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REVIEW: Forest Essentials Rose & Mandarin Body Massage Oil

Review Of Forest Essentials Rose And Mandarin Massage Oil

Guest Post By: Manu

It’s been a while now, that I have been wishing for a full-fledged spa therapy. My perfect choice would be – Ancient Healing Stones which is a combination of essential oils and smooth, heated stones for relaxation. And recently, when I was gifted the Rose & Mandarin Massage Oil - I found myself on cloud nine! Anyone would be; after finding the ‘Forest Essentials’ tag :)

Here I was with one of the best massage oils, rather I would say most natural and organic (at least this is what the company claims). With the advantage of cold pressed Almond oil, it is ensured that the aroma and nutritional value is definitely retained. Presence of Mandarin oil, citrus oil, does wonders for soothing the skin and providing a perfect solution for skin re-balancing. You just cannot ignore the fact, how quickly it releases the stress and is easily absorbed by your body. Talk about the scent, even your neighbors would know that you have undertaken a massage therapy ;).

What Forest Essentials Claims?

Forest Essentials Body massage oil Rose and Mandarin contains excellent moisturizing and nourishing properties of Sweet Almond Oil which tones and firms the skin. Wheat Germ Oil, improves blood circulation and repairs damaged skin cells. Rice Bran Oil is an antioxidant and rich in nutrients and potent with potent herbs like Ashwgandha, a superior rejuvenative and anti-oxidant herb renowned for anti-ageing and Bala, makes rough dry skin smooth and supple. Rose has cooling, soothing and moisturizing properties, it is naturally hydrating seductive floral scent and promotes a feeling of well-being and harmony .The scent of fresh Rose blended with Mandarin uplifts and de-stresses.

Oooohhsss And Aaaahhhhsss!!!
1. Highly remarkable for de-stressing.
2. Very sweet and soothing smell (more like citrusy).
3. The fragrance stays on for a very very long time.
4. Results in a firm and well-toned skin (as promised by the product).
5. Oil is easily absorbed in your body, does not leave the greasy feeling.
6. Pure usage of products (organic) and techniques (cold pressed oils).

1. The Price – way too steep.
2. Availability – you can order it online, but with extra shipping charges. (In Pune, you can find the store at Koregaon Park Plaza)

Price Of Forest Essentials Rose & Mandarin Massage Oil

It costs INR 1475/- for a 200 ml. bottle.

May be not this one, but I would like to try other massage oils – ranging between 675 and 875. Let me feel the difference!

Would I Recommend?
Yes, if you are ready to spend lavishly.

Overall Rating:
9/10 (only because of the price)

Did you know?

Cold pressed oils use no chemicals, just pure pressure to extract the oil from the product. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is best example, first crushing the olives and then pressing to produce oil. Thus, maintaining the excellent flavor and odor.


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