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REVIEW: Bath & Body Works Cashmere Glow Body Lotion

Of Shimmering Vanilla, Golden Peaches & Cashmere Musk...
Post By: Marianne

Hey everyone!
This is my first article on ISLM. The product up for review today is quite special to me.
A couple of months back, my friend who lives in the U.S. was flaunting her huge Bath and Body Works haul to me over Skype and I was drooling over the stuff. Imagine my joy when she sent this over to me a few weeks later as a surprise gift!

The Cashmere glow body lotion is part of BBW’s Signature collection. Their website says: “Every girl deserves cashmere! Moisturize with an enticing blend of shimmering vanilla and golden peach wrapped in soft cashmere musk, immersed in our exclusive hydrating formula. Skin-softening shea butter, Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E deliver all-day moisture, making it the perfect everyday lotion.”

Pretty much an accurate description. Vanilla, musk, peach – you definitely get strong hints of them all. It is a ‘warm’ kind of scent, if you know what I mean. The lotion exudes luxury and makes me feel quite special when I wear it. It is a moderately thick, pale pink liquid (may look white in the pics, but it actually isn’t!). It blends in pretty fast and does not leave any cast or oily residue on the skin (I can’t stand that slippery greasy feeling which some lotions and creams give!). Yet, it does a great job of moisturising, with skin remaining hydrated for a whole day! It passed the “scratch test” right until the next shower. I live in a hot and humid place, though, and was wondering if it would do as well in colder climes too. I asked my bestie, and she vouched for this lotion too – so no worries on that front, your skin won’t be left feeling parched even when the temperature is dipping! 

Pretty packaging with a pink metallic cap earns it even more brownie points. 

Even with its sterling performance, the best thing about this lotion for me is the fragrance. It lasts for up to six to seven hours and sometimes I can get a whiff of it even after that if I sniff really close at my skin! The only gripe I have with this product is the presence of parabens. Though I am on the fence about this issue after reading a lot of articles online, I would still feel more comfortable knowing that what my body is absorbing is completely safe.

Yay! –
  1. ·       Awesome fragrance
  2. ·       Blends fast
  3. ·       No greasy feeling
  4. ·       Moisturises well
  5. ·       Cruelty-free, so animal lovers can use it guilt-free

    Umm... –
  1. ·       Availability (or rather non-availability) in India
  2. ·       Parabens! 

    How big a dent will it make in the wallet? –
    $11 in the US of A.

    Will I repurchase?
    If I get a chance to, yes.

    With all these points working in its favour, there is no reason to skip this. It is one product you should
    ask your friends/family to get you from the States. 


  1. Oh I am so tempted to try this out! Sounds really good :)

    1. It is Sara! Do try it if you get a chance! :)

  2. The golden peaches part with the mention of soft cashmere musk sounds sooooo tempting Marianne... I think its time to pester my friends in the US ;)

    1. Ooh yes yes ! ;) All of Bath and Body Works's products sound very tempting !


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