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A Little Tete-a-tete...

 Updates... Changes... Enhancements...

Oh! There is so much I have to share with you guys that I am almost bursting with energy and excitement! I know many of you all may have already noticed but for those who have been hoodwinked by my "gradual" transition lemme just put it down in writing. ISLM is growing up. Just like that, it is starting to bloom into this beautiful butterfly and enchanting anything that comes it's way. And that was my today's dose of poetic elaborations and analogies! :P

First off, you all have by now noticed the spanking new header, template and layout of the blog. My endeavor has been to make the blog more attractive, feminine (that's why the PINK!), more accessible and well just more neat and tidy :) Of course all of your feedback is welcome and I would try my best to incorporate all your review comments (I generally say that you my manager :P).

Secondly, you will have noticed that I have hired some writers and they have very kindly been belting out some fabulous product reviews and posts for you all to read. I am much indebted to them. Of course, I haven't stopped writing or stopped doing reviews. It's just that managing my day job, home, shuttling between two cities and the blog was getting a bit too much for me. So I called out for some help and as a result we now have Manu, Anks, Mrittika, Shabby, Rmyah, Nandini, Marianne and Raunak on board isimplylovemakeup that is all set to sail towards highwaters :)
Do note that when a post has been written by a guest writer, I mention it right at the beginning of the body of the post. However, when the post is written by me, the tag "Guest Post By:" will be missing...

Finally, you will have also noticed that I have started posting more than once a day :) Why did I do that? Well some of you pinged me on gtalk and then a few of you all messaged on FB saying that you were hooked to ISLM so much that you would keep checking the blog throughout the day for new updates... Hence, keeping in mind your expectations from ISLM, I now post 2-3 times a day :) Plus it gives me more traffic... So it's like a win-win situation for all of us :) Do let me know if that's a welcome change or not...

So there it is all! This is what has been going on behind the scenes. Do let me know of what you all think :)

Oh! And I also wanted to draw your attention towards the Social Media icons that I have added to the site... Hover over them with your mouse and they will start rotating! Isn't it cute? :)



  1. love the rotating icons...I was playing with it for almost 5 mins :)

  2. puchissssssssssssssssssss make us all happy make friends write read and haveeeeeeeeeee fun!!!

    1. rauneeeeee darling you have summarized my objective very efficiently and in one line! ♥ *hugs*

  3. i love that the background is whiteeee keeps it neat

    1. aaaah you noticed!!! :) yup! wanted to keep it all neat and tidy ;)

  4. Your blog is surely one of the best blogs around. I love that its growing . .Wish you all the love and luck ! Love the new template and the header. Can I borrow your website designer ;)

    1. whoaaaaa thanks a ton girl :) all nice nice things you say about me :D :D :D Makes me want to jump up and down with glee :) thank you really :)
      and yes you may for sure borrow my "website designer" :P

  5. Blog looks very nice & neat Samyukta! All the very best with your beautiful butterfly :)


    1. aaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww thank u so much Cynthia :) this really means a lot to me and my butterfly ;) ♥

  6. I adore the header, posts and everything about this blog and ofcourse you ! <3 Keep up the good work, you rock ! ;) :*

    1. aaah my new-found blogger friend :) thank u thank u :) ♥♥♥

  7. Love your blog layout...its clean n girly :) Keep up the good work.

  8. love the new layout.. its girly n cute just like u ... n yess, keep posting... love ur articles.. n guest posts r the best way to grow n touch new heights.. all the best for future too ;)

  9. Yayyyy ! :D
    Yes, a neat layout is what makes a blog so much more easy to read... and the rotating icons are awesome ! Been fascinated with them for the past few days :D
    The next request/demand...videos ! :) ur old ones were sooo good...


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