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REVIEW: MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation In NC42

Review of MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation In Shade NC42

Guest Post By: Rmyah

There are days when I just cannot help look at myself through any reflective surface that I can. Be it mirrors, glass doors, rear view mirrors, the back of a spoon and even a pond. And then there are days when I wished everyone was blind, every mirror shattered, the serene water turbulent, anything to avoid me seeing my face. One such day when my skin was going through a blearrrgh phase I decided to put my face on the web and show you how I deal with it. My savior is the MAC studio fix fluid foundation which has been my HG foundation for about three months now.

Like most of us, I too have battled with a large number of foundations each new one disappointing me more than the last. One fine day, the foundation battle was lost and I headed to MAC beaten and worn to find MY shade.
I am currently NC42 in MAC  which means I have considerable yellow undertones to my skin tone. I had tried the Studio Select, Satin finish, Match master, blah blah blah before I zeroed in on the MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation.

I have a very weird skin type. You might call it combination but combination to the extremes. I have dry cheek area with an extremely oily T-Zone. I wanted my foundation to be neither too heavy nor too sheer. The dry areas, I could manage with a moisturizer and powder my oil manufacturing pores. I also wanted a foundation that would be medium finish so that I can lighten it up by mixing a moisturizer and build it up to a heavy coverage.

The Studio Fix Fluid seemed to be made for me.

It has a medium coverage which nicely covers all blemishes and can be used sheer to even out my skin tone and also can be built up for heavy heavy coverage. Does not feel cakey or heavy at all. Stays on for an entire day ( sedentary job with no sweat :P ). The foundation dries pretty fast so I end up using a wet stippling brush to blend it all in. It is water proof and needs a good makeup remover to take it all off.

It comes in a heavy glass bottle with a black screw on cap. We have to buy the pump extra if we need it ( I decided againstÖbudget constraints ) Standard heavy-duty MAC packaging is what I would call it.
I have been facing a problem of rash like behavior of my skin when I fall ill. This foundation has covered it all up and gives me an almost glowy looking skin.

My hands are a bit tanner than my face because of all the driving so this foundation kind of looks whitish under the flash on my hands. No such problem with my face. It is a perfect blend.

Price of MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation

1700 INR for 30ml of fluid. An additional 500 INR if we decide to go for the pump.

1. Long Lasting
2. Wide shade range so a match for every skin tone
3. Medium coverage and buildable
4. Controls oil to an extent. Too much oily skinned ladies may need some extra help

1. Toooooo expensive for a meager budgeted beauty addict.
2. No pump. Another money making ploy by MAC
3. Not moisturizing for dry skinned beauties.

The verdict:
I am loving this foundation. After years of store-hopping I have finally met my one true love.


  1. I am truly amazed at its coverage Rmyah!!! Wow!!!
    Does it work for dry skin as well?

    1. I have almost flaky dry skin on my does look good when i use a normal moisturiser underneath it...

  2. I love this one too, I don't wear it that often though. Your after pic is flawless! :)

    I wish I had gotten the pump...

    1. I too wish for the pump....but then...the budget kills me ;)

  3. Hey I just bought this foundation in same shade last week. I am also disappointed with the packing. However the product is just superb!

    1. The packaging is definitely screaming out for more :)

  4. It is a great foundation no doubt but I wouldn't agree with you about the "not cakey" part. I've been using this foundation for a couple of years now (NC 40) and the only problem with it is that it can look quite cakey sp when one tries to build it up. I believe Chanel Perfection Lumiere is better in the "not cakey" department. But other than that it is a good foundation and does give great coverage.

    1. I don't really know about Chanel...I haven't tried it...maybe its time I should ;)
      But then I kinda never faced any problems with this one...should look into the cakey part once again... :)

  5. Hi!
    You have a nice blog with awesome clicks. I have just started following you and it may be highly encouraging if you may follow me back.

  6. Congrats on finding ur right shade.. the difference is quite evident.. which stippling brush did u use to apply ur foundation??

    1. I used the Make Up Academy stippling brush....its pretty awesome for the price :)

  7. I have this too,but I think I got a wrong shade. It makes me look like Snow white ki amma. :/
    but your before and after pics are so inspiring, that I'm thinking of going and getting my shade match. :)

  8. i am still undecided about buying a foundation...i too have oily skin....
    i like the look of this foundation...good work <3

  9. Looks really good on your skin ! I'm NC 42 too, but MAC breaks me out if I wear it all day. Has this been breaking you out, waterproof foundation scares me :-o ?

  10. I love mac studio fix foundation..ill give 5 of 5..And my shade is Nc45.


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