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REVIEW: Maybelline 14 Hours Superstay Lipstick In Eternal Rose

Maybelline 14hr Superstay Lipstick Eternal Rose Review

Long Stay... Gorgeous Pink

I am sitting here staring at my laptop screen wondering how to start my post. Nothing witty, nothing funny and nothing even remotely "cute" is coming to my mind... So I am just penning (typing) down whatever is going through my mind right now, which isn't really much... It's mostly blank... Is this what they call a Writer's Block? Not that I am any kind of writer but I guess my creative juices aren't really flowing today :(

So let me just get straight to the point :) Maybelline 14 hours Superstay lippies have been the talk of the town since the day it released and with 16 sumptuous shades to choose from, none of us are complaining... They seem to have a shade for everyone...

What Maybelline Says About Its 14hr Superstay Lipstick

Now, you can discover the light weight feel of the most colorful long-wear yet!
With a multitude of vibrant shades, in just one step, it lasts for 14 hours without ever drying, crumbling or feeling tight.
For the first time ever Maybelline New York introduces shade matched bottoms so you can now buy what you see!

What I Have To Say About Maybelline's 14hr Superstay Lipstick

Since the day I received the product in my post, I have been wearing it daily, even to office! It's a kind of shade that can get to you, in a good way of course and make you fall in love with it. It isn't the bright pink you think it will be and neither is it the typical pink that leaves you looking sallow and ill. It is just the perfect pink that would suit a multitude of skin tones and complexions.
It is that shade that brightens up your look and you need nothing else on your face. I myself have been wearing it even without kajal and that's a biggie for me!

As far the superstay part of Maybelline's claim in concerned, it sure does stay on for a pretty decent number of hours and with that I mean all throughout office hours. I haven't really tested it for 14 hours, but it stays on with the same intensity for about 6 hours and then starts to fade out evenly. Thus when I am back from office, its still there on me :)

Is it drying you ask... Well it isn't really drying but it isn't really moisturising or hydrating either. It's just there on your lips without doing anything to it except for looking pretty. It is pretty light weight and doesn't flake out. The fragrance on the other hand is pretty confusing. On some days I find it ok and on the others I absolutely hate it. It is an artificial, fruity kind of a smell but thankfully disappears after a couple of seconds on application.

However, I absolutely abhor the packaging. It has its lower half in a transparent plastic casing through which you can see the exact shade of the lippy. That's the nice part. The not so nice part is the cheap, white, plastic cap that comes with the lippy. I hate it! I wish they had made a steel cap go with it. That would have rendered it a more classy and maybe even an expensive feel to the whole product.

Images Of Maybelline 14hr Superstay Lipstick In Eternal Rose:

Maybelline 14hr Superstay Lipstick Eternal Rose Review

Swatches Of Maybelline Eternal Rose:

Maybelline 14hr Superstay Lipstick Eternal Rose ReviewMaybelline 14hr Superstay Lipstick Eternal Rose Review

Maybelline 14hr Superstay Lipstick Eternal Rose Review
Under Artificial Light - Without Flash
Maybelline 14hr Superstay Lipstick Eternal Rose Review
Under Artificial Light - With Flash
Maybelline 14hr Superstay Lipstick Eternal Rose Review
In Natural Light - Without Flash

Oooohhhsss And Aaaaahhhsss!!!
1. It stays true to its claim and stays on for really long hours.
2. Doesn't dry the lips.
3. Gorgeous shade
4. Easily available at all Maybelline counters across the country.
5. Feels buttery on application.
6. Doesn't cause flaking.
7. Fades out evenly.

1. Unclassy packaging
2. Artificial fragrance

It costs ONR 525/-

Honestly? I do plan on purchasing a couple of more shades from this range :)

It's the perfect lippy for office and college goers. Heck! It's perfect for clubbing as well! Eat drink, attend meetings and dance away the night, it'll be there all day, all night making you look pretty :)
Tsk tsk wish they had thought more about the packaging though :/

Overall Rating:

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 P.S. Product sent by PR for consideration. However, my review is honest and is in no way biased.


