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REVIEW: The Body Shop Satsuma Eau De Toilette


Review Of TBS Satsuma EDT

Summers I Love You... Summers I Adore You... Summers I Wait For You...
Yup I am a Summer lover... Of course to many of you all it's almost equivalent to a crime especially for those who come from cities that have the most unbearable Summers :P But there is something about tanned arms, aam pannas, chilled orange juices, Iced teas, swimming pools, shorts and chappals that hold so much romance for me that makes me a warm weather lover through and through...

Plus with the change in season, come a change in my bath products :) Warm, musky and spicy scents give way to clean, fresh, juicy and citrus-y scents... Think Lemons, Passion Fruits and yes Oranges :)

So this time like always, when I visited The Body Shop to replenish my stash of Satsuma Shower Gel, I got drawn to the Satsuma Eau De Toilette and well the little glass bottle looked so cute I had to pick it up without even smelling it... Well even if I has smelled it, it wouldn't have changed what I am about to write about the product :)

Body Shop's Satsuma Range of products is for me by far their best fruity fragrance range after their Peach range, which is as elusive as a Sale at MAC :/

So how does the Satsuma EDT smell? Well... It smells exactly as the shower gel. However, when you first spray it, it smells of freshly peeled Oranges... You know the beautifully pungent, tangy smell that hits you when you squeeze an orange peel... Yup that's the one... The first spray smells exactly like that and then it gradually mellows down to a fragrance that you associate with a fresh glass of Orange juice that your mom keeps ready for you at the breakfast table... And then as the days wears on, the fragrance settles to a mellowed orange candy kind of smell and stays with you all day...

Now if you only use the EDT, the fragrance stays on for about 4-5 hours easily... However, I first use the shower gel and then this, so the fragrance stays on me for more than 7 hours... My next quest is to layer it over a Satsuma Body Butter and see the results :)

Price of The Body Shop Satsuma Eau De Toilette In India:

It costs INR 795/- for 30 ml

Ooooohhhsss And Aaaaahhhhsss!!!
1. Gorgeous fruity, Orange-y fragrance.
2. Pretty decent staying power.
3. Works well with layering.
4. Doesn't cause any kind of irritation or reactions.
5. TBS doesn't test on animals!
6. Cute little bottle
7. The fragrance isn't overbearing and hence girls who have an issue with strong scents (like me!) need not be worried :)

1. A little expensive.

Definitely! The Satsuma range is my current favorite at TBS :)

If you are a fresh fruity fragrance lover and don't mind smelling like an Orange, this one's sure for you :)

Overall Rating:

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  1. the bottle looks so pretty :)
    im yet to try anything from satsuma , will def try next :) right now loving the vanilla mist :)

    1. OMG! Even my sister's using the Vanilla Mist right now... its a very comforting and a warm fragrance isn't it :)

  2. Hey if u love fruity smells do try Victoria s secret enchanted apple body mist m loving it....will try this one for sure :)

    1. oooh is it? I find VC fragrances overly sweet and aggressive... But Enchanted apple does sound, well enchanting ;) I'll surely give it a shot on your reco :)

  3. awwww the cute bottle ^.^

    I have used the shower gel in this range and its nice.

    ROFL moment : Peach range - as elusive as a Sale at MAC :/ :D

  4. I have tried the satsuma body polish, and super love with the fragrance ! It smell so fresh <3
    Will try this next time.. Thanks for review ! :)

    1. aaahhh see now thanks to you the body polish goes on my wishlist ;)

  5. Arrey 795 for an edt isn't bad at all. When you said expensive, I was thinking over 1700- 2000 considering the crazy rate prices are going up anyway!
    I've used two tubs of the satsuma body butter and they were quite strong/ strange/ tropicana type smelling. So I've had enough of it but I really, really want to check out other EDTs now! Oh the only EDT I've used from TBS was Love etc and that was nice too!

    1. hahahhaha no doubt it isn't.. but the bottle looks soooo tiny you know :/ and paying 800 bucks for such a tiny things saddens me :P
      Satsuma body butter isn't good? :( you don't recommend?

    2. No no it's good. If you like the fragrance! It's lighter than the other cocoa type body butters so pretty good for summer! Haha I know what you're saying about the bottle being small! :/ But it's 30 ml! :P Oh and I know (read looonngg back) that you like The Elezabeth Arden green tea perfume.. I love it! And the smaller bottle of that (30 ml, Rs 800 then) and the TBS Love etc bottle around 1000 rupees stayed in my bag alternatively!


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