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READER REQUEST: How To Get A Porcelain/Flawless Look

Tips & Tricks To Get A Flawless and Evened Out Skin
A little while ago one of ISLM's readers Preeti asked me to do a tutorial on doing a porcelain finish kind of makeup. Here's what she asked...

...similar is with ayesha takia ..... you muct have seen her wedding pics and she looks like a prcelein doll ... see her make up ... it looks so porcelein so healthy ... glowing with health . how can we accomplish that porcelein make up look ? i am wheatish and just like you i have yellow undertones to my complexion , so will that porcelein look , look good on me ?

Makeup is like magic isn't it? It's such a delight to experiment with and discover everyday what works for you and what doesn't :) During one of these experiments I came up with a list of things that can be done to achieve a porcelain-ish skin and well in turn look flawless and radiant.

MAC Ruby Woo Makes Everything Right!

MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick Does It Agian!
Ever wanted something so so so badly that even though you knew it was bad for you, your passion for it made it alright? Ever did something really really bad, so bad that it became right? My last night's makeup experiments took me underground where there were temptations everywhere, so much so that after a while everything started feeling right and non-evil :P

Coffee Breaks With ISLM: Reader Criticism... Boon or Bane?

My Take on Criticism... 
Nothing makes me feel like I am on the top of the world when I wake up in the morning and read a raving comment by one of ISLM's readers... It totally makes my day and I know for a fact that it would lead to a "good" day :) We all revel when complimented and if they are genuine and truly heartfelt, it feels all the more elating and somehow makes a warm shooting feeling surge through you... Doesn't it? :)

But what do you do when someone criticizes you?

REVIEW: Maybelline Colorsensational Hi Shine Lip Gloss in Raspberry Reflections

Review of Maybelline Colorsensational Hi Shine Lip Gloss
The other day while discussing the possibilities of a break-in, the pati and I got down to list out the stuff that could be in danger of getting stolen. Ummm yeah we do a lot of random stuff like this and make a lot of nonsensical notes that help no one, not even us... But we just do it... So anyways coming back to our list making, he and I were totally engrossed for about 5 minutes after which we called it a time out and compared notes... My list contained the television, refrigerator and other kitchen appliances while the pati had only one entry in his list... Suma's Makeup...

REVIEW: Lacto Calamine Sun Shield Daily Use Sunscreen - Oily to Normal Skin Variant

A Trip Down Memory Lane with Lacto Calamine!
It feels like since the day I was born, Lacto Calamine has been around... My earliest memories have always included the likes of Boroline and Lacto Calamine Lotions. We (my sister and I) were always told about how it makes the skin clear. As we grew up into young teenagers, we started understanding our skins and I having dry skin embraced Boroline as my night cream while my sister who has oily skin embraced Lacto Calamine with vigour and that's how Lacto Calamine came to be a staple in our household decades ago :)

LOTD: Mermaid Inspired Makeup

Mermaid Inspired LOTD
A few days back, I had the good fortune to be a part of a very professional photo shoot (details later!). There, the Makeup Artist did this really beautiful, ethereal looking makeup for one of the girls... Apart of the fact that it was so Summery, it made the girl look so beautiful, so innocent and so vulnerable! Just like a mermaid...

REVIEW: L'Oreal Color Riche Le Vernis Nail Paint in Flaming Sunset

Review of L'Oreal Color Riche Le Vernis (L'Or Sunset Collection) in Flaming Sunset
The only talked about Nail Paints in town at the moment are the L'Oreal Color Riche Le Vernis Nail Paints that are a special edition and have been launched as a part of the L'Or Sunset Collection for Cannes 2013. They come in a variety of shades (4/5 I think) and I got myself the shade in Flaming Sunset.
Let's go on to see how they fared and if they are worth all the hype!

Haul: Thank You

My Online Shopping Haul from
I hate shopping online. Period. I find it inconvenient (ummm yeah really!), more expensive and very very risky! So I generally stay away from online shopping portals... But my recent haul from has completely changed my perception of online shopping :) No no I am not leaping into the whole quagmire yet but if I do then I know where I should shop from :)

So my haul from Myntra consists of a lot of products that I do not really require but would love to have... And ladies and gentlemen, here goes...