  1. Ah,its really so pretty..It was the only shade that seemed to be calling out to me....and yes, I don't like the white cap either...I had reviewed the same shade sometime thoughts were actually very similar to yours ... :)

    1. reallyyyyy????? aaahhh hahahah great minds really do think alike then ;) Lemme go check out your review :)

  2. OMG OMG OMG... what i say now You beautiful,gorgeous or Barbie Doll??? what classy pics... i like it..keep it up suma :)

  3. i skipped this while buying.. got Stay with Coral.. :D bt i hv recommend this shades to many people and they liked a lot... I love the compilation of similar shades which u did.. Packaging is really very cheap..and it become flaky on lips after some time :( Leaving beisde flaws moreover i love the staying power.. :D

    1. you didnt go for it??? why why why? heehhehe... but yeah i have the coral one on my list next ;) and thank you :)
      it flakes on your lips? really? haawwww... Thank God I have been spared of that! :P
      yup the staying power is really good!

    2. yup yesterday was the first time i tried stay with me coral on my lips and at around 5-6 hours later, i see some sort of flakiness that settled on fine lines of my lips.. :( i don't know whether this particular shade has a problem or with this range..???? :(

    3. i think it's relative... cause you'll always get mixed reviews about matte lippies... ;)
      i am so going and getting myself the Coral one :P

    4. yup i agree and i swear by matte lippies no matter whatever the cons it have..:P :D Go and get that, the shade is just awesome... :D

  4. it looooooooookssss sooo peyarii. suma you drive a hyundai :)me too!!he he!hi fi!!!
    but okay coming bak to the colour sunder hainnn par it is spensiveeeeeeeee

    1. no re.. me not drive a Hyundai... me drive a Fiat... Punto to be precise... hehehhehe but still same pinch (aise hi) :P I know when you say its expensive! i mean yeah 500+ for a maybelline lippy to khat-ta hai :P

  5. Ah, that was quick suma!! the shade is pretty... i love the bare eyed pic of u.... and your asian features are pronounced in this look... very cutesy!

    1. ha ha ha you asked for it didn't you ;) ♥ he he and thank you thank you.. the ch*nki thing is too pronounced w/o kajal on me na!

  6. Inglot Store available in pune?

    1. nope Sayu :( we don't have an Inglot store in Pune... We pune-ites have to make do with the Bombay stores...

  7. aaaahhhh wish I wasn't so broke...Me wantssssssssss :O

    1. awwww... it's ok... deviating from your budget for a pink lippy is acceptable ;)

  8. I wish they put out a neutral shade in this range !! US had 2 neutral browns...its just plain mean !! Though I got this issue sorted for myself but still I have to complain lol :p

    1. ROFL! The way you say its mean is so cute ♥ and you sorted it out as in?

    2. ;)) Sorted out as in....wait for a few days :p

    3. ahaa.. You've piqued my curiosity now! Waiting waiting waiting :P

  9. Awwww.. Its looking gorgeous on you. I am gonna grab this shade soon xx

    1. it sure is a pretty shade isn't it Hina? next on my list is the Coral one ;) have you tried that?

  10. This suits you soo well Suma..

  11. Looks damn pretty on you you have taken awesome pics! You look like a classy chic ! :p

  12. I got one from this range but hated the smell so much. But im liking it on you here.

  13. This is pretty...loved the pics..I have the Fuchsia n love it too :)

  14. This is the most flattering shade from this range, I love it <3

  15. All the shades r so nice. But loving colorbar one :)

  16. Have i told you just how good you look??! :O :O :O

    And i think you look so much better without eyeshadows or eyeliners!!!!!Not that you dont look good with them! But my god!! You look so great with just a bright lippie!! :) :)

    ANd your hair is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo aweeeeeeeeeeesssssssssooooooomeeee!!!!!!!!

  17. Hi Samyukta, you have displayed a shade of Inglot, can you please tell me what is the name of the shade and which range is it of (like mattes, balms etc.)


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