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REVIEW: Maybelline BB Stick In Fawn

Review Of Maybelline BB Stick

I Am So Not Giving Away Anything...
There are days when I wake up in the morning and nothing that I do looks good on me! Either my skin just doesn't feel fresh or my hair wont listen to me or my eye liner gets applied crooked... The possibilities are endless and they happen to me on a very regular basis! Raise hands if you have the same issues too!
I did start out wearing my MAC Face and Body foundation to office on the days I was feeling really low and all but it was proving out be a bit too expensive for me :/ Then came Maybelline BB stick to the rescue!

Now the Maybelline BB Stick has got to be the most innovative, most ingenious and the most surprising launches of 2013. As far as I know we didn't even realise that Maybelline was launching this in India and suddenly, one fine day WHAM! we get to see the beauty blog-o-sphere abuzz with views, previews and reviews... This was an avant-garde launch and till now nobody seems to be complaining.

Initially I was pretty skeptical about trying it out especially after how the previous Maybelline Clear Glow BB Cream fared but after reading pretty positive reviews about it on other blogs (yes I read all the reviews on most of the blogs!), I was pretty primed to try it out! Then I got sent a sample and well then there was no looking back...

I have been trying out this BB Stick since the past 4 days now and have been wearing it regularly to office. And yup! I have already formed my opinion about it. Read on...

What I Really Like About The Maybelline BB Stick

What I really really like about the product is that it actually evens out the complexion. It hides (yes hides) blemishes, covers redness and dark patches and makes your skin look flawless! My skin looked so smooth and so healthy that I just kept staring at myself in the mirror whenever and wherever I got a chance to do so :P 

Also, I have been reading that it is really good for oily skin. So when I first put it on I was prety skeptical about how it would perform on my extremely dry skin. But I was in for a really pleasant surprise when I realised that wearing it on a nice thick moisturiser, keeps it in place and doesn't make my skin feel dry. Basically, I guess it depends on what you wear under the BB that is important. Be informed that it isn't really mosturising (like the Garnier BB Cream) and hence if you have dry skin, you will need to moisturise before applying it.

Then of course it has SPF 21, which I guess is really good but then the downside is it doesn't photograph well where there is Flash. I have tried it and it makes me look terrible :( 
It is pretty easy to apply and doesn't really need extra special skills. Just dab it on, blend it with your fingers and you are ready with flawless skin.

What I Don't Like About The Maybelline BB Stick

One con of the product is that it doesn't seem to be meant for long hours. I mean it was perfect for upto 6 hours and then my skin started feeling stretchy. I guess it could be due to the continuous AC exposure and then again this could be an issue only with dry skin :(

It comes in only 2 shades, Radiance & Fawn. I was sent fawn by the company and even though it is a little darker for my complexion, it is still suiting me well... Thus I feel I maybe somewhere in between Radiance and Fawn. This brings me to the next con, which is less number of shades... I doubt if only 2 shades would suffice for the Indian market...

Final Verdict On The Maybelline BB Stick

But I LOVE the product for one reason and one reason only! The coverage! I have a lot of pigmentation on my neck (since I was a kid). I never really bothered about it cause it never hampered me in any way. But this product, this wonderfully innovative product covers up my pigmentation in a blink of an eye! It is so awesome! 

Images Of The Maybelline BB Stick:

Maybelline BB StickMaybelline BB Stick - Fawn

Maybelline BB Stick


Maybelline BB Stick Swatch

LOTD (Before & After):

 Samyukta isimplylovemakeup

 Samyukta isimplylovemakeup

Oooohhhss And Aaaahhhsss!!!

1. It actually evens out the complexion.
2. It hides blemishes and covers redness quite effectively.
3. Since it comes in a stick form, it's perfect for travelling.
4. Doesn't break me out or cause any kind of reactions.
5. Very very easy on the pocket.
6. Very easy to apply.
7. Doesn't make my skin feel dry.
8. Contains SPF 21.
9. Brilliant coverage!


1. Doesn't photograph well with flash.
2. Has only 2 shades to choose from
3. Starts to feel a little stretchy after about 6 hours of wear on dry skin

Price Of Maybelline BB Stick:

It costs INR 250/-


I have a feeling that I will buy it again and yup I'll try Radiance next time ;)


If you are the kind of person who wears makeup regularly but would hates the heaviness that most foundations give you, then this product is for you. It leaves you with a matte, evened out skin that looks smooth and clear. I would highly recommend you all to try it if you can match one of the two shades.

Overall Rating:


 P.S. Product sent by PR for consideration. However, my review is honest and is in no way biased.