I Am Gushing About L'Oreal Color Riche Lipstick in Pink Passion

A Mini Review of L'Oreal Color Riche Lipstick in Pink Passion

Quite often I am left in awe of how Chemistry plays such a vital role in determining how a certain shade of a lipstick could end up looking on me... You know the color of the lippy and the way it looks on you is heavily dependent on your body heat and various hormones and chemicals that your body releases. Thus one lippy can look very different on girls with the same skin tones...

There are so many times that I look at a lippy in the tube, get tempted and swatch it and it looking fabulous in the swatch, I bring it home with me only to find that it somehow doesn't suit me... When I received the L'oreal Color Riche Lipstick in Pink Passion in my mail the other day, I couldn't help but gush at what a gorgeous shade it was in the tube. However, I was left with a familiar cold feeling of apprehension about it looking on me...

REVIEW: Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick in Asia

Review of Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick - Asia

Guest Post By: Shabby
Rimmel was once a brand which was earlier out of reach for us Indians but thanks to an online portal names now we have access to many products from Rimmel at reasonable prices. So how I got this lipstick is a strange story. From when these came into the market I was so eager to try this shade and 'Heart Breaker' shade but sadly Heart Breaker is almost always Out of Stock so I picked up two promising shades named 'Asia' and 'Tantrum' instead.

Bollywood Inspired Makeup Series (1970s): L'Or Sunset Cannes 2013 Collection and a Hippy Bollywood Look

A Makeup Look From Bollywood's 1970s Era
First off, a huge thank you to all you for receiving my previous post on the 1950s Bollywood Inspired Look so well... I was overwhelmed by the kind words and encouragement that you guys gave me :) I love you my readers :)

So moving on with the series, today's Bollywood inspired look is from one of my favorite eras... The 1970s... Who doesn't love the hip, cool and the laid back 70s? Of flamboyant prints, super flared bell bottom pants, over sized sunnies, brightly colored scarves, big bouffant hair and of course fabulous winged liners, the 1970s have always been something like a mirage to me...

Guest Post: Could online shopping spell the end for shopping malls?

The idea that online shopping poses a threat to traditional shopping malls and supermarkets is old news, and the number of people in the UK who go straight to the internet to search for bargains rather than hunting along the high street must be growing every day.

So it’s no surprise that property experts at the recent MIPIM trade fair in Cannes, France stressed the need for malls to fend off their virtual competition by diversifying what they offer. Their advice might even seem old-fashioned; shopping centres have included cinemas and restaurants for several decades, and being able to do your dry cleaning or get a haircut at the supermarket isn’t unusual.

Today, however, some retailers are going further and introducing a whole range of new services, including health care centres and spas, in order to prise customers away from their computers. Now you can look for your perfect dress while you wait to see a doctor, instead of flicking through out of date magazines, and receive a massag…

Bollywood Inspired Makeup Series (1950s): L'Or Sunset Cannes 2013 Collection and a Vintage BollyWood Look

A Makeup Look From Bollywood's 1950's Era
The moment L'Oreal Paris India announced the L'Or Sunset collection for the Cannes Film Festival this year that was honoring 100 years of Indian cinema, I had been itching to get my hands on at least some part of the collection and well what can I say... My wish was granted ^_^

As of now I am in love with the collection... The lippies that I got sent have been a dream to work with and the Eau De Rose eye shadow palette has this gorgeous plummy brown shade of eye shadow that is a constant in my dreams :)

Celebrity Makeup: Puja Gupta At Cannes 2013

Puja Gupta's Makeup On The Cannes 2013 Red Carpet
There have always been a number of laws and theorems that we have had to remember during school and college. From how Pythagoras Theorem applied to only right angled triangles to the Archimedes Principle for water displacement to the much dreaded Quadratic Reciprocity Theorem... Once out of school, the laws, theorems and principles started getting simpler. The simplest and the easiest "law" to remember today for me is how to balance a dull/pale outfit with brighter makeup and well vice-versa...
However, our ex-Miss India Puja Gupta seemed to have failed the test on the Cannes 2013 Red Carpet and might need to take the Cannes test again to pass... Much like another of our ex-Miss India (Ummm Aishwarya Rai at her Cannes debut eons ago)...

Photos, Swatches: L'Oreal L'Or Sunset Collection for Cannes 2013

L'Oreal's L'Or Sunset Collection For Cannes 2013
This year was L'Oreal's 16th year to be associated with the Cannes Film Festival. The festival this year, celebrates 100 years of Indian Cinema and Bollywood took centre stage on the much awaited red carpet. For its 16th year at the Cannes Film Festival, L’Oreal Paris had the perfect opportunity to showcase the all new makeup collection created especially for the occasion – L’Or Sunset, a homage to the beauty of cinema.

