how much fun the whole process is :) Makeup is fun because it weaves magic... Because it can turn you from a white swan to a black one in a jiffy! I personally prefer the black version and hence the analogy btw. It is fun because it makes me feel like I hold the key to a lot of crucial things in life including showing the face I want the world to see one day and then an altogether a different on another day. It gives me that power.
And like they say, with great power comes great responsibility. But with makeup there is no responsibility and this is what makes makeup the most fun power to have :)   

REVIEW: MAkeup Academy (MUA) Matte Eyeshadow in Shade 20

Review of MUA Single Matte Eyeshadow in Shade 20
Guest Post By: Rmyah
Its been so long of me fighting lethargy that I’m now sitting down and finally penning down a review. I just need some incentive to  write and what better way than getting a new camera that delivers fabulous pictures….
Oh yayyy did I tell you I got a new camera… :) the pictures are inspiration enough to start writing again. Clicking them and then posting them on a review is what I live for.
I’m starting to ramble so let me get back to the task at hand. Review. Yes.

Announcing The Winner Of The Mini Makeup Contest...

Announcing The Winner Of The Mini Makeup Contest
My baby sister surprised us one day after our wedding anniversary when she flew down to Pune to be with us. She said coyly that she didn't want to "disturb" us on ON our anniversary day so decided to plop in the next day :) Talk about being "understanding" ;) Ha ha... So the couple of days she stayed with us, I jumped at the opportunity to do her makeup and even though she'll kill me, I'll be putting up those pictures in one of the up coming posts :) So do stay tuned people!

REVIEW: Inglot Freedom System Lipstick Refill In Shade 30

Review of Inglot Freedom System Lipstick Refill in Shade 30
Guest Post By: Mrittika
Inglot now does not need any introduction. Its freedom system refills lets us hoard innumerous of them at reasonable prices. The one thing that I love about these refills is that considering the quantity, am sure I’ll be finishing it off one day . This range offers an array of 90 different shades, of which you are bound to get confused on which one to pick.

My Anniversary LOTD

LOTD With A Cut Crease Look And Red Lips
While our wedding anniversary is something we have been looking forward to for the past two years, it is our relationship's anniversary that is closer to both the pati and my heart. Maybe cause it's a bigger number or maybe cause it's the day that actually marks the beginning of our togetherness. Whatever the reason may be, these two anniversaries in a year is a fun reminder to us that even though it's been 7 years of our togetherness, there still is a long way to go...

In Cosmopolitan Again!

I Am In Cosmopolitan India June 2013
You know how it is when you are desperately waiting for something and it keeps getting delayed... So much so that at one point of time you just give up on it and start thinking and concentrating on other things... Well something like that happened to me this time... When we shot for the Max advertorial for Cosmopolitan, I was all charged up, excited and desperately looking forward to the June 2013 issue, but it got delayed and the life happened and I totally gave up on it...

But with the Cosmopolitan June 2013 issue finally in the market, my friends started mailing me, pinging me, tagging and my dormant excitement was once again revived and ladies let me now officially announce it to you all... I Am In Cosmopolitan Again! Yay!

The Basics of Eye Makeup

Tips And Tricks To Master The Basics of Eye Makeup
While going through my very early posts on the blog a few days ago, I couldn't help but cringe with embarrassment looking at posts after posts of unblended eye shadows, scrawny eyebrows and uneven liquid liners, so much so that I even contemplated deleting many of them... But then I let them be thinking that going through them again and again will remind me that learning is a constant process and that there is always something new that one can imbibe in their makeup process daily...

Isn't it?

REVIEW: Sleek Blush in Life's A Peach

Review of Sleek Make Up Blush Life's A Peach 
Guest Post By: Shabby
Sleek was a brand I was very eager to try and when I heard that it accepted debit cards I tried my luck and to my utter surprise succeeded. Then within 5 days I had my sleek order in my hands in safe condition too. So moving on to the ordered items, I ordered a blush as I had heard so much about the awesome quality of Blushes by Sleek. Somehow I was impressed by Life's a peach with the online swatch and ordered that.

