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REVIEW: The Body Shop Dreams Unlimited Body Lotion

The Body Shop Dreams Unlimited Body Lotion

Review Of The Body Shop Dreams Unlimited Body Lotion...

Just yesterday The Body Shop store at Colaba, Bombay called me up to congratulate me for being one of the top ten spenders of their store in the year 2012-13. So they were renewing my membership for free. Ummm... I am not sure if I should be flattered or ashamed :/ I mean of course they recognize my "efforts" behind "advertising" for their brand but did I really shop at TBS much more than the snooty high society ladies who walk into the Colaba store and pick things up without looking at the price tags? Gah! I really need some de-addiction here :P

When I retrospect, I realise that every time I cross a TBS store anywhere in the country and in any which city, I have to pop in and get myself something however useless it is. I realise if I save that much money every year, I can actually buy myself a LV (One can dream right!). Now one of such "expeditions", I got myself this pretty little bottle of body lotion. Let us just say it once together... The Body Shop Dreams Unlimited Body Lotion! Aaaah I feel much better :)

Now before I start rambling about my extremely dry skin yet again (I do that in almost every post right? You guys must be already sick of it :P) let me tell you that I bought the body lotion only and only because of its fragrance. Nope it isn't like the fragrances I go for. I generally go warm, oriental and musky smells but this one is more on the lines of a delicate floral type. It is crisp and not overwhelming and hence very soothingly feminine. And the best part? It stays on your skin for like ever! I generally apply it in the morning immediately after a shower and the fragrance stays on till I am back in the evening from work. It's pretty magical that way!

However, the body lotion as such is pretty useless for dry skin. I mean it isn't moisturising enough and it could well suit oily skin beauties much more.

It comes in the signature sleek TBS bottle with a pump cap that has "screw to open/lock" feature. The bottle itself looks really pretty because of the pastel hues of blue, pink and lavender, Looks super pretty on ones dresser :)

Images Of The Product:
The Body Shop Dreams Unlimited Body Lotion

The Body Shop Dreams Unlimited Body Lotion

Oooohhhsss And Aaaahhhhsss!!!
1. Gorgeous and I mean really gorgeous fragrance.
2. The fragrance stays on for like ever! Really long stay!
3. The packaging is really pretty.
4. It is TBS :)

1. It isn't moisturising enough for people with dry skin.
2. A bit on the expensive side.

Price Of TBS Dreams Unlimited Body Lotion:

It costs a whopping INR 995/-

Not the body lotion for sure. I might actually give the body butter a try :D

If you do not have dry skin and you love to smell feminine and pretty all day long, then you must getit for yourself. However if you have dry skin and mosturising is more important to you than the fragrance (that's how it should be) then you might want to skip t ;)

Overall rating:
8/10 for Dry Skin
10/10 for Oily Skin


  1. Ha ha! I didn't even know TBS calls up their top spenders.

    I feel they shd have sent you a gift hamper as well for all your "efforts" in addition to renewing your membership.

    1. LOL! I know right! I mean initially I was flattered then felt totally "used" if you know what I mean :P so much so I didnt even have the guts to tell the pati about it ;)

      oooohhh btw you got featured in Cosmo March 2013 right?? CONGRATULATIONS... I am so going out and buying the issue today :) Oh wait! I should be posting this on your wall :P

  2. Now I want this.... But i have 2 huge bottles of crabtree and evelyn to be finished :) it doesnt smell as nice as half the sound of this suma...

    1. oh no no it cannot be! cause am sure that this TBS lotion smells nicer ;) he he :D

    2. err, that's what i was trying to say in that convoluted sentence! And i want to be a writer... * embarrassed*

    3. arre you were very clear! and no convolution there! I just wanted to be over-dramatic :P

  3. hihi..must be a fun thing to be amongst the top spenders :P congos! way to go!
    and since this lotion is for the oilies, I'll check it out next! nice review :)

    1. Fun it is not :P you won't believe it but i could actually feel the SA smirking at me on the phone :P ha ha... Yip do check it out, am sure you'll like it babe :)

  4. this sounds so good, i love how u describe scents:)
    n i have the white musk lotion, perfect for my normal to oily kindof skin :)
    n i really like such scented light lotions, Samyukta do check out Soap&Glory in Sephora when u visit to Delhi! :)
    n freee card :D u shud have got more :) i spent so much on TBS this yr i should buy the card now but it feels expensive:P

  5. Top spender :-) congo..ya they should have given something... Maybe eyeshadow O:-) My mum has this.... Anything other than citrusy smell gives me i stare at bottles :-)

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