Celebrity Makeup: Aishwarya Rai At Cannes 2013

Aishwarya Rai At Cannes 2013
Every once in a while you come across a picture, a look, a makeup technique or even a color that just takes your breath away... Many of those times you are stunned into stupefaction and are not even aware of what exactly has you spellbound... I experienced something like this when I came across this picture of Aishwarya Rai at one of the functions at Cannes 2013

TAGGED: A Makeup Look Using 5 Only Products (Multitasking Products)

I had been tagged by Reshma (Ray) of Primed With Prettinessto attempt to do a makeup look using any 5 products of my choosing. Of courseit was challenging trying to decide the 5 products that I should choose for my look but more than that it was fun and super exciting! Ray sweetheart thank you so much for the tag :)
Those who haven't yet checked out Ray's blog (Really?), you must! She is a doctor by profession and it's always very interesting and informative to have a doctor do product reviews!

LOTD: Classic, Vintage Glamour

A Vintage LOTD
I have been itching to go retro and do something of a classic, vintage look replete with Berry stained lips, dramatic eye lashes and a classy side chignon... So tonight, after dinner I set about finding the right instruments in my vanity and produced my version of some Old World Charm...

ISLM Rants: When Is The Right Time To Start Using Anti-Ageing Products?

Aging... Anti-Aging...
Traveling on Deccan Queen Express between Bombay and Pune is something I look forward to whenever there is a need for me to visit the big city. The AC chair car compartments, the known faces of the pantry boys, the much tried out menu for the journey, the beautiful pictures of places to visit in and around Bombay and Pune and of course the under current of hurry that binds us all passengers on board the Deccan Queen is something I cherish... Not to forget, my playlist belting out my favorite tunes, a book (Agatha Christie lately) and my most used jamewar shawl and I am settled in for the 3 hours of my journey....

Snippets From My Last Night's LOTD

Grey Smokey Eyes & Pink Lips!
Last night after a nice, sumptuous dinner, the pati decided to work... On my laptop :/ Now with my laptop engaged, I had nothing to do but to sit at my vanity and experiment with stuff... Not meaning to do anything serious rather having a particular look in mind that I needed to try out before I did a final version of it for the blog, I got down to business...

Celebrity Makeup: Sonam Kapoor At Cannes 2013 (The Great Gatsby Screening)

Sonam Kapoor For The Great Gatsby Screening At Cannes 2013
The whole blogosphere is buzzing with Sonam Kapoor's look at the Cannes 2013 red carpet and why not? Her quasi-Indian look and her choice of opting for a strong outfit is creating waves of strong reactions from bloggers, media, fashion fraternity and any onlooker for that matter!

Though I found her Anamika Khanna lace saree paired with the cape/robe replete with gold thread sensational, my blog post is more about her makeup...

Coffee Breaks With ISLM: When Will I Learn?

Guest Post By: Soumanti
Has this ever happened with you... You go to a beauty shop and the sales girl goes all ga-ga over you. She praises your healthy, well manicured nails and manipulates you into buying another bottle of nailpolish? Has she ever manipulated you into buying a fairness crème which when applied at home makes you look like a desperate ghost trying to be more chalk-whitey? Did the evil ever manipulate you to buy the wrong shade of foundation?

If the answer is yes, then fret not cause you are not alone! You are just like one of us, like lots of other women who cannot differentiate between a fake comment and a sincere one.

PREVIEW: Revlon Royal Top Speed Fast Dry Nail Paint

Revlon Royal Top Speed Fast Dry Nail Paint
Guest Post By: Manu
Recently, when Suma “the” Sharma (yes that is how we address each other) came up with her favorite brands for products, I knew we would definitely share the favoritism for nail paints brand. Colorbar it was, for us, to take away the title for ‘Best Nail Paints’!  But we don’t swear buying all the products from our favorites. Do we? I am pretty sure you know the feeling, when you are dying to get that particular shade but you are not able to get it – SIIGH!

