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REVIEW: Lacto Calamine Sun Shield Daily Use Sunscreen - Oily to Normal Skin Variant

Lacto Calamine Sun Shield Daily Use Sunscreen - Oily to Normal Skin Variant

A Trip Down Memory Lane with Lacto Calamine!

It feels like since the day I was born, Lacto Calamine has been around... My earliest memories have always included the likes of Boroline and Lacto Calamine Lotions. We (my sister and I) were always told about how it makes the skin clear. As we grew up into young teenagers, we started understanding our skins and I having dry skin embraced Boroline as my night cream while my sister who has oily skin embraced Lacto Calamine with vigour and that's how Lacto Calamine came to be a staple in our household decades ago :)

My latest memories and perhaps the only time I ever used Lacto Calamine Lotion was when I contracted the Chicken Pox during my Std IX final exams and when nothing and I really mean nothing could offer me relief in the oppressive Kolkata heat and humidity from the incessant itching and burning that Chicken Pox brings with it, it was Lacto Calamine Lotion that soothed me and brought a cool touch to my fever ridden self that only a mother's touch can provide. And then I grew up and left it all behind to explore new possibilities with endless varieties of lotions, creams and potions, leaving Lacto Calamine forgotten...

Now, a few days back, life seemed to come a full circle when I got sent a tube of Lacto Calamine Sun Shield Daily Use Sunscreen by the marketing team and the first thing that I did when I unpacked the parcels was, flip open the tube and checked to see if they had changed the fragrance! Ha ha! No they hadn't :) I took the first whiff and memories came rushing by of so many childhood incidents :) Pure Bliss I Tell Ya!

Lacto Calamine Sun Shield Daily Use Sunscreen - Oily to Normal Skin Variant

Lacto Calamine Sun Shield Daily Use Sunscreen - Oily to Normal Skin Variant

Ok, so coming to review part now, Lacto Calamine Sun Shield Daily Use Sunscreen comes in two variants, one for dry skin and one for normal to Oily. Thoughtful aren't they? I unfortunately got sent the oily skin version but I have been using it (like the good blogger I am) and I think that oily skin beauties would just love it :) On my face, I have to wear a moisturiser underneath the sunscreen (cause I have dry skin) but for my arms I only wear the sunscreen on its own.

Lacto Calamine Sun Shield Daily Use Sunscreen - Oily to Normal Skin Variant

The first thing I noticed when I applied the sunscreen was how it completely disappeared into my skin without leaving anything on my skin. It just got absorbed and left no oiliness behind! So oily skin beauties who keep complaining that sunscreens break them out should give the Lacto Calamine Sunscreen a shot. Oh! and when I wear it over my moisturiser it completely mattifies my face! I am guessing that's a plus for those battling oiliness throughout the day :)

Price of Lacto Calamine Sun Shield Sunscreen

It costs INR 199/- for 50ml

The Lacto Calamine Sun Shield for Oily to Normal skin, comes with SPF30 PA++, with UVA+UVB protection. It contains lemon extracts that actually helps in oil control and Vitamin E that helps nourish skin.

I loved the oily skin variant so much, I cannot imagine my reaction when I get myself the dry skin variant :P

Packaging wise it comes in a cream/yellow pretty little tube with a flip cap that's easy to carry and travel with as well.

The only con that I can think of is that those who never liked the Lacto Calamine fragrance from times immemorial may not take to this product as well :/

I most definitely will get myself the dry skin variant.

If you have oily skin, don't need a very high SPF count and need a sunscreen that will mattify your face and at the same time fight the sun for you then this must be given a shot :)

Overall Rating:
9/10 (Oily Skin)
7/10 (Dry Skin)

P.S. Product sent by PR for consideration. However, my review is honest and is in no way biased.


  1. we too used to use and still use lacto calamine lotion all the time at uses it for insect bites or just to soothe the skin on its own :)
    i love the fragrance..its just feels familiar and at home..if you know what i mean :)
    sounds like a decent sunscreen..though i love lotus sunscreens i could definitely give this a try!

    1. Ha ha Pari I totally know what you mean when you say that the smell is soooo familiar... It somehow immediately reminds me of my mum :) oooh you a LOTUS fan is it... why am i not surprised ;) Everyone loves Lotus :D But you may want to give this a try if you are looking for something with a lighter SPF :)

  2. I jus find the smell of lacto calamine so calming..nd yes it is dat sorta of smell which is one of a kind nd has always been around..i always keep a bottle of L.C with me..nd since i hav oilllly skin i am so buyin it ;-)..thanks for the review swty;-)

    1. oooohhhh you still use Lacto Calamine? Wow! Just like old times types :) awwww.. and if you love it so much then you must for sure give this a shot :)

  3. I wanted this thing the day I saw them first. Boroline and LactoCalamine are the staple beauty product of all bong ladies in general. I just wish they come up with a higher version SPF. Sweet always :)

    1. ha ha ha ha i know what you mean about Boroline and LC being a typical bong favorite ;) I guess that's why they say bong women have good skin ;) ha ha... and yeah if yo have a lot of field world kind of stuff then you'll need a higher PSF for sure but if you have a desk job like me then i guess this should work for daily wear ;)

  4. I still use lacto calamine during those hot summer days when nothing works for my skin... It's fragrance is really soothing... I think I'll give this sunscreen a try

    1. oooohhhh here we have another fan of LC... actually its so difficult to find someone who hasn't ever used and liked it ;) haina? :D do give this a shot :)


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