An Indian Summer with Salwar Kameez

An Ode To Indian Salwar Kameez with Barcode91
Salwar Kameez is an integral part of any Indian modern woman's summer attire. A light-weight salwar kameez in pastel shades (stitched without lining) can help the wearer feel happy and light. Cotton salwar kameez in colours, like baby pink, lemon, pistachio, sky blue, lavender with thread work or minimum embellishments are made especially to help a woman feel comfortable in summers.  In this guest post we shall have a closer look at the styles of salwar kameez online that will make the woman feel breezy.

REVIEW: Maybelline Define A Brow Pencil in Soft Black

Maybelline New York Define-A-Brow Eye Pencil Review
Guest Post By: Raunak

I have never tried any brow pencil apart from the very basic lakme eye brow pencil but our youtube gurus are always so much into grooming and filling their brows with their Anatasia Brow kits, Mac Pencils and what not.
High Time I got one for myself.
I have normal thick Indian brows Like most of us. but they are little scarce in the begining. We Indian girls are usually blessed with thick brows, they just need to be defined periodically

REVIEW: Olay Total Effects 7-In-1 Anti-Aging Cream Plus Serum Duo

Review of Olay Total Effects 7-In-1 Anti-Aging Cream+Serum Duo
One cannot defy age they say... As much as it rings true I would truly love to defy it... I may sound vain but there is seriously nothing more difficult than making sure that your concealer doesn't settle into the fine lines around your eyes. Sighhhh... What a struggle it will be... Now truly I cannot defy age but I can at least delay the signs of aging no, can't I?

LOTD & Tutorial: Pink & Purple Cut Crease Look

Makeup Tutorial for a Cut Crease Look
My daily routine (on weekdays) after I get back from work spells something like this... Get back -> Change -> Hit the Gym -> Cook Dinner -> Do a makeup look/LOTD -> Wait for pati to be back home -> Get his feedback -> Wash face -> Have Dinner -> Blog about the look...
Being married to a guy who loves women in makeup is a perk I get to enjoy and hence in turn being married to a beauty blogger is a perk that the pati gets to enjoy... It's like a win-win situation for both of us...
Hence, I make it a point to be in my makeup (LOTD for the blog) till the pati is back, so as to get his feedback and only then do I wash off my face... It's like a ritual that we follow almost daily and that we secretly enjoy ;)

Beauty Tips to Have You Looking Good and Feeling Great!

'Tis the season to look and feel fabulous! Here are 5 tips to help you achieve the look you have been wanting!

1. Beach Hair  So you have been wanting those beachy waves, but there isn.t a beach in sight, or you just have no time to go there. Here is an easy DIY way that you can have beautiful beachy waves whenever you want them!

First you will need

- 250 ml of warm water

- 14 grams of Sea Salt (must be sea salt!)

-  5 ml of coconut oil

- 15 ml of hair gel

- 15 ml of conditioner

Mix the ingredients together very well and make sure the salt is dissolved,  fill a spray bottle with the solution, spray your hair (your hair should be damp) and then scrunch to get the desired waves!

2. Soft Lips  It is important that you keep your lips soft, so how about a sweet DIY lip scrub to rejuvenate them!

For this you will need -

- 1 tsp. of Brown Sugar

- 1 tsp. of Honey

- 1 tsp. of Olive oil or a moisturizing lip balm

For this you will first want to make a paste with the brown sugar and the hon…

MINI CONTEST: Make Them Work #1

It's Contest Time!
You know how they say that marriage, even though is a sacred commitment made in front of God and legalized in front of the law, needs a lifetime of adjustment and little tweaks here and there... How two very different people from equally different backgrounds come together and live as one. Throw in a couple of kids with their own unique set of characteristics, a sprinkling of spice through the in-laws and a zest of other relatives and you may have a recipe for disaster or a recipe for a fluffy and yummy chocolate souffle :) It solely depends on how you manage the ingredients ;)

Same goes with today's contest :) Nope it isn't really marriage related. I promise it is beauty related :)

Featuring: Ellis Faas Cosmetics for a Grunge Inspired Black Smokey Eye Look

An Ellis Faas Makeup Look
Makeup is a wonderful thing. It helps you weave magic every time you are looking to do something new. It helps you explore your inner creativity, brings out your inner diva and helps you discover your niche... Makeup truly is magical and without it, I know I would be incomplete...