REVIEW: MAC Studio Finish Concealer - NC45

Review of MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NC45
Guest Post By: Rmyah
I have got raccoon eyes. No really. Even on the days I end up sleeping fourteen hours, I still manage to look like a panda. It’s the inherited Dark Circles…or rather Craters that have me losing sleep.
I have tried all kinds of remedies claiming to miraculously eradicate any sign of darkness around the eyes. And I am going to sue each and every one of these remedies as soon as I can afford a lawyer.
Nothing works on my stubborn craters. So the minute I started beauty hoarding, my first stop at any store, online site, or anywhere for that matter is at concealers.

Featuring (LOTD): Coastal Scents 88 Original Palette

Green Blue Eye Makeup
I essentially started beauty blogging with a handful of products mostly from Oriflame. You see I was an Oriflame consultant that time. If you go back to my initial LOTD/EOTD posts, you'll observe that all my looks were created using Oriflame palettes that I would keep buying from the catalogues every month and I was blissfully happy :) And then I got myself the Coastal Scents 88 Original Palette and my world changed. I started considering myself to be in the big leagues... But well it was only in my head :P

ISLM Rants: Who Is Your Favorite YouTube Makeup Guru?

Of YouTube Gurus...
I have finally been bitten by the YouTube bug! My blogosphere scouring and trolling varios beauty blogs is on a hiatus as of now cause I have finally discovered the enigmatic and magical world of YouTube! Better late than never yeah? Ha!

REVIEW: MAC Brush Cleanser

Review of MAC Brush Cleanser
One at times comes across some really rare products that are so precious that they change the way you look at life... Philosophical much? Ha! Well all I want to say is that MAC Brush Cleanser has changed the way I look at the process of cleaning my brushes and has brought about a revolution on my vanity...

For the complete video review go on reading :)

ISLM Rants: Especially For Contact Lens Wearers

Contact Lenses & Eye Pencils With Glitter Do Not Go Hand In Hand
Shared By: Nandini
This isn't a review,I'm just sharing my thoughts with all of you. Hope you benefit from this specially those with sensitive eyes and those who wear contact lenses and don't get bored reading my story :P

So, the other day me and my friend from college (I have only one friend from college who knows more about makeup than just Colossal kajal and nivea lip balm) were just sitting and discussing what eyeliners are safe for contact lens wearers because shee's been wearing them for a while and I just got them recently. So,while discussing she told me not to use eyeliner pencils with glitter in them on the waterline. She said if the glitter gets into the eyes,it really irritates them.

REVIEW: Forest Essentials Luscious Lip Balm In Sweet Narangi Juice

Review of Forest Essentials Lip Balm In Sweet Narangi Juice
If you are a fauji kid, the first thing that'll pop into your head when you hear the word Narangi is not the color Orange and neither will it be the fruit Orange but a little army station outside Guwahati called Narangi :) I swear it's called Narangi... Why? Your guess is as good as mine :D

But honestly that isn't the reason why I picked this little beauty up... I bought it for its extraordinarily gorgeous packaging! And you know what a sucker I am for pretty packaging :)

ISLM Rants: Do You Have Favorite Brands For Particular Products?

I have had the worst morning today... First off, I woke up late, then I smashed a pretty photo frame made of oyster shells that we got from our honeymoon in Maldives to pieces, then the carton of our daily cereal of corn flakes turned out to be empty and we had to have wheat flakes for breakfast with the pati making the worst faces and finally on my way to office my car stalled in the middle of the road creating a mega traffic jam...
Well it gets worse! The garage guy tells me that I need a change in battery! Sighhhhh...

And it's not even Friday the 13th :/

On The Newsstands: Vogue India May 2013

A Peek Into Vogue India May 2013
With Beyonce gracing the cover of the May 2013 issue of Vogue India, I knew I was in for an awesome read when it arrived in my mail the other day. My first glance at the cover that included scrutinizing her makeup and hair, both of which were flawless, I kept the mag aside for a leisurely late afternoon of the setting sun, a glass of Iced Tea and freshly pedicured feet... It never came cause once I started browsing through it, I couldn't keep it down and my dreams of lazily leafing through the magazine went down the drain.

It is a smashing issue!

Featuring: Maybelline Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner & Winged Liners

Featuring Maybelline Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner In Black
Every once in a while you come across a product and get swept off by the sheer genius that went behind creating it. Every once in a while there comes a product that totally hooks you to it, so much so that you are ready to give up on other products that you have always been loyal too (Ah! Do extra maritals work on the same principal?). Every once in a while you are introduced to a product that you gets you so obsessed that you cannot but think of your life without it...

