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Perfume Review: Lanvin Eclat D'Arpege For Women

Subtle And Understated
Post By: Raunak

Éclat d’Arpège is classified as fruity-floral. Lanvin revives the musical theme of his legendary Arpege perfume. The composition is delicate, fragile and angelic. Eclat d’Arpège’s first accords are green lilac and Sicilian lemon leaves which transports us to the first day of spring. Summer’s near , flowers are in full bloom, the scent is more intense, it’s a wisteria blossom that blooms at perfume’s heart, accentuated by lush peach blossom and sensual red peony. Airy green tea leaves are refreshing. The base’s white cedar of Lebanon, gentle musk and precious amber are like an enveloping caress. The nose behind Eclat d’Arpège is Karine Dubreuill who created this perfume in 2002.
From the Lanvin website:
"Art director Alber Elbaz designed a top that features two entwined wedding bands, symbolising love and the union of two Arpege perfumes, two periods, and the House. A powerful testimony to filial love, and love in general."

This symbolism also tells a lot about Lanvin's idea behind the juice; it was created to be romantic, tender, loveable, pretty and timeless. 

Top Notes: Lemon Leaves, Lilac
Middle Notes: Wisteria, Green Tea, Peach Flowers, Red Peony, Chinese Osmanthus
Bottom Notes: White Cedar, Amber, Sweet Musk

It costs around INR 2100

It comes in this clear, hard plastic seamless box that’s a puzzle to open and close. The bottle is very simple but elegant, like an upside-down bulb.

This variant from the Lanvin brand is available across all Lanvin counters in India.J Yessssssss!!!!

So, this is something which does not belong to me but my best friend, more often used by me than her. Lol. It’s like whenever I go to her place the first thing I do before even washing my hands is take this pretty adorable bottle sitting on her vanity and spraying it all over my neck. I just love this scent. Even when I go out I prefer using this scent of hers than to anything that I own. I would not say that this is my' it' scent but it is pretty close.

This perfume is fresh, flowery and powdery. Dolce and gabbana light blue and Dior Jadore users would tend to like this perfume. The likers of something from Hugo boss or Givenchy would not like this perfume much. This is a perfume which is soothing and nothing about it is over the top.

If I have to describe the perfume more to me it’s like the very fresh done-dried up laundry kind of smell. It is very skin like. Like, you would like your skin to smell this way or if most of all you remember how when we were little and our mum’s smelt almost all the time? When they hugged you, fed you and bathed you, it is that exact kind of smell. Something very earthy and floral about it at the same time.

This will suit 90 per cent of the noses because I DO NOT like heavy scents!!! I myself have used Dolce and Gabbana light blue and also from the Lanvin range I have used the oxygen perfume which I can review soon. Another favourite of mine which I saw from this range sniffed in the mall and fell in love with was ‘marry me’. As cute the name cuter the scent. If you don’t like citrus smells in the beginning only you smell it else it settled to a gorgeous lavender-y smell.

It stays on me for about 4-5 hours and after that it disappears leaving just a trace. For some people they may even find this to be a scent weak, but I’d rather spray on my perfume a couple of times in the day than wear a stronger (head ache inducing) scent.

If you are like me and always on a look out for that ‘it’ or very-me scent please do give this one a try because this may be' IT' ;)
Pros of Eclat d’Arpège Lanvin for women Perfume:
·      Worth the price.
·      Light no stress on the nose.
·      Available all over India easily.
·      To die for packaging.
·      May be the it scent for many lovelies.

Cos of Eclat d’Arpège Lanvin for women Perfume:
      ·      None whatsoever.

Overall Rating: 
10 on 10 because it is value for money and pleasing to the nose :P


  1. The way you have described it Raunak, I am almost tempted into buying it... I think I will ;)
    Great Review! ♥

  2. sumaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa do try it before buying but you wana know something my purchase from lanvin would be 'marry me' IF you like the scents that i do you woulddddddddddddd love that!!ek bar try karna lene se pehle


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