REVIEW: Lakme Eyeconic Mascara

Review of Lakme Eyeconic Mascara
Guest Post By: Marianne
As much as I love lining my eyes and feel my look is incomplete without a swipe of kajal, I am guilty of neglecting what makeup gurus say is the single most important step in makeup – mascara! I have started testing the waters though and am now realising the difference mascara makes to the eyes. The Lakme Eyeconic mascara needs no introduction of course, with the grand entrance it made into the market some months back.

Coffee Breaks With ISLM: That Little Thing In Everyone Of Us... Faith!

Everyone Has Traces Of It...
Disclaimer: This is not a beauty related post!

While on my way to office today morning, I took a rash "free" left turn and almost crashed into a policeman who was calmly riding his bike... The moment I ""cut" him off I knew I was in trouble and was looking into my rear-view mirror trying to gauge his expression... And what I saw left me amazed...

PR: Flat 50% Off On Lotus Herbals Purestay Range

Lotus Herbals is offering a HUMONGOUS discount of 50% on ALL theit products in the Purestay Range!
How do you avail it?


LOTD & Tips: Jennifer Lopez Inspired Brown Smokey Eye Makeup

Jennifer Lopez Inspired Makeup
Jennifer Lopez has been my favorite since the day I heard and saw the video for the song If You Had My Love. I started out being hooked to her exotic features, sensuality, her sexy yet managing to be innocent sort of an attitude and well her songs... Later I was smitten by her makeup. Why haven't I ever done any post inspired by her makeup earlier is something that is a mystery to me as well... But then they do say Better Late Than Never isn't it?

Nail Art #3: Geometry With Black And Blue

Nail Art Using Tape
Nail Art is so much Fun! I mean I never understood why people went so crazy about it earlier... But as I am indulging in it more and more, I feel like a whole new world of colors and patterns are opening up to me and I am loving it :)

LOTD: Cult Favorite With A Gradient Purple Eye Makeup

A Bright Look with a Gradient Purple Eye Makeup and a Fuchsia Lipstick
Pune today received it's first shower marking the approaching monsoons and even though I am not crazy about the rainy season, I cannot help but feel excited and elated. Why? Cause monsoons in Pune/Mumbai start in June and that marks that the passing by of one half of the year :) Also well cause June is my wedding anniversary month :) Yayee!

Last year for our anniversary we had got a fabulous chocolate cake from Parita, who is a fabulous baker... This year though, Pari is in Singapore (boohoo) and we'll have to make do with a common store baked cake :( Even the pati looked crest fallen when I told him that the cake this year will not be baked by Parita... Ha ha ha!

Pari, we love your baking babe!

Video Tutorial: Soft Eye Makeup with Matte Coral Lips

Video Tutorial for A Soft Makeup Look with Coral Lips
After the disastrous Fast And The Furious 6, the pati and I have almost lost faith in English movie sequels and while choosing a movie to go for tonight, Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani became the obvious choice. However, God had other plans and all the shows for it were sold out... We finally settled for The Hangover 3, keeping our fingers crossed that it fares at least an ounce better than FF6 :)

REVIEW: Maybelline Color Tattoo in Pomegranate Punk

Review of Maybelline Color Tattoo in Pomegranate Punk
Guest Post By: Mrittika
We all are aware of the buzz and hullabaloo that mayblline color tattoo created since its launch. While everyone was buying and showing off their color tattoo, I was a bit skeptical about it. Finally after swatching all the colors, I was confused between Bad to the Bronze and this one. Somehow I felt, this particular color looked better on me.

Featuring: Colorbar Deep Sea Eyeshadow in a Biker Chic Look

Colorbar Deep Sea Eyeshadow
I am loving Blue this season... Blue on the eyes especially... There is something so calming as well as edgy about blue eyeshadows... On their own or paired with black or some other color for that matter, blue eyeshadows are a trend to embrace this season!