  1. I thought it wont match ur skin tone, but omg what i seee, your skin looks sooooooo good with this and everything looks good on you, so cant give credit to maybelline! :p

    1. whoaaaaaaa Taps you totally know how to make me happy ;) he he thank you so much for your compliments :D I am so gonna have an awesome day today ♥

  2. oe.. do u even have blemishes??.. i loveeeed ur skin.. nazar na loved ur review.. wan to get my hands on it now

    1. ha ha ha thank u thank thank u Sheetal... My face is ok, but my problem area is my neck :P loads of pigmentation there!
      try this pakka se! you'll love it!

    2. yes wana try it out.. din like the garnier one though :(

  3. loved both the FOTDs Suma :) You look lovely :)

  4. Replies
    1. I am an NC36 Komal where MSF is concerned... But then since I have more yellow undertones, I use C5 in my MAC Face & Body foundation...

  5. erm suma.... i stared really hard at both the pics... cant make out the difference! are u sure the first pic is a bare faced one :P

    u dont need this babe... ur skin is radiant and awesome in the first pic itself!

  6. You are sooo cute :-) I am hooked to ur blog...but lazy types ...even to comment...he he u were looking awesome even with maybelline lippy... :-) and yes m getting this toodaay...

    1. awwww thank you so much Swathi :) ♥ am so glad you are sooo hooked to ISLM :D happy me!
      and yup sure do get it and lemme know how it turns out for you :)

  7. Where is your liner and kajal?

    1. errrr... I thought it was obvious I wasn't wearing them ;)

  8. Dude! It definitely suits you better, the colour. I think I'll get radiance and work them together. It looks like mud on my face. But really, really, pretty mud.
    My face is darker than my neck and this is a couple of shaded darker than my face and ugh! I wish they had more shades!

    1. hahahhaha i think it works on me cause of my ultra yellow undertone :P
      you mixing Radiance and Fawn? Even pReetha did that!

    2. Oh and I agree with Anks! Your before picture is hardly any different! You don't need makeup! You look like a doll! :*

    3. awwwiieeee thankooooooosss ikiesssss ♥

  9. Hello Suma,
    Am the big fan of Your nice blog. Please do on tutorial of your Hair bun. Its such nice n i love it.

  10. looks so good on you... your face is glowing...
    initially I thought this shade won't suit you but it does... my skin tone is almost like yours...
    with yellow undertone... I think I am buying this one :D

    1. i know right! even i though it wouldn't but then it really adapts very well to one's skintone you know :) do get it Sweta but first try it out in the store ;)

  11. Only two shades... WHYYYY ? I am sure neither of them will match my skintone...wahhhh...but still wanna try this out. And I can't make out the difference between the two pics either !

    1. hahahahhaha, check it out at the store... you might just come home with Fawn ;) btw am yet to read a review on Radiance... Know anyone who has reviewed Radiance?
      and Thank you ^_^

  12. i know this is sad that 2 shades only!but suma i am totally in love with the evenness it gives and for the price

  13. and i agree with anks suma darling ek adh pimple tu uga leeeeeeeeeeeeee he he

  14. girl you have the most stunning flawless skin I have ever seen! why do you need a foundation? I have seen this stick in KL but the shades are way off for me so never bothered to give it a try!

    1. yayyyyy thanks Pari :) happy happy i am :D
      you could give Fawn a shot btw, i think it'll match you...

  15. Got to check it soon ;)
    Well you got really flawless skin :D
    Tips plzzzzz....

    1. wow! thank you so much babe :D ♥♥♥
      yup i'll soon do a post on an ideal skincare regimen and how I don't follow it :P

  16. would like to try dis...but i am a bit confused bcoz i love maybelline bb cream...does this provide a better coverage than the cream?

    1. yes anonymous! It definitely provides more coverage than the BB cream :)

  17. Hey..
    Sorry for the dumb ass query but is a primer needed before this and if so, can u pl suggest one? n if i need more SPF, do i use a sunscreen below? mine is an oily,acne prone skin with dark spots and blemishes. So for everyday make up I'll need what...a moisturiser,primer, sunscreen n then this (or any foundation) :-/??

    1. Ideally you shouldn't be needing a primer under the BB stick. However if you are having trouble blending the product (rare case) or if it oxidizes on you (turning orange after a couple of hours of application), then you might consider using a primer under it.

      Again if SPF 21 isn't enough for you you might use a sunscreen under but I am not really sure about how effective that would be :/

      For everyday makeup a moisturiser and a sunscreen is a must. But if your skin needs some coverage and depending on the blemishes, you might want to use a concealer and then a light weight foundation or a tinted moisturiser.
      If you don't have a lot of issues with blemishes then just the BB stick pver your moisturiser should suffice :)

      Hope this helps!

  18. You've convinced me to buy Maybelline BB stick. But i'm not sure either of the shades - Fawn and Radiance, will suit me. I desperately want Maybelline to come out with more BB stick shades. that'd be awesome :)

  19. You are so pretty. your skin looks perfect even without any make up. Good review


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