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REVIEW: MAC Lipstick In Twig

Review Of MAC Twig Lipstick

Guest Post By: Anks

I bought my first MAC lipstick from the Singapore airport. Actually, make that lipsticks… because I bought two at the same time! We had lots of time to kill and when I saw the MAC store there, I just had to go in. Wasn’t planning on buying from the airport but when I checked the prices, it was considerably cheaper. So ladies when you travel, try picking up makeup from the airport. It is duty free and cheaper than what you get inside the country. I picked mine for INR 800 a piece which is 19% off! So with such a fabulous deal, I had to pick at least two. It would be a crime to pick less than that!

Price Of MAC Lipsticks: 

INR 990 for 3 gms.

What MAC Claims:

Colour plus texture for the lips. Stands out on the runway. Simmers on the street! What made M·A·C famous.

The shade Twig is described as Soft Muted Brownish Pink (Satin)

What I Feel About MAC Twig:

The lipstick is a Satin finish and appears quite matte on my lips. Though it glides smoothly upon application, it is a bit drying and settles into fine lines. Needless to say, my dry lips need a prepping up with balm before this and I cannot wear this for long durations without checking up. The issue is the dryness of my lips really but that makes me work harder when I wear this lipstick.

In the tube, the shade looks a brown pink and is more brown than pink on my lips but it photographs pink. I can’t figure out the reason for this and have learnt it the hard way. I paired it with a look that needed a soft brown lipcolour once. It looked great in real life but the pics were all pink; especially the ones with flash. The flash completely left out brown, and picked only the pink hue. It was a pretty pink but did not go very well with my outfit. So I would advise you to wear this with a bit of caution.
That said, it is a beautiful shade and every neutrals lover would like it. I find it so good that I am willing to overlook the two things above and keep going back to it. Even though Cosmo was the first MAC lippie I fell in love with, I reach for Twig a lot more than Cosmo.

So this is the pic I was talking about that made the colour look all Pink. To prevent that, I wore Twig over a lipliner. In the pic below, I used MAC Lipliner in spice. It muted the pink undertones and the colour that photographed was a lot closer to the real colour you see.

Left: With Flash
Right: Without Flash


Oooohhhssss and Aaaahhhsss!!!
1. Pretty Neutral shade that can be paired with a heavy or bare eye
2. Covers pigmentation
3. Part of Back to MAC

1. Settles into fine lines
2. Needs a lot of lip prepping for dry lips

As much as I love the shade, don’t think so. I rarely finish lipsticks so the chance of this getting over soon is slim. When it does expire, I am certain I’d pick another neutral MAC has to offer. Mocha, maybe?

If you like the Satin finish in MAC, do try this shade out. It is not as drying as a Matte finish and I am sure that it will suit most complexions.
In fact, it can be an MLBB for some!


  1. Anky kinni pyaari lag rahi hain :)
    my next n*de might be twig too ;)

    1. awww... thank you Beenii! learning punjabi? :) twig is a fab colour... do try it in the store... in fact when an SA recommended the shade to me in bangalore, i was so confused between cosmo and twig that I got neither.... and on my next visit i got both... lol

  2. Brown or pink...I love it ! :) I want this to be my first MAC purchase ! :D

  3. Lovely colour.. I get so confused between twig and mocha.. I think twig might not suit my complexion.. Planning to get mocha.. It's a colour I'd wear everyday..

    1. I know.. they seem similar na? i said the same thing to an SA till she swatched them side by side... Twig is pinkish and Mocha has strong peach undertones... and they photograph completely different! But I agree that Mocha is a colour that can be worn everyday :)

  4. mac was my first mac lippie n am on the verge of finishing it ..looks lovely on u anks

    1. Thanks Preetha! I saw your review of Twig and it looks great on you as well... if it wasn't so drying on me, I'd wear it a lot more!

  5. you are looking adorable anks :D :D

    1. Thank You Rash! How have you been? Do you have Twig in your collection?

  6. Twig so suits u Anks !! Love it..more so on u :)

    1. Aww.... you are too sweet Bhumika! thank you *blush blush*

  7. wow...i love ur look with the saree!

  8. jo bhi hian mast shade hain. its the perfect pinkish brown out there. and anki i love ur cute lil girl pose. u look like one.

    1. hey raunie... thanks! it is indeed a yummy shade!


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