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Colorbar Bloggers Meet: New Marketing Strategies, Branding & Some New Range Of Products

Colorbar Mumbai Bloggers Meet...

This weekend I was invited by Colorbar for a Bloggers Meet  in Mumbai and since I love bloggers meets, it was a no brainer that I hopped, skipped and jumped on Deccan Queen Express (Deccan Ki Rani - In hindi) and travelled 192 kms from Pune to Mumbai :D Now let me tell you that the journey wasn't all like a bed of roses... For starters my bogey in the train was attached in the opposite direction, hence during the whole journey I felt like I was going in reverse :/ It is funny of course but it is extremely uncomfortable for someone who has motion sickness :P Sigghhhh...

Then again my luck wasn't quite with me and I reached the venue errrr 1 hour before time! Now seriously! Bandra is a great place to do timepass (read street & high street shopping) but NOT at 10:30 am! Boo! But luckily I spied a Theobroma (Bombay beauties, you know what I am talking about isn't it :P) around the corner and I hurried into it to have a yummy breakfast of Chicken Danish Pesto and a steaming cup of Cappuccino. Ah! my mouth's watering as I type this...

Finally, when it was time, I walked into the venue, which was Nom Nom Restaurant in Bandra (West) and I smartly presented myself to the organizers :) Of course the digital media agency representing Colorbar were there and so were Antara Kundu (Product Manager, Colorbar) and Deepti (Trainer, Mumbai region, Colorbar)... The moment I entered the venue, I felt at ease cause everyone was so friendly and so sweet. Really!

At the meet I finally got to meet Bhumika, Ankita and Pooja :) I mean I really was looking forward to meeting them :D Antara introduced us to the newly launched Colorbar's Beauty Tools range and talked to us about the marketing strategies that Colorbar is now following.

Colorbar Beauty Tools Range

Colorful, Girly and Fun is what reflects off the new range and well I am certainly not complaining about their new look. You know how big a sucker I am of cute packaging :D From face brushes to eye brushes to manicure/pedicure kits to foundation sponges to eyelash curlers to nail separators to tweezers, Colorbar has thought of it all...

Regarding the brushes, Antara let us know that all the brushes were made of synthetic fibres, excepting the Face contour and blush brush, that were made of natural fibres. However, when we let her know that it were the natural fibre brushes that we found were the most abrasive and prick-y, she told us that thy were already aware of the reviews and that they were going to be getting them in synthetic fibres as well.

We were also told that their makeup sponges are latex free and hence beauties with sensitive and acne prone skin have a reason to rejoice :)

New Marketing Strategies

1. Colorbar is going to get us more counters at all our popular hangouts and malls.
2. Colorbar now as a brand is concentrating on opening more exclusive stores and kiosks at big malls and these will have specially trained staff. Pune beauties, we are going to get another exclusive store. I am hoping for one at Phoenix Market City!;)
3. In order to maintain their quality standards, Colorbar who already has a large portion of their suppliers based out of Europe (of the likes of suppliers supplying to the Estee Lauder group, Sephora, Bobbi Brown and the like) will continue doing so. Of course this does result in a little rise in product prices, they are pretty confident of attracting consumers by their exacting standards of quality.
4. Colorbar is going International  and they will be opening a couple stores in Dubai in a few months time.
5. Colorbar is against Animal Testing so much so that neither do they themselves test on animals, nor do they have suppliers that test on animals! Kudos!
6. They are revamping their website and it will soon be up and be regularly updated.
7. They claim that they get to reach out to a wider audience in terms of volume through online retailing and hence Colorbar products shall continue to be sold through online shopping portals.

New Colorbar Products To Look Forward To

1. Some gorgeous pigments in various textures. The one that held my fantasy was these chunky glittery pigments that could totally Va-Va-Voom your look :D
2. Prettily packaged mascara that has both lengthening as well as volumizing characteristics.
3. Skincare products! Yup Colorbar is coming up with it's own skincare range and I am for sure looking forward to it!

Myths Busted

1. The Colorbar Ultimate makeup remover range has not been discontinued.
2. The Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipsticks have not been discontinued.

Gifts From Colorbar And Upcoming Product Reviews


  1. wow! I love colorbar. As a Indian Brand, they have come far and have thr best from all latest trends. I used to get my hands on first thing that used to be launched in Delhi but in Kolkata I never get anything.

    I hope their website is updated properly and start shipping as well.

    1. totally agree about them having come a long way babe... plus they really seem to be in-vogue where all the latest trends are concerned... keeping our fingers crossed about their website ;)

  2. wowwu nice post.. :) awaiting fr de reviews...

    1. I'll start working on them right away sweetie :)

  3. The last pic looks so tempting...
    awaiting the reviews :)I totally love free goodies :D

  4. one of my fav desi brands... looking forward to their skin care launches :)

    1. Seriously!!! I was sooooo exited when i heard about their plan of launching the skincare range, i was almost jumping on my seat... But unfortunately, they wouldn't divulge anything else :(

  5. I m gonna get that eye-lash curler soon!!!

    1. Super! Let me know how it works for you :) i am yet to try it myself!

  6. wow i m so excite about the pigments! any idea on the prices??

    1. The pigments were really pretty Pari... But prices we weren't allowed to discuss :( some stategy i guess...

  7. thts such a cute description... was waiting for ur pics too sam.. ;)
    great gifts... waiting for reviews :D

  8. Was great meeting u suma :) Finallyyy..I know :p I hope we have a few more such meets ;)

  9. colorbar not tetsing on animals yeppy
    one brand which can give competition to international ones yeppyeppy
    one brand which honours us bloggers long way to go ppl
    and great gifts gud work colorbar.
    i am so gona be the reviewer of all thr skin care range.yaya to all the lovelies who had a lovely time
    mein mumbai mein hoti to zarur ati

  10. I went to Colorbar in Select City today n was informed that velvette matte has been discontinued n is being replaced with some other similar line (was too shocked to pat attention :P) which has SPF 15 and of course comes with a price tag of Rs. 500. I was in shock n denial..trying to confirm if this is indeed true, in which case I will start hoarding them up!!!

    1. Hey babe... I had asked the Colorbar Product Manager about it and she denied about discontinuing the Velvet Matte Range... I also confirmed with Colorbar's PR agency right now (after reading your comment) and even she confirmed that they are still being sold... so I guess the SA was wrong... :/


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