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REVIEW: Ellis Faas Mascara In Black (E401)

Ellis Faas Mascara E401

Review Of Ellis Faas Mascara - E401

I have no eye lashes. Nada. Zero. Zilch. Hence, for a person like me being a mascara-whore comes with my existence. But... It has never been! Nope! I haven't really dabbled in mascara and I can count upto an exact number of 3 mascaras that I have used in the whole of my life. Ellis Faas Mascara being the 4th! Go Figure...

Why have I never taken mascaras seriously, I do not know. When did I start taking them seriously, I do not remember. Why did I start taking them seriously, I cannot fathom...
My biggest mistake of a mascara was the Maybelline Collossal Volume Waterproof Mascara. It made my barely there lashes stick out unceremoniously while making it extremely painful for me to remove them before bed. My current favorite is MAC Zoom Fast Black Lash Mascara, which makes my lashes intensely black and gives volume to them...

Ellis Faas Mascara E401

However, it is this Ellis Faas Mascara that has swept me off my feet and I am seriously contemplating elopement! Pinky Swear! It is a magical mascara (you will see in the images below) that separates, coats and lengthens my almost null lashes and make them look like they were the most naturally beautiful lashes anyone could ever have! Honestly!

Ellis Faas Mascara E401

Ellis Faas Mascara E401

It comes in a bullet shaped casing that looks like Star-Trek met Hurt-Locker and them both are out there fighting the world off non-existent lashes. The Ellis Faas mascara has a really long and a sleek wand that some may find difficult to use. But once you get used to it, you'll realize it gives you better grip and makes your application accurately precise!

It s thankfully odorless and does not sting the eye. It doesn't even make my eyes water like many mascaras in the past have done to me.

This Is WHat Ellis Faas Has To Say:

our mascara is simply the best ;). Creamy, luscious, good for only one coating or for layer after layer, so extremely versatile. And then the packaging is drop-dead gorgeous and sexy...

Availability Of Ellis Faas Mascara

As of now, they are only available through the Ellis Faas website and their shipping to India is FREE! Yay!
If you are not much of an online shopper, then don't be disheartened cause Ellis Faas is opening shop in Mumbai this year! Double Yay! :D

Before & After Images:


It retails at $34

Ooooohhhss And Aaaaahhhhsss!!!
1. It separates, coats and lengthens.
2. Gives me gorgeous lashes.
3. Does not clump even after 4 coats! Trust me, I have tried...
4. Does not sting the eye.
5. Super sexy packaging!
6. Has a long wand that enables precise application.
7. Is odorless

1. Expensive
2. Not easily available in India (as yet!)

Once they come to India, definitely!

If you do not mind spending a bomb on a mascara then this will not disappoint cause it is really magical!

Overall Rating:
9/10 (-1 for price and non-availability in India)

P.S. Product sent by PR for consideration. However, my review is honest and is in no way biased.


  1. this is awesome.... very very pricey though.. incidentally, i opened a new tube of colossal waterproof today and am loving it so far... have never tried the waterproof version... this one passed the 'tear test' :)

    1. wooopsi! am sure it'll work for you though :) pakka se tell us :)
      yup this one's a little pricey.. ok who am i kidding it is really steep but its so magical! it feels so light!

    2. Not a budge so far.... no flaking either... been wearing it since 10 am i think.... why did i not buy this before??? oh yes, the hassle of removing...:)

  2. oh my.. this looks impressive..

    1. ha ha it does! doesn't it? I was stunned at how good it works on my lashes :)
      welcome to isimplylovemakeup Rajalakshmi :)

  3. this luks a stunning product .. i love the magical effect on u.. bt thats way too pricey..!!!!! :(

    1. It is a stunning product no doubting that! Siggghhhhh.. its just so awesome! But yeah the price :/

  4. It's pricey for a 3-4 month use only product, but OMG it is just so fabulous!! I'm definitely penning it down in my splurge-list for my b'day!!

    1. LOL you have a splurge birthday list? I think am gonna copy you and make one too ;)

  5. Hey Samyukta - quick question - how long does it take to ship to India?

    1. hey babe... if you select standard shipping, the promise you the product within a week to 10 days... I'll still confirm and let you know...

    2. Thanks! this helps as I am planning to buy an entire Ellis Faas haul of Creamy and Milky lips from their website.

    3. oh my my... the entire range???? AWESOME! :D Just got confirmation from them... They confirmed it takes about a week or so for reaching India :) be sure to purchase from their site to avail free shipping to India :D ♥

    4. Loll - just a few shades from each category ;) especially the nude colours -simply awesome. Yes, and I plan to but it directly from their website. Thanks for the all he information.

  6. Holy mother of......
    I need to get this in my life ASAP. Let me hop on to their website.
    such a gorgeous difference..

  7. Amazing Suma Sharma... really worthy.. woow.. but as u hv mentioned little overly priced... ur lashes look really voluminous .. :-) :-)

  8. holy moly the way it looks on ou sachi mein gave u lashes.....nd likes how u started it no lashes nada ha ha ah!!!thats how i describe my stuff sometimes....


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