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My Skincare Routine: Dry Skin


My Dry Skin Regimen

This post is long due, and for some, long awaited. I apologize for taking so long especially when I was getting a lot of requests for it. I just got plain lazy and wasn't really sure as to what should I pen down... Why? Cause honestly, I really don't have a very complicated routine... To be very honest, I don't even use any hi-fi stuff, just some basic stuff...
Now before I begin, lemme reiterate that I have very dry skin and hence this post on skincare is going to be essentially for dry skin only.

So these are the products that I use... I used to use the Garnier Body Cocoon earlier but since the past 1 year now I have only been using the Johnson's baby range of creams and moisturisers and I see that they have been working really well for me :) Ok so let's start from the beginning... I don't use any specific face wash cause I generally get sent PR samples and I use whatever I get sent. I am currently using one from Nivea (review coming up real soon)... On the occasions when I have used up all my face washes and I have no new PR samples to try out, I essentially use my TBS Shower Gel as a face wash as well :P

Like I mentioned earlier, I use either The Body Shop Olive Shower Gel or The Body Shop Satsuma Shower Gel. I find them to be literally non-drying and extremely yummy to smell. I use bath gloves everyday and hence I don't need to use a body exfoliator... I generally keep a TBS Body Butter meant for dry skin handy in my bathroom, so that I can immediately apply it on my body after my bath. This helps lock in moisture and keep my skin supple for a longer time. Then I first apply one layer of Johnson's baby cream on my face and neck area and let it settle. I follow it by a layer of Johnson's Baby Lotion on my face, neck and arms. I am now ready to step out of my house and face the world.

You will have by now noticed a lack of sunscreen in my day's skincare regimen. Yup! I do not use a sunscreen everyday :( I use it only during vacations else I rely on my BB Creams or foundation's SPF content to help me fight sun exposure. It is not ideal but I really do not suit any kind of sunscreens. Applying sunscreens make my skin look patchy and uneven :(

I use Colorbar Ultimate makeup remover to remove my makeup at night. I sometimes also use Johnson's Baby Oil to remove my makeup. I do not apply any night creams. Instead I apply Extra Virgin Olive Oil all over my face and neck. For my body I use The Body Shop Body Beautifying Oil in Sweet Lemon.

And nothing else... just this...

Oh yes btw, I do bleach once a fortnight (at home) and get a face clean done once a month (no facials)...

Now the intake part... I make it a point to keep a lot of fruits and fresh veggies in my daily diet. The pati and I indulge in a plate of vegetable and fruit salad every evening and I have at least two cups of green tea everyday, one in the morning on an empty stomach and the other just after dinner. It is known to be anti-oxidant in nature and hence delay the signs of aging. Also I eat an apple everyday with the peel on cause maximum of the apple's nutrients reside in the peel...

I really cannot think of anything else that I do or use...

So what is your skin care regimen like?


  1. That's a cute post :)
    I have downright oily/combi skin ...still I wanted to read this post so that I can advise people when they ask me about dry skin care :)

    1. ha ha I am glad you liked the post Ruby and that it could be helpful to you though not directly ;)

  2. That's a pretty simple skin care routine.. I'm kind of relieved to see your skin care regime cos most of the times I get to see very Hi end products(nothing comes in my student budget :(
    Even though I have an oily skin, I use a mix of olive and coconut oil on my face instead of a night cream and it does give a relief to my sensitive skin. and the quality of my skin has improved considerably since I started using these oils on my face.

    1. aaahhh olive oil ki jai ho ;) its such an awesome oil right :D
      and thank you so much for liking the post :)

  3. This post is really interesting! I have dry skin, too, and I'd love to try a couple of these products...


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