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REVIEW: MAC Cremesheen Lipstick Modesty

Review MAC Modesty Lipstick

Review Of MAC Cremesheen Lipstick Modesty

Guest Post By: Rmyah

How do you tackle a bad day at home, a bad day at college, a bad day at work, a bad day period.
I go shopping. Yeah I know silly excuse. But shopping is my meditation mantra. The lights of the department store, the aroma of the cosmetics, the vibrancy of the colors arranged along the counter, the satin smooth feel of the containers, the touch of the silky product, help me calm down and restore my mental balance. God I sound like an addict :P

I went shopping for my wellbeing and bought another MAC ☺ my stack is growing and I’m as proud as a peacock.

MAC delightful lipstick range always draws me. And somehow I always end up buying the same colors over and over without realizing it. I’m a sucker for MLBB shades. The bolder brighter shades are just not meant for me I guess. I feel a neon sign hanging over my head saying “I’m wearing bold” whenever I attempt brighter shades.

MAC’s crème sheen lipstick Modesty was yet another buy which screams MLBBBBBBBBBB to everyone around. ( I have got to learn to experiment… jeez…)
MAC claims modesty is a muted neutral pink. And probably this is the first time I agree with their color definition :P Modesty is definitely a very soft sober pink which just blends into my natural lip color and yet makes my lips go Oooh Lah laaa.

Review MAC Modesty Lipstick

Review MAC Modesty Lipstick

I really like MAC’s crème sheen range of lipsticks. I like the subtle glossy feel to my lips and the not too drying texture of the lipsticks. I wouldn’t dare going OTT with all the gloss and bling on my lips therefore this makes a refreshing change from all the mattes that are out there.
Being crème sheen, it does transfer on to a lot of cups mugs and glasses ( obviously when I put my lips to them duhhh ) and the staying power is not too great, lasts just about 3 to a maximum of 4 hours. But 
I don’t really mind the trip to the ladies to refresh my lipstick…spares me a butt ache from sitting at my desk all day.

Review MAC Modesty Lipstick

The color looks beautiful on me (I’m currently NC42 after a hated tanning session :P) and most definitely will be a perfect MLBB shade for most Indian skin tones. Fairer beauties will find this their to go shades and the duskier ones will reach for this beauty as much as I do).

Review MAC Modesty Lipstick

Price Of MAC Lipsticks: 

990 INR for 3g.
Makes me want to hurl stuff at MAC for making everything so expensive.

1. MLBB shade for most Indian skin tones
2. Non-Drying and slightly glossy. Just the way we want it

1. Poor staying power
2. Transfers on to almost everything

Overall rating:

Will I be looking for it again: most definitely…Until I find a dupe for it that costs half the price :D


  1. Lovely shade and your pictures are very pretty! I too keep stocking on similar shades all the time... when i first started my collection, I would pick the same colours over and over! have learnt to control that now.... :)

    Have you tried maybelline colorsensational in warm me up? it seems similar to this...

    1. Would you believe it anks if i said I own warm me up too ;)
      I have seriously got to experiment more :D

    2. ha ha ha.... i wud... i sailed that boat once.. even today, most of my colours are mlbb variants.... they look so similar on the lips...

  2. The shade in itself is a very pretty one.. But am sure, it'll wash me out...

  3. This is a lovely shade!!! Exactly the kind of shade I go for an everyday look!

  4. i dont think it will do anything for my very pig lips. nice shade though


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