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REVIEW: MAC Mehr Lipstick

Neither Cosmo Nor Mehr...

My favorites where MAC lippies are concerned have seldom confirmed with the societal norms. Ok that would be taking it too far. What I mean to say is that my choice of lippies from MAC at least have never come in the "Must Have" list conjured up by biggie beauty bloggers and neither have they been popular enough for me to find their reviews readily available on beauty blogs. MAC Chili? MAC Touch? MAC Taupe?

In an attempt to be a "part" of the crowd, I got myself a MAC Cosmo and oh dear what a waste it would have been if it had not been for my mom! I hated it and it hated me! It made me look jaundiced and I made the most popular Indian lippy look like it was carrier of Jaundice! But it suited my mom wonderfully and so my 990 bucks were saved from wastage!

Not having learnt my lesson yet, I went and got yet another popular lippy shade in the Indian beauty circle i.e. MAC Mehr. When I swatched it on my hand it was a gorgeous dirty pink and I convinced myself it would look gorgeous on me. I went a step ahead and tried it on me as well and even though it washed me out, I persuaded myself into buying it by saying that it was the "lighting in the store"... Dumbest Move EVER!

Don't get me wrong! Mehr is a gorgeous shade but unfortunately, shades like these are not made for me. I have a more than normal yellow undertone (due to my part mongoloid descent?) and hence any blue based pinks look horrid on me :/


As can be seen in the swatches above, Mehr is a little more pinker that Cosmo.

Lip Swatch:


With Flash
Without Flash
Without flash, the lippy still looks decent on me but in flash it makes me look like I should go see a doctor PRONTO!

It costs INR 990/- like all MAC lippies

God No!

If you do not have major yellow undertones, then it would surely look gorgeous on you but if you do and also know that Cosmo doesn't suit you then there is no point in buying this little beauty :/

Since it doesn't suit me, I'd like to sell it for 600/- (shipping inclusive). I have used it only twice as yet. If you'd be interested then do mail me at

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  1. I lik you more in bright colours! Mehr is not made for you!

    1. I soo agree with yo Ray! Mehr just washes me out :(

  2. ya its kindof washing you out with flash!

  3. Both these look so pretty in the tube ! Too bad it doesn't suit you :/

    1. they look pretty in the tube as well as in swatches Marianne but sadly they look ghastly on me! :/

  4. This looked terrible on me and I was like WTH! Whts the fuss all about!!

    1. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha :D am glad to know that am not alone :P

  5. Cosmo doesn't work on me too. It looks too dark on me and takes on this weird reddish hue. I have swatched Mehr at the store & I don't think it is going to work either. I've also noticed that shades that seem to work for me are not the most popular shades either - Hot Tahiti, Retro, Rebel, Viva Glam I, Lustering, Morange to name a few.

    1. haina haina haina? Morange works for you? i looked like I was dead when i tried it :P Gosh! its sucha task to choose a lippy that looks good on you na!

    2. I was shocked out of my wits when I applied Morange. Till that point, I had refused to even swatch it on my arm coz I was sure that it wld look terrible on me. But one fine day I mustered the guts to try it, and it was a revelation.

  6. Its so strange that you never know how a shade will look on you until you try it , n I feel looking at Lip swatches does not help at all .. cos it may change for u altogether .. I got Touch after seeing it on you, it looked awesome on you and on me, made me look older, gave it to my mum .. My fave MAC lipsticks are Crosswires, Sea Sheer n Ruby Woo ..

    1. I sooo agree to what you are saying! lip and hand swatches never help me decide at all! A full shot is always required! and well the lighting is important too... Boo such a task it is! :P
      See Sheer suits you? I look look horrible with it! maybe cause I have pigmented lips :( but its such a pretty shade ya!

  7. It's so sad when things don't work for us.. I search, read reviews and buy a product and it turns out to be a dud for me..
    Like a month ago I bought Maybelline's bronze orange.. The colour looked so lovely when I swatched it, but when I tried it on my lips, I looked sick :(
    huh.. My search for the perfect lip colour still goes on..

    1. ha ha ha ha thats like the story of my life too :P though my all time fav that actually works on me is Ruby Woo :P It never ever fails me! :D
      you could try MAC Craving btw... it rarely ever goes wrong ;)


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