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REVIEW: MAC Mineralize Foundation With SPF 15

Review of MAC Mineralize Foundation SPF 15

Review of MAC Mineralize Foundation with SPF 15

There are times when I get a product and I review it within a week and then there are products whose reviews take longer and I finally belt them out after about a month or so. But there are also products that I finally get down to reviewing after more than a year and the MAC Mineralize Foundation SPF 15 is one such example. Honestly? I cannot think of any other product that I took so long to review :) This sure has to be special ^_^
I am on my second tub and I am still a die hard fan of the foundation :) I initially bought this all thanks to my mom for whom we were looking for a foundation that would hide/conceal her age spots. We visited MAC at Palladium, Mumbai and the moment the SA applied it on my mom, we both fell for it hook, line and sinker :P We brought the awesome albeit expensive baby home and just kept ooohhing and aahhhhing for the days that followed. So much so that the moment I came back to Pune, I went and got myself one as well ;)  

Review of MAC Mineralize Foundation SPF 15

Now MAC Mineralize Foundation as the name suggests is a mineral foundation that after application, warms up a little and becomes a tad bit darker. Hence, it's always better to apply it at the store and then let it settle to see which shade matches you perfectly. I suit NC35 in it. The foundation is in the form of a cream compact and provides medium coverage but is easily buildable. It's perfect for those with dry to normal skin. If you have extremely dry skin, you might end up with slight dry patches by the end of the day.

Review of MAC Mineralize Foundation SPF 15

The foundation stays on all day long even in Bombay's humidity and that's a biggie! It sets into a matte kind of a finish. So if you are looking for a dewy look,  I would suggest you to apply a primer underneath with a "dewy" finish. The foundation comes in a compact type of a container and has a foundation sponge provided with. The container also has a mirror thus making the product extremely travel friendly.

MAC Mineralize foundation has SPF 15 and hence gives a slight whitish cast when photographed with flash. However, it isn't that and it doesn't make you look like a ghost like many other products with SPF do.

Price of MAC Mineralize Cream Foundation SPF 15

It costs a whopping INR 2250/-

Images of the Product
Review of MAC Mineralize Foundation SPF 15

Review of MAC Mineralize Foundation SPF 15

Ooooohhsss And Aaaahhhsss!!!
1. Great coverage
2. Doesn't break me out
3. Buildable
4. Doesn't melt in the sun and stays for the whole day
5. Contains SPF
6. With a creamy consistency, a foundation sponge and a mirror it is extremely travel friendly.
7. It is waterproof


I am already on my second tub :)

If you have skin that tends towards normal and are looking for a medium coverage foundation, then this is the foundation for you.

Overall Rating:


  1. oh my thats expensive!! btw sam can u pls upload swatches of the product whenever you get time? it'll be helpful for me to check out the shade range :) thanks!

    1. Hey Pari... Yup i'll do that :) and yeah it is expensive... I mean MAC face and body seems pocket friendly in front of this :P

  2. i so so want this product!

  3. Iv heard that since the new mac mineralize foundation which have come up slowly this mineralize foundation they will replace it with new one.

  4. subtle :) makeup .... lovely fotd suma..

  5. i too fell for this when i tried it at the store last time i went but the price n the fact that i dnt need a foundation stopped me frm buying it! i bought the TBS compact one that u have reviewed too :)

    1. Ha ha yeah the Tbs one seems like a good dupe for this :)

  6. This looks very similar to a Neutrogena one i'm testing out...
    but in summers i'm liking such products. hassle free & you can travel with them too :)

    1. Neutrogena has a similar product too? Ooh! But yeah light and hassle free is a good way to describe the product ya :)


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