Nail Art #2: Grey & Steel

Second Attempt At Nail Art

Copy Cat: Blue Eyeshadow & My Version!

Inspired By Vogue's Version of Blue Eyeshadows...
You know of one of those days where it's sweltering outside and you are cooped up at home with a glass of Iced Tea and your trusted laptop/iPad/Tablet and checking away blog after blog and yet not finding that zing, that particular something that will make you sit up and take notice...

REVIEW: Bath & Body Works Twilight Woods Fragrance Mist

Review of Bath & Body Works Twilight Woods Fragrance Mist
Guest Post By: Raunak
Okay ladies, as a friend was flying down from us and I recently became obsessed with bath and body works here is another mist review from them as god knows how many mists I purchased. Umm 11 or 12. Ooooppsie! Okay, all jokes aside the mists smell awfully good and come cheap and sometimes in offers like but 3 get 2 free. I used them and got these travel sized bottles.

Reader Request: Face Primer Suggestions For Combination Skin Type

REVIEW: NIVEA Pure Effect Total Face Cleanup

A Face Wash, A Scrub, A Mask!
Nothing and absolutely nothing relaxes me more than a session of Face Cleaning at my favorite salon. Of course I think I should finally get my facial but the owner of my salon simply refuses to give me a facial and insists that I only go for a cleanup... She says I don't need it and well I am happy as long as it's saving me money ;) Now apart from being relaxing and soothing, the main reason for me to be a ardent believer of face cleanings is the fact that they leave me with a sparkling clean skin that's as good as new... But it isn't always possible for me to book an appointment every fortnightly Saturday and spare a minimum of 2-3 hours in a day...

REVIEW: MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation In NC42

Review of MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation In Shade NC42

Guest Post By: Rmyah

There are days when I just cannot help look at myself through any reflective surface that I can. Be it mirrors, glass doors, rear view mirrors, the back of a spoon and even a pond. And then there are days when I wished everyone was blind, every mirror shattered, the serene water turbulent, anything to avoid me seeing my face. One such day when my skin was going through a blearrrgh phase I decided to put my face on the web and show you how I deal with it. My savior is the MAC studio fix fluid foundation which has been my HG foundation for about three months now.

Featuring (LOTD): MAC Swimming Eyeshadow

Soothing... Cooling... Refreshing...
Temperatures have been soaring like crazy and Pune that rarely sees the harshness of Summers has been cowering in fear of the sweltering sun... Maximum temperatures that are touching 42 degrees don't seem to be backing down and we are all left with improvised ways to battle this heat :( \

My improvisation is of course makeup related :D


NOTD: Sally Hansen Gem Crush Nail Paint in Showgirl Chic

Shimmery, Glittery Nails...
All that glitters is not always Gold! It could be Silver too ;) And looking at my nails right now, I know it could as well be Turquoise shimmer too ;)

Review (Video): Garnier BB Cream

Video Review of Garnier BB Cream

Haul! MAC, Rimmel London & Sally Hansen...

Haul Time!
You know the joy of eating a choco-chip cookie? Of course Chocolate... But what I am talking about here is the joy of eating a choco-chip cookie over a chocolate cookie... It is the little bits of chocolatey surprise that you get with a random bite, a stray munch... Yup! The joy of something pleasant coming up suddenly... Yesterday's holiday from work in the middle of the week was something of that kind :)

Rants And A Random EOTD

Prospective Tutorial Candidate...
I have been in a super organizing mode since the past couple of weeks. The pati calls it the "Monica Mode" (Friends-esque). He says I transform into this scary person who doesn't listen to legit explanations (read excuses) or identify with any reason (read laziness) and just go on cleaning, putting things in their "proper" place, discarding stuff we don't use any more and well basically just not let anyone relax... I don't see any harm in it especially since it surfaces only once in two months... But of course the pati has a different story to tell...

Coffee Breaks With ISLM: Friends And Makeup Do Not Mix... Or Do They?

Sharing... With A Clause...

REVIEW: Kama Ayurveda Amber Ginger And Lily Bath & Body Oil

With The Goodness of Amber, Ginger & Lily Essential Oils...
Did you know Ginger Oil is like really really good for your skin? I didn't but i bet you did... But did you also know that Amber Oil is like an Elixir for your skin? If you regularly treat your skin with Amber Oil there isn't anything else in the world you need to do... Oh! The post gets really interesting... Read on...