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REVIEW: MAC Studio Finish Concealer - NC45


Review of MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NC45

Guest Post By: Rmyah

I have got raccoon eyes. No really. Even on the days I end up sleeping fourteen hours, I still manage to look like a panda. It’s the inherited Dark Circles…or rather Craters that have me losing sleep.
I have tried all kinds of remedies claiming to miraculously eradicate any sign of darkness around the eyes. And I am going to sue each and every one of these remedies as soon as I can afford a lawyer.
Nothing works on my stubborn craters. So the minute I started beauty hoarding, my first stop at any store, online site, or anywhere for that matter is at concealers.

I have probably tried 17 different types of concealer ranging from the cheapest to my HG concealer.
MAC Studio finish concealer in NC45 is my current favorite until I find another equally good concealer.
I’m NC42 in MAC foundations but I use NC45 because of heavy darkness underneath my eyes. The higher the number in the shade, the oranger the tone gets. So an NC45 is more orange than an NC42. Orange counteracts the brownish and bluish dark circles.

MAC Studio finish concealer is a cream concealer with a thick consistency but does not feel heavy in any way. I have no idea how MAC achieved such a light texture with a cream concealer but they have…kudos to them.


 This concealer offers medium to heavy coverage and gives best results when blended with our fingers. I hate it when I use this with a brush as it leaves the concealer in patches and looks ugly. When used with fingers, our body temperature melts the concealer and it becomes easier to blend.
Since I have heavy dark circles, I build up the concealer to a full coverage. This can even be blended out to give a medium covering concealer.

I have reasonably dry under eyes. So this concealer does not settle much into my fine lines. But I would definitely not recommend it to those with oily skin as it will smudge and settle terribly. Dry skinned divas may opt for this if used over a moderate moisturizer.
This concealer has SPF 35 in it. MAC definitely takes care of our sensitive under eye skin. The quantity of concealer we get is 7 grams which turns out to be cheaper than INGLOT cream concealer as the latter offers only 1.2 grams for 250 rupees which works out to be 1500 rupees for an equivalent amount. Shocking isn’t it?

Price of MAC Studio Finish Concealer 

It costs 1200 INR for 7g

1. Medium to full coverage concealer
2. Does not sting, does not smell, does not break me out
3. Buildable coverage
4. Blends like butter when we use our fingerss
1. Price is a tad bit on the higher side for a concealer
2. Gives a patchy finish when blended with a brush
Final Verdict: This concealer is my current favorite. Until I find something better than this, I will buy it again (not that I’ll run out of it anytime soon :) )


  1. OMG i <3 your eyelashes!!!
    have you tried MAC pro long wear concealer? its pretty good especially NW30 and NW35 shades..i too have similar dark circles and NW30 works really well:)

    1. ha ha I exclaimed at the same thing Pari! Her lashes are to die for isn't it? :)

    2. I have heard a lot about the pro longwear....but somehow i never ended up going near it as i had a revolting experience with the loreal true match...bleaarrgh....maybe i shoudl get back and try that one :)

      And my lashes???? are you girls kidding me????? the only way I can get them looking like this is by taking close up shots....otherwise they look like someone's curled them round with a hot roller... :P

  2. Wow ok, you do have beautiful eyelashes Rmyah!
    I've been using this concealer for over 2 years and I love it too. Though I'm going back to my Select Moisturecover a lot these days. I have really dry skin under my eyes and fairly dry skin on my face, and I realised that this settles in the lines under my eyes a lot! It helps when I moisturise the area and then wear it, so I think it's going to be no problem for oily skinned women as well. Of course, it must be set with powder and it wont budge. Also this is like FULLLLL coverage! A friend of mine got this just to conceal a horrible looking hickey once (looong back before prolongwear happened, which I really wan btw!) since just this seemed to conceal it in one layer! Lol

    OMG your lashes!

    OMG Essay!

  3. I have this concealer that its like a love and hate relationship. I used it a lot last year and then I stopped using it and now again I'v started using this again. I'v used it so much that i'm surprised that I haven't hit pan yet. I bought this when it was for 1k. As if it wasn't expensive enough but now they have raised the prices more. But seriously, a good concealer. Btw love your lashes!

  4. I have tried close to a million concealers of which my favourite ones discontinued! :(

    Finally found something that I have currently using and kinda liking too much as well.. its the Oriflame Studio artist concealer.. so smooth on my ski! Wallah-habibi me loveydovey! eheh

  5. i never tried this before...But, I will try it soon... :) u have awesome eye lashes cutie!!!!
    now I knw..I not only luv ur hair....but luv ur lashes tooo :)

    1. renjoooooooo haye I'm swooning over your words

  6. Love your eyelashes!
    This is my go to concealer and I cannot imagine a day without this :)

  7. I really liked how it looks on you Rmyah :)
    pot concealers seem easy to use IMO

    1. I used tho think I'll hate concealers...but Now I cannot live without this :)

  8. To Samyukta: I am a silent reader of your blog. I really admire the way you create and build the article/post.

    To Ramyah:
    # Wow you have created wonders in the "the after picture"..... I mean no one can guess you have dark circles....
    I must get this concealer. You have written everything very well.

    # Amazing maths done with the topic MAC vs Inglot. *thumbs up*

    # Can you please tell what is the staying power of this???
    I mean after how many hours later, the dark circles start looking a tad discernible???

    # Dear, Last time (3 wks back) I visited MAC, they said it is for Rs.1395/-...., *me angry*
    I found it costly, and ended up buying my usual Loreal True match concealer.
    Can you guess why they quoted the hiked price to me??? :(


    1. Demi....*applause8...its my first praise in such critical words :)
      It took me a lot of research to get to this point of applying concealers like its all an honest opinion...

      I did the math with Inglot...I considered MAC to be the makeup guru...but I guess the place now goes to INGLOT :P

      I have worn it to office like everyday....sedentary AC lifestyle takes the concealer about six to eight hours depending upon how much oiler your face gets...

      I have nooooooooo idea what went wrong with MAC with you....i think MAC has hiked prices of everything so it might just be the new price... :)

    2. :). Thanks for ur time, dear.

  9. would u plz recommend a concealer from SEPHORA?

  10. MAC concealers seem awesome but they are definately pricey. You have got beautiful eyelashes

  11. Hey! Looks great!
    Just wanted to ask do you recommend this concealer for dark spots/post acne hyper pigmentation? Also as an under eye concealer does it sink into pores or pock scars?


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