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REVIEW: Forest Essentials Luscious Lip Balm In Sweet Narangi Juice

Review of Forest Essentials Lip Balm In Sweet Narangi Juice

If you are a fauji kid, the first thing that'll pop into your head when you hear the word Narangi is not the color Orange and neither will it be the fruit Orange but a little army station outside Guwahati called Narangi :) I swear it's called Narangi... Why? Your guess is as good as mine :D

But honestly that isn't the reason why I picked this little beauty up... I bought it for its extraordinarily gorgeous packaging! And you know what a sucker I am for pretty packaging :)
So I am putting up some pictures of the product and take a moment of silence to stare, gawk and admire at the beauty of it...

As you can see it comes in a hexagonal carton and inside lies an oval shaped, sleek and a classy looking mini compact kind of a container... When you flip it open you are greeted with a sparkling mirror and a bright yellow colored product. It's just too mesmerising!

Now that we are done ogling, let's get down to business and review the product :)

Forest Essentials Lip Balm In Sweet Narangi Juice is a light weight, melt in your finger kind of a balm that feels like molten ghee (if you may) when you apply it. In short it feels really nice and moisturising and if your lips have been feeling parched lately, they will lap up it up readily...

Even though the balm looks a bright yellow in the pan, it is colorless and doesn't give you any color. It readily gets absorbed and does not leave any kind of tacky or sticky or balmy feeling on your lips. It looks as if you haven't applied anything but feels like you have finished a whole tin of milk-cream on your lips alone :) Ha! I hope that made sense...

The one thing that I absolutely did not like about the product is it's fragrance. Ummmm when you read Sweet Narangi Juice and if you imagined the yummy, refreshing smell of freshly squeezed orange juice then you are in for a bit of a shock :/
It does smell of oranges but not fresh... No no it doesn't smell rotten, it smells more like an Indianized Orange if that makes any sense to you... Well let me try again... It smells like an ayurvedic orange or maybe when you mix how orange juice smells with some fragrance from an incense stick. It's like you are getting an Ayurvedic Kerela Spa massage with an Orange oil... In a good way though... Have I confused you enough?

Sigghhhh I know I am the only one in the entire blogosphere who might actually not be liking the smell but then that's how it is...

Apart from the smell, it is a fabulous product quality-wise!

Price of Forest Essentials Luscious Lip Balm Sweet Narangi Juice:

It costs INR 495/-

Ooooohhsss And Aaaahhhhsss!!!
1. Stunning packaging
2. Gorgeous texture
3. Gets absorbed easily
4. Doesn't leave a tacky, sticky feeling on the lips
5. Is tasteless
6. Not as expensive as the packaging looks!
7. Really really moisturising!

1. The smell and only the smell.

I loved the packaging but not the fragrance. So I guess I'll get another lip balm but in another flavour ;)

It's a superb product, it does its job well, the quality is spanking and it just doesn't feel greasy. However before buying I would still insist on smelling it first... Afterall your lips are directly under your nose :P

Overall Rating

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  1. beautifullll packaging sumaaa :D :D even i will pick this only for the cute little pot :D and in future i can use that pot na for DIY :d
    what is the price for this yaa ?

    1. hahahah haina hain haina? the packaging IS so pretty na Rashmi :) oooh sorry I just added the price to the review :) Btw it's for 495/-

  2. i love the packaging so adorable :) :)

  3. i got it too i got it too :D last week! n yes got it only for the packaging, but now loving it , i love the scent too :) would love to get the rose one next !!

    1. ha ha ha you did? awesome! it is so pretty na :D and am glad the scent worked for you :)

  4. Hhahaha OMG! You read my mind!! My dad was attached with AF in Guwahati, so we stayed in Borjhar. But We went to Narangi ALL the time! I even watched that Prabhu Deva Muquabala type movie in the Narangi theatre! :P

    1. ROFL you'll not believe this but when I was writing this I had you in mind Ikya :P giggle...

    2. haha arey nai, nai I'll believe anything you tell me! yay!! :D

  5. wow this variant seems nice.. i have the rose one. but it stays on and on on my lips and i end up licking it.. ! guess i must get this next time.. nice pictures

    1. ooh how is the rose one? is the fragrance very overbearing or just right?
      and thank you ^_^

  6. the packaging is so drool worthy!
    the real question is: did it work on lip pigmentation? please do let me know ;)

    1. ha ha ha nope Ritu I could not see any marked difference in my lips' pigmentation :/

  7. I am yet to try the lipbalms. I have been using Omved for so long that I can't seem to like anything else. Will surely try